pic via (@PHSportsGoddess)
pic via (@PHSportsGoddess)

So here we are again. I’m more mad than sad this time. Not mad at the players or coach – I think Craig Berube did a great job this year, and the players deserve a lot of credit for turning around a nearly lost season – but mad at the situation. Mad that they had to play the Rangers, the one team that you can say truly had their number the last three seasons.

You always want to place blame the morning after, and I’m going to do that today, but sometimes the other team is just better than yours. The Rangers, at least against the Flyers, are a better team. Their defense is trapping-era-Devils stingy. Their goaltender is excellent (though he didn’t have to be in this series). And they have just enough Dan Carcillo firepower to capitalize on opportunities. So with the exception of Game 6, the Rangers were the better team in this series, and yet, the Flyers came within a bounce or eight inches on a Giroux one-timer of forcing overtime in Game 7. They came really close to winning a series they had no business winning. That’s what good teams do – they find a way – and the Flyers almost found a way against the Rangers. In the end, what cost them was their failure to play as well in first periods as they do in most third periods. It was a late-season injury to Steve Mason that forced them to play Ray Emery for three games. And it was their lack of skilled offensive players capable of overcoming a stifling defense like the Rangers’.

The Flyers, I think, were really good. Good enough to beat the Penguins, and good enough to beat the Canadiens should the Habs shock their arch-rivals, the Bruins (which is totally possible). The Flyers finally seemed to have had a hot goalie capable of carrying them to a Cup. And their defense was pretty good (defensively). I mean, sure, they still had Braydon Coburn and his bad passes, and Hal Gill was still on the roster, but gone was the swiss cheese defense we became so familiar with the last two years of Peter Laviolette.

The problem, besides the Rangers being good and having the Flyers’ number, was the lack of scoring depth (surprise!). We’ve all moved on from posts like this shredding Paul Holmgren for assembling yet another team steeped in a 40-year-old mindset, mostly because the Flyers bounced back from a horrific start and became the team that, on paper, we thought they would be – another good enough (maybe even better than that) Flyers team that was missing the necessary pieces to overcome a troublesome foe – but the GM still deserves plenty of blame here. There are not enough skill players. There’s nothing wrong with Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds, Zac Rinaldo, Brayden Schenn, Adam Hall and Sean Couturier, but the Flyers rely too heavily on those sorts of players – garbage goal scorers, checking centers and goons – compared to the rest of the league. They place too much emphasis on making those types a players a part of their core. So, when it comes time to complement their studs – Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek – you’re left with B- and C-list scorers like 900-year-old Vinny Lecavalier, Matt Read and, maddeningly, late-season call-ups like Jason Akeson. There’s simply not enough talent there to overcome a team that plays defense like the Rangers do. Every time Adam Hall collected the puck this series, I groaned. Nothing good would come of it. Every time Vinny Lecavalier gathered the puck this series, he lost it. And every time Brayden Schenn handled the puck this series, he did the complete opposite of what you would want Mike Richards 2.0 to do. Really, Brayden Schenn sucks. It’s been three years now and he’s still not shown any signs that he is the next Mike Richards. That’s not to bring up the Richards-Carter thing (I’ll do that in a second), but he’s simply not the player we thought he would be. Richards, for all his faults, usually made smart decisions with the puck, didn’t try to force the play, and knew his limits. We were told Schenn would be like Richards. He’s not. Rarely does something good come from his possessions. He either skates the puck into traffic or plays it to the other team (I wouldn’t even call them turnovers, I’d call it: here, I’m bored with the puck and not good enough to do anything with it, so let’s just chop at it for a few seconds and then you can take it, OK?).

But again, despite these problems, Berube extracted every bit he could from this group, and it was almost enough for the Flyers to beat their biggest tormenter.

I know you want to talk about the captain. So let’s do that.

Giroux didn’t have a good series, but he wasn’t as bad as the media is making him out to be. You can’t question his effort the way you could sometimes question the effort of former stars (Eric Lindros). Giroux is simply too small and not powerful enough to be the guy on a team that doesn’t surround him with A-list offensive talent. He literally can’t go it alone. When the Rangers shut him down, it leaves only Voracek that can truly inflict damage by himself. And that’s not enough. But Giroux played well in Games 6 and 7. The score sheet might not reflect it, but he was in the mix and creating chances, which is all you can really ask from any player. Whether or not the puck goes in is just a matter of odds (see: one-timer in final minutes last night). And Giroux still wound up with six points in the series, which led the team.

Mason. This, to me, is why I’m having trouble swallowing this absurdly large pill this morning. He played outstanding. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Flyers goalie play as well as Mason did last night. What he did at the end of the second period should be turned into a children’s story. It shouldn’t have happened. It should’ve been 4-0 Rangers, maybe 9-0. He kept the Flyers in the game, and if they won, it would’ve been because of him. A goalie, winning a series for the Flyers!

In short: It appeared as though the Flyers finally had a hot goalie… and they lost in the first round.

So I’m not sad. I’m mad. Mad that there was an opportunity this season that was pissed away. Mad that the Flyers’ late-season surge likely bought Holmgren another year. Mad that Steve Mason will be golfing when he doesn’t deserve to be golfing because he deserves to be stopping pucks with his left pad and that quick glove oh my God his quick glove it was so hot can I just pay him to flash me his leather all summer?

Oh, and I’m mad that Ilya Bryzgalov won a Game 7 and Mike Richards and Jeff Carter came back from down 3-0 in their series and are moving on to the second round.

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97 Responses

    1. FULL DISCLOSURE: This reply has nothing to do with the above comment, but I just like to get my comment as close to the top as possible,

      This pains me. Philly sports has now entered lame duck month until NFL Week 1. I don’t even want to try reading the garbage being spewed by the “journalists” and “beat writers” who are self-entitled experts who just write to write because they want to impose their useless “analysis and insight” on the masses. They really are annoying and in no way do any of the people in the DN/Inq sports dept deserve to be employed. I’d rather subsidize them on govt unemployment then allow them to be the voice of reason for Philly sports.

      1. im going to suggest that you do not listen to local sports radio either as your disgust would only be further increased!

      2. anyone hear Jeff from Camden call the naacp the ncaa by accident this morning? made me lol

        1. i gave up on the morning show a long way back. to be polite, its simply god awful and everyone it needs to retire or just go away! let me guess what their topic was today…….people you hate in sports! of course, that was completely different than wednesday’s topic……people you strong dislike in sports. a great answer puts you in the running for tickets to medford little league championship. let me guess what tomorrow is….angelo goes on a white guilt rant of sterling as his weasel of the week while he kisses the asshole of silver as his winner of the week.

          1. Should’ve started Emery to start a fight with, and subsequently concuss, Henrik…

      3. I agree with Informed.

        But, as bad/boring sports print media will be over the next several months, it is nothing compared to the wasteland sports talk radio is and will be, especially WIP.

        Look, 97.5 has it’s faults…..2 of the major ones are on right now, filling in for MM. But WIP is UNLISTENABLE 24/7. From an over-night (unfunny) comic all the way around the clock, absolutely god awful radio.

        1. What an oversight on my part. Should have mentioned that I never turn on any sports talk stations. Reading the Philly media garbage is bad enough, but having to hear the talking heads spewing verbal vomit just to hear themselves talk can be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

    2. It seemed like they were handling a square puck every time they tried to get it out of the defensive zone.

      Everyone was on top of each other on every single rush up the ice. I felt like I was watching the original Mighty Ducks movie.

      Akeson played half the game sliding across the ice on his stomach or “losing an edge” as JJ calls it.

      Hartnell is a terrible puck handler.

      And G had plenty of time to shoot that non-“one timer”, that went 12″ high while Lundqvist was on his belly.

      And then they decided that they were an NHL hockey team in a game 7 somewhere around the 11 minute mark in the third period… Too little, too late.

  1. “Good enough to beat the Penguins, and good enough to beat the Canadiens should the Habs shock their arch-rivals,”

    LOL the we could have beat everybody except the team we played loser mentality.

    1. Flyers fan do that all the time and it’s maddening. The could have beaten the penguins and that’s it.

      1. I don’t believe anyone said they could beat the Bruins. He said they could have beaten the Habs. The Flyers won both of the games they played against the Habs this year. That is a fair statement to make.

  2. Yea same chuck. I’m done with the site. If I wanted to listen to a stupid person ramble on about something they know very little about, I’d listen to sports radio.

    The Flyers showed in game 6 they could win the series if they played their style. They were aggressive, creative, and hit every Ranger that moved. And then last night they played like a bunch of passive pussies and let the Rangers dictate play. Same shit, different year. What the fuck else is new. Fuck you Kyle.

    1. Fran Dunphy is done with the site until he creates a new screen name. GTFO.

      1. Say some shit about blacks, and that self-righteous Dunphy will be right back here, preaching his racial tolerance schtick again.

        If only he had the stones to follow up on his promise that he’s done with this site, but nah, he will fold up his principles in 2 seconds for the opportunity to chastise people who think his opinions suck anyway.

    2. You guys suck. If I said I’m done, that’s what I mean, I’m done with this shit-ass site.

  3. Eat a dick kyle. Stick to what you are good at… COPY and PASTE.

  4. Steve Mason should sue his teammates for lack of support. If it weren’t for him, the Rangers would’ve gone into the locker room at the end of the second period up 5-0. Mason was the ONLY reason the score was as close as it was, but the Flyers’ offense didn’t make the trip up from Philly. Of course, Henrik Lundqvist was mostly repsonsible for that as he regained his mojo, still, Claude and company should’ve done better than they had. That’s what frustrates me.

    1. Lecavalier was a bad pickup. MacDonald was as well. Until Holmgren stops making stupid kneejerk decisions up front this team is doomed (Bryz). This goes without even bringing up the quality of players he let slip through his fingers previously. Cough cough, Sharp, cough cough, Bobrovsky, cough cough JVR.. etc… etc…

      It’s my honest opinion that this team is never going to win a cup with Homie up front.

      1. Not to take away from the rest of your point, but Sharp was Clarke’s trade (and, really, Hitchcock’s), not Holmgren.

        1. Yes, thanks for the correction. My anger had me spewing names and I think Clarke sucks in the front office too. He’s been a part of making these decisions all along as well.

  5. This team certainly has some deficiencies. I will be very happy that I no longer have to see Timonen and his fairy passes and shots or his inability to keep the puck in the offensive zone. I hope we can find some taker for Scott Hartnell and his slow as molasses skating. Maybe some GM will be delusional enough to think Vinny Lecavalier could be a 2nd line center for his team. All that being said, aside from Boston, the Rangers were the worst possible matchup for the Flyers. Everything that the Flyers do well (play and score around the net) is what the Rangers’ system takes away. The Flyers do need more skill and speed on the wings. They need a sniper or two. Having a power forward or two like Simmonds is fine, in fact it is good. But you can’t have all guys who can only score within 3 feet of the net. You need more skill and snipers to compliment those power guys and make your team more diversified and well balanced.

    1. Hate to tell you but no one is taking Lecavalier from us with that ridiculous contract that Holmgren handed to him. The same goes for Hartnell. Both of them suck ass and we’re stuck with them because our GM is bad at what he does.

  6. bryz won a game 7 and we didn’t. carcillo won game 7 we didn’t. richards and carter won game 7 and we didn’t. ftw

    1. For whatever it is worth, which may be absolutely nothing, Bryz technically got the win but he only faced 1 shot. He came in for Kuemper midway through the third after Kuemper got hurt. He made 1 save. Let’s not forget he got yanked in Game 2 for sucking and didn’t play again until the end of the game last night.

  7. I agree the Rangers were the worst possible draw for the first round.

    But I have to question a few things you said: how the fuck can you say the defense wasn’t a problem? The defense is the BIGGEST problem this team has. Yeah, Mason bailed them out in the second and made it so they could be competitive in the third. Why did he have to do that? Because this defense blows. It’s absolutely fucking terrible. Andrew MacDonald had a terrible fucking series, so glad we have him signed for 6 god damn years. The defense is paid more than almost any in the league and is one of the worst. It’s good we have Mason who can steal games, because he’s going to need to. For the foreseeable future. Coburn’s the best defenseman we have going forward. Awesome. He’s alright, but he’s a decent second pairing guy, not a top pairing guy like they’ll continue to ask him to be.

    Also, how was Giroux good last night? He Jeff Carters a sure goal. He makes sloppy passes. He doesn’t Crosby-Game-6 anybody. HE COULDN’T WIN A FUCKING FACEOFF. Three in the last 90 seconds when they absolutely needed it and he couldn’t fucking win one.

    I’d say trade Brayden Schenn, but you’re not going to get anything for him. Which blows. We need to make room for Laughton but because we have 1800 year old, no-hear Vinny Lecavalier, how do we make a spot for him?

    We have the least amount of cap room of any team going into next year… that should help with signing a scoring winger.

    I’m mad, too. Because this team has a good young core. But they’re going to be killed by stupid fucking contracts. It’s bad when Mark Streit’s contract looks the BEST out of any Holmgren has signed (save Mason’s) over the past year.

    I’m mad as fuck. Because, for the first time in a long time, I don’t see a way this team can actually contend for a Cup any time soon.

    I didn’t intend to write this much but fuck, what the fuck.

    1. ‘I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’ I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad!… You’ve got to say, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!’

  8. i want everyone to stop what you are doing and think of something for me. Name a single team in any of the 4 major sports that have made the playoffs as many times as the flyers have in the last almost 40 years to have NOTHING to show for it. I’ll wait….

    yea I cant think of any team either. and that’s my point. Albert Einstein said it best, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expect a different result. that’s how I feel about the Flyers. there isn’t a single franchise in sports that has fielded playoff team after playoff team only to fail again and again and again and 37 more “agains”. Fuck Ed Snider, Fuck this culture, and fuck the Flyers. im done

    1. Since 1975:

      Blues: 31 playoff appearances, 0 Stanley Cups
      Flyers: 31 playoff appearances, 0 Stanley Cups

  9. Giroux needs more help (btw “Hartnell” does not count as help), anyone who watched him in pre-game warm-ups knows he’s an ambitious leader who personally connects with and drives everyone on the team. He’s much more a playmaker than an outright scorer, which is a critical asset and was also evident throughout the series.

    Coburn was the biggest disappointment, I always thought that dude was the nucleus for whatever D we assemble over the next few years, after this series and esp last night I’m not so sure. Grossman, Streit & MacDonald all seemed more acclimated to playoff-level hockey.

    1. Hartnell is destroying the scoring lines. He’s needs to be on a 3rd or 4th line and assume his role as a goon that can’t skate.

      1. A 4.75 million dollar a year goon that toils away on the 4th line. That sounds… horrible.

        1. Well they sure as shit can’t get rid of him…You can thank Rubin Am…I mean Paul Holmgren for that.

  10. No worries Kyle. If Mason plays the whole series, they likely win in 6. Let’s be real here though: This team needs another scorer and another defenseman. They were good enough to beat the Pens because let’s face it, they just have their number, but I don’t know that they beat anyone else, especially the teams out west.

    I just pray that Homer makes some good decisions this offseason to put them in a position to win it next year. They’re very close, but with Homer at the wheel they still could be very far.

    Buying a Mason jersey. Today.

  11. When is anyone going to call out Couturier??? “The Wolf of Broad Street” had 0 points the entire series! No points in 7 games! ZERO! I know he’s more of a defensive forward but come on. This is totally unacceptable but for some reason everyone always gives him a free pass.

    1. His defense was piss poor too. The smaller faster guys were skating circles around him. He probably had his worst stretch as a Flyer to date.

      1. Exactly, yet no one ever seems to mention his name. “Oh wow, he shut down Malkin one series and had a hat-trick. He’s a stud, right? Let’s make a t-shirt for him!”

        1. Bullshit. I’ve been calling out “coots” on this site since the day the shirt came out. He became unlikable based on how overrated the OB types make him out to be.

          1. When I said everyone I meant OB types, the media, bloggers. Obviously there are some fans without blinders that know how bad he’s been.

  12. well written, share most of the sentiments, especially that of Homer getting another year. Chief is great, but the Vinny signing.. jesus H christ.

    Your comment sections are fucking terrible. “kyle you’re gay” and “I’m done with this site” hypocritical conflicting bullshit with zero substance.

    “You don’t know hockey faggot” says the guy who played some years in the goddamn DVHL for the haverford hawks/delco phantoms/quakers/jr or little flyers etc. DOESN’T MEAN SHIT

    1. You want Homer to have another year? And Chief was great? Ed Snider loves you. Are you watching almost any of the other series? Flyers are a long way away from competing for the Cup.

    2. Stick around for a bit Roger, you’ll see why the comments are the way they are.

  13. You summed it up perfectly! As soon as that game ended the main thing that bothered me is that we’ll never know what could-have-been with Mason in net all series and how far a really hot goalie could-have carried us!

    1. You’re dreaming. Mason was hot last night and Flyers still lost. Did Mason play Game 5? Yes and Flyers lost that game too. Team game and this team is nowhere near competing for a Cup. They might be close to competing with the Rangers but not the Cup.

  14. Fire Holmgren. Dude is still stuck in the fuck broad street bully days. That shit doesn’t work anymore. The game has changed.

    Time for Ron Hextall’s shot

    1. I mean… do you honestly think Hextall has any better chance with Snider still looming over every decision? Ed is the constant in this equation of failure. Until he goes the fuck away we’ll continue getting these handjob playoff appearances.

  15. on the brightside, the next 2 season we will get to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the greatest team/era in the history of professional sports!

  16. G really stepped it up last night I’m sure we’ll get a report that he was playing hurt or emotionally distraught from his boyfriend dumping him

  17. Hartnell & Coburn need to go! B Schenn, Read are the same player. Get rid of both! Bring up Ghost, Laughton & Morin. Sign P Stastny

  18. You’re a fool if you think this team beats pitts, mont and/or boston. Might not beat columbus …

  19. Cartman is right on point, the entire problem with the flyers D can be summed up on the play Giroux made in the 3rd period to get the puck over to Timmonen where hw had 25′ of space between him and the closest ranger. He winds up for a ridiculously long time and nash dives over and blocks the shot into the netting. The flyers have no one who can get the puck through from the point or chip in offensively. That was the difference between the 2 teams in the series. For whatever reason the Flyers won’t hesitate to give ice time to young forwards but when it comes to defenseman they’d rather trade for a MacDonald then see if any of the minor l;eague guys can play? We are stuck with 6 number 3 guys on long term contracts at ridiculous numbers. What can we hope to do in the offseason? Maybe try and get our most experienced longest tenured 2 way guy to take less money on a one year deal… fucking brilliant! Homer should be the first casualty of the offseason. .

  20. Still wondering how the hell Giroux missed that wide open net at the end of the 2nd period.

  21. I don’t really think scoring depth was the issue. They had 7 forwards score 20 goals this year. Defense defense defense. Only worry about d in the off-season.

    1. @lucas That’s the problem with their offense, though. Having 8 mucking/grinding 20 goal forwards gets you nowhere in the playoffs when you need to have players who can actually create their own chances and not stand in front of the net waiting for rebounds.

  22. You shouldn’t be mad at the Flyers. Their collective median age is 27 (yes I actually did the math) and they have families. Lock the comments boys!

  23. 8+ paragraphs just to say: the Flyers are still the Flyers and this was another token playoff appearance for a team that’s perennially built to compete in the late 70’s.

  24. Can Mason hit a baseball?? Maybe we can get the Phillies to sign him to play first base with the glove skills….

  25. There’s only one spot available on defense if they don’t re-sign kimmo which they should not.

    They have horrendous contracts to mediocre players who are not trade able. Stop dreaming about unloading these guys. Vinny got 8:45 in ice time last night. Shows you how much his coach believes in him.

    All defensemen except macdonald have NTC. Just brutal.

    Giroux needs help.

    Mason looks good.

  26. We’ve been on two teams that have come back from 0-3 deficits to win the series. Let’s go kings!! Time to do some blow of kacie McDonnells tits!!

    1. Hey G, the net is four foot high. Looks like that shot was a Globetrotter trick to have Simmons dunk the puck in the basket.

  27. This all seems so familiar. Go back and replace the current names with Briere, Carter, Richards, Gagne, Biron, Handzus, Roenick, Primeau, Johnnson, Therien, Desjardins, Burke, Little, Lindros, Brind’Amour, LeClair, McGillis, Richardson, Eaton, Vanbriesbrouck, Bouchet, Otto, Svoboda, Podein, Hextall, Snow, Falloon.. you get the idea.

  28. I’d trade the Schenn(s) for sure and bring in bobby a Ryan and put him on Giroux’s wing. Laughton should be up… Vinny gone as well as Timo is a nice start.

    1. Dude, you just can’t trade guys away. This team is screwed.

      4 more years with vinny NTC
      3 more with streit who is a +35 contract
      5 more with hartnell NTC
      5 more with Simmonds NTC
      2 more with coburn/schenn/grossman NTCs
      6 more with macdonald

      Nobody would ever take those players at those prices anyway.

  29. Anyone could’ve won this series, but the Flyers just had couple bad breaks. I’m sure Paul Holmgren and Mr. Snider will work really hard this offseason to make the team better for next season. Oh, and hey, I read these comments so don’t be meanies, you guys!

  30. Good news guys! You can spend the spring and summer tuning into me and seeing if I can reach F cup status while Amy and her cringe worthy inflections and pronunciations try and inject some excitement into an awful Phillies team. When do Eagles mini-camps start?

  31. This team lacks depth, a top line winger and two defensemen. It has nothing to do with the Ranges having anyone’s number. This team is lacking and management is to blame.

  32. Kyle, you left out some important info in the beginning. The sentence should have read, “…a late-season injury to Steve Mason intentionally inflicted by the fucking penguins to get Mason out of the playoffs…” Goddamn, I hate that fucking team. I hope the Rangers beat them 6-0 every game, but I know it won’t happen.

  33. I like the job Berube did and all but he made some awful decisions this series:

    1) WTF was that Game 1 BS about where the Flyers just skated around like sissies for 60 mins then after the game he talked about wanting to dump the puck and hit their d-men?? They practically handed the Rangers a 1-0 series leaf right off the bat

    2) I don’t give a F if Mason is coming off a concussion. If he is on the fucking bench in Game 3 he is good to go. He played Emery and got burnt in a game the Flyers needed to have to hold home ice.

    3) How do you not dress Gus until game 6??? The difference he made moving the puck and alleviating pressure was as clear as fucking ice yet he plays slow as F Grossmann and Hal Gil … Hal Gil for crying out loud!

    4) It’s Game 7, you load the fuck up on Game 7. Instead he puts Raffl and Rinaldo to team up with G and Voracek on the first line … are we kidding here?? I don’t care about fit, Simmonds was your best forward in game 6, freaking bump him up to the first line and just double shit the living shit out of those guys.

    Now wanna hear something fun. The Blues have committed the same amount of money on their blue line as the Flyers have in Streit, AMac, Coburn and Grossmann … now I ask, who the fuck would you rather have? That slop or guys like Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo?

    F me

    1. good points, however as far comparing the Flyers to the Blues Defense, or any defense for that matter, it’s all a fallout of Chris Pronger. The whole team was essentially built on a guy like that, and it’s not easy to find stud d-men in the league. There’s very, very few, and people aren’t moving them…They throw the entire world at Weber and Parise, can’t get them, and then you have to go and get the next best available. This team is still recovering from Chris Pronger, and maybe this off-season will give them enough time to get over that hump…Unfortunately, Hartnell is still on the payroll for 5 more years, but Schenn is a free agent, so I don’t think he’s back, Timomen is gone, or maybe he’ll be back for less than 2 mill

      1. If Flyers are still recovering from Pronger, its because the front office is incapable of drafting and developing NHL caliber defensemen. Other teams (Bruins in particular) have backup defensemen that could start for the Flyers. We have Hal Gill. Flyers problems start at the top. Not going to get fixed until that changes.

        1. While I agree the Flyers could get better at drafting/developing defensemen, that’s not the issue when talking about Pronger.

          You can’t fault the Flyers for not developing a guy to replace Pronger because those guys are so rare. There’s 6-7 in the entire NHL (Chara, Weber, Suter, McDonagh, Pietrangelo, Giordano, Doughty). Those shut down, no-doubt-about-it number 1 defensemen. You have to get lucky when drafting those types of guys (and hopefully we did with Morin- but they take an absurdly long time to develop, comparatively).

          Blame the FO for not drafting/developing depth defensemen, I’m on board. But not that number 1 guy. It’s not that easy.

        2. The Flyers have drafted Pronger type replacements in Morin and to a lesser extent Hagg you f**king moron ! Not to mention they drafted Ghost who was widely regarded as not only the best d-man in college hockey but the best player period in all of college hockey.

          I get being upset with the outcome of this season but before you make assanine, idiotic, retarded statements about them drafting players at least check your facts. I’m sick and tired of idiots like you !! MORON !!!!!

          1. You want to give ‘credit’ for drafts of guys who haven’t played an NHL game yet. You don’t know if they’re going to pan out. You certainly can’t go on the track record of this front office. I’d rather look at the years of nothing as proof they cannot. I hope those guys pan out too because if they don’t, tell me how this gets fixed given all of the NTC contracts they have now. Time for a change. it has been for a long time.

  34. Who we should be mad at is the Penguins, specifically Menga for running Mason in a non consequential game. Everyone seems to fail to remember that happening…..

    If Mason was healthy for Game 1 or Game 3, they could have stole the series. Yes, the Rangers out played them, but they still could have stolen it. Game 1 was tied with 10 minutes left in the third. Game 3 was 4 goals on 23 shots.

    1. Mason WAS healthy in Game 3. He sat on the bench watching Emery whiff and pucks and give home ice back to NY.

      No reason he should not have started Game 3. The guy has a concussion another 2 periods of rest did not make a difference in his recovery.

      1. that’s fair, but i don’t know a ton about concussions. If he got hit again, is he more susceptible to further damage/ further concussions? I don’t know the answer, but I’m pretty happy to have a goalie for the long term, something this team has lacked forever. Stings now, but at least we don’t have to fight over whos the goalie going to be all summer long

    2. “Who we should be mad at is the Penguins,”

      I don’t like you.

  35. Its maddening when you have a wide open net to shoot at from the point and instead of a quick wrister you wind up for a big slapper just to get it blocked. Im looking at you McDonald. Timmo had the whole ice to skate to the net in the third and he fairies a shot from the blueline. Disgusting backend play. Where’s my power winger and # 1 defensemen?

    1. …ahhh how about Giroux’s???/ Wide open top shelf and he leans back on one leg like it’s practice. Gotta bear down on that, two skates on the ice, lower that hand down on the stick and power it through. Cry baby crosby would have done that, and it’s gotta be done by G as well. That brought back horribly painful memories of Game 6 when Jeff Carter missed the wide open net…

  36. Glad to see people finally coming around on hating Scott Hartnell. I have literally despised watching that guy play hockey for 5 years now. I long for the day when he is no longer on the team. He very well may be the single worst professional hockey player I have ever witnessed. He can’t skate, can’t stick handle, can’t shoot, and can’t even stand up!

    1. when your nickname is “hartnelldown” and the object of the sport is to stay on your skates you KNOW you have someone worth 5-10 million a year….

  37. Coburn fucking blows!!!!!!….He is a good skater that is it no shot no stick handling skills and a horrible passer….I swear he gets paid by the opponent to give the puck up or he is just that bad….he kills the flyers with turnovers…I liked him the 1st yr they got him but since 2010 he has gotten worse every year he has to go

  38. Flyers have a skeleton of great team. Got pieces on every line, but missing the pieces need to take them all the way. Need a scoring winger with Jake and G, think cammalleri or iginla who could be free agents. Ideally would be someone younger but not too many young scorers available right now in the wings. Schenn needs to go. No team will win a cup or conference with him as a 2nd line forward. Need a third line winger to play a shutdown checking line with Couts and Read. Putting Akeson out there kind of defeated the purpose of a checking line, bc he was so painfully bad in his own end. Timo probably retires leaving a hole in top defensive pair. Would like to add a defenseman like Fayne this offseason if Devils release him. Goalie is set

  39. Not gonna happen because they are locked into bad long term deals. It’s all about the cap and homer has no clue about that or talent evaluation.

  40. I know you are 12 and thus weren’t old enough to remember, but when was Lindros’ effort ever questioned, ESPECIALLY in the play-offs? I love Giroux, but he hasn’t entered a conversation involving Lindros yet. Lindros didn’t have to use not being named to the Olympic team as motivation, because they built the Canada Olympic and World Championship team around him. The HUGE difference is Lindros could impose his will game in and game out . . . Giroux, while a great player, unfortunately can’t.

  41. Remember the last flyers/rangers series in ’97 when lindros totally dominated.

    Giroux is still a very good player and just needs legit players around him.

  42. Considering how spotty the Flyers play was throughout the series and that Mason missed the first three games, it’s a bit of a miracle it went to the wire in a Game 7.

    Not taking a bit away from the Rags, who played a solid, disciplined defensive game with little breaking down, but the Flyers were really spotty in playing through that. They did at times but didn’t adjust consistently enough and when they addressed one flaw, another would seem to pop up.

    Rags stand up at the line and eventually the Flyers’ focused in on getting pucks deep but it took awhile. Going to the box has always been an issue and they cleaned that up pretty good, but only after it cost them game 1.

    Getting shots through . . . .changing your angle, getting them off faster? They did some of that, but the Rags blocked a ton of shots. They clogged up the passing lanes and blocked a lot of those too and what that seemed to cause was way too many tape-to-skate passes which led to the Flyers simply stopping skating.

    It wasn’t so much a team system breakdown as it was a team-wide fundamentals breakdown. They’re young and I think the window is just opening for them, but they need to toughen up a little bit and play through tight checking and the Rags are a tight checking team. I do think they’ll really expose Pittsburgh, so you Rags fans have that going for you.

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