Marcus Vick Had a Mini Meltdown on Twitter Today

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Marcus Vick: the gift to slow blogging days everywhere.

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63 Responses

  1. Who cares about Marcus Vick tweets.

    Kyle you’re just trying to distract people and take attention away from the ever growing comment removal scandal involving a certain traffic girl.

    1. I still laugh thinking about the other week when Jeff called the morning team & called the NAACP the NCAA by accident. Dumb fuck

      1. Lol Jeff from Camden is worse than Levi.

        Levi calls some shows on both stations where as that idiot Jeff from Camden literally calls every show on both stations nonstop.

        1. Jeff from Camden sets his alarm clock to wake up early to call the morning show

          1. The fact that you clowns are so familiar with these turds, and comment about their every nuance, shows that you are, in fact, fan-boys.


  2. Chip Kelly on not resigning Mike Vick: “Yeah we couldn’t do it because I got tired of hearing shit about what came out Marcus’ tweeter….”

  3. In that first tweet, Marcus was talking about the K4c1e scandal, wasn’t he?

    I could see Marcus under a sheet crying and screaming “LEAVE H0RS3 TEEF ALONE!”

  4. Kyle, remember that the equestrian traffic with reporter with the huge incisors and canines does not pay your bills. It is the visitors to this site that enjoy making comments to each other about the crap you post. Might want to write this down

    1. How long until “equestrian” gets banned from the comments section? Will we be able to use the number “22” in our comments anymore?

  5. I can’t stop loving the fact that when you google Marcus Vick the first thing that pops up on his bio in the right corner is like 3 of his most recent mugshots.

  6. I think its funny that Kyle trys to associate with C-a#s1ey but then she checks out his site and its full of comments tearing her apart. So in order to try and save face and ride her tail and mane, he shuts down the comments. Wake up Kyle, you have no shot bro.

  7. Get ready folks,for Marks & Brace talking 4hrs of nonstop Mike Trout talk as if it hasn’t been discussed enough already.

  8. The real issue is that Kyle was not raised right. He probably f’d up one too many times as a kid so his parents just gave up trying to raise him to be a man. So now he freaks out whenever a good looking girl talks to him and he will do anything to make them happy. So when Seabiscut cries to him that people are making fun of her, he completely overdoes it and cuts out the people he is dependent on for an income.

    I can only imagine how badly Mrs. CB has him pussy whipped. Very sad. Kyle has no balls.

  9. KSEE eats lots of hay. What do you say? She gives anal on the bay? Every single day? Do you have to pay? If you do she just may.

    1. I’d like to have KayC meet me on the 9th green at 9 if ya know what I mean. Maybe invite Grandma Gilmore to join in. AMurray can sit in the bunker and watch

  10. In a related story, KS had a meltdown on CrossingBroad due to being a pussy and banning KKKAAYYCCCEEE posts.


    1. Does conflict resolution always involve completely ignoring the issue and refusing to even acknowledge it or is that only on this site?

      1. Actually….and I am as guilty of this as any commenter….we are feeding the fire.

        His ignoring these comments, which is driving traffic.

        1. Ks knows what he’s doing with this cliffhanger stunt he’s pulling with the commenters

  11. K4c1e G4te is my favorite story of the year so far.

    It’s the early front runner for CB’s Top 10 of the Year.

  12. KS tweeted that the ban is for 2 days. I guess we can’t talk Preakness til Friday. #kc

    1. i noticed that. when is everyone going to let KS off the hook on this K-see Gate scandal?

    2. So according to KS, ruining the comments section for two days is the solution to the problem he created. Oh I get it now.

    3. If the two day ban on the K-word is for real that just means Friday’s comments are going to be K-wordiffic.

  13. overjet, is a phrase used to describe a particular type of maloclussion where the maxillary incisors, the two upper front teeth, project forward to such a degree that they are very prominent and obvious. In some cases these teeth actually rest on the lower lip while the subject is in the postural, resting position. Often the surrounding upper teeth are also projected forward in an arc but are hidden behind the lips so that the appearance results in only the two front teeth “sticking out” of the mouth.

    One of the causes are “oral habits”. Sound Familiar?

  14. The only way we can really prove our point of how pissed we are at Kyle for his bullshit actions is if we all stop coming to this site. Every time someone gets on here (myself included) to rant on and on about California Chrome, he gets that $$$. So you know he’s loving all of this clicking and commenting.

    We need to all stand up and stop coming to this site, until Kyle grows a pair! Now who’s with me?!?!


    1. In theory you are right but I think it’s funner to turn every comment section into jokes about Smarty Jones’ teeee–t–h since it is obvious she reads the comments and cried to Kyle to help her out. If she wasnt so vain and could roll with the punches, this would be over quickly.

      1. IT WOULF OF been over if she never cried to ks & had the comments removed from that post. I liked it better most commenters would focus on sean brace & not k-c

  15. Does anyone see K Scott at games or will anybody see him at his gay golf tourneys? I’m just so curious the whole explanation. It has to Iinvolve his fiancee or the fuzz or some scary mofos threatening him. If his blocking crusade is for any other reasons he might just have a vagina in his jeans. Either way it would just die if there wasn’t this reaction. When a nickname you dont like is trying to find its way toward you the only way to fend it off is to ignore it. The second you let on that it gets under your skin is when you get stuck with it. Simple grade school logic.

  16. Just checked CB’s twitter page, and saw nothing about a 2 day ban on what’s-her-name. I am a twitter idiot, so what am I missing?

    And the 2 day ban will only make things worse. If today was the day CB hit the iceberg, Friday will be when it sinks.

    1. Calling BS – you have to go the “And now, sad yinzers” tweet.
      It’s in that thread.

      1. Thanks, Junkhead. Just read it.

        Does he not understand that he is making it worse by doing this????

        This site is going to fucking implode on Friday.

        This all started with the lame ass explanation for K-Gate.

        Let the games begin.

  17. I run this shit. And I’m going to keep running it. #Losers #1inKC #TrustGod

    1. wow. please tell us how you’re bypassing the filter. I’m too lazy to google it.

    2. The only thing you run is a race around a dirt track #EatApples #ILoveSaltLicks #Naayyyy

  18. Good thing I speak Ebonics from working at a da guvment. How else would you be able to tell what Mikey’s kid brother is fucking talking about? I think it’s something about sum body be reyciss

  19. I bet she leaves aaron for a darky. She has mudshark written all over her hooves. One of the negatives on him were his small hands. Im sure Tama Hali doesnt have that problem. Guy could dam up the skukyll with his pipe

    1. I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Provided your news letter has ass for grape soda and scratch off lottery tickets

  20. WOW, Marcus, wow wow wow. How ignorant can you be? This is what is wrong with our world. I am announcing my bid for the 2016 Presidential nomination of the “I am a radio host who is a moron and should my mouth” political party.

  21. Remember five years ago when we had an “American League” lineup that I totally neglected because I wanted to be the east coast version of the San Fran Giants? MMMM pitching. *strokes cock* What was Cliff’s line last night? 7 innings, no earn runs? *strokes harder* A.J. has been mostly great, I’ll just hit the links this afternoon. Score just enough to win, baby! What’s our record last 10?


  22. I’m going to be like Jeff from Camden calling both stations all day everyday on Friday with my k-c comments

  23. Sing to the tune of b52s love shack….

    Mudshark, baby muudshark
    All we want is a little yard ape we
    Can, bang togehehehtherrr
    Mudshark baaaayybeeeee
    Mudshark baby

    By kc mcd

    1. hey kac-ie, whatever you do, don’t think of howard eskin next time you’re gold-digger-gobbling some knob! or gargano’s five necks.

      wait, we’re allowed to say gold digger? I thought her name was blocked! what gives?

  24. Now that Bin Laden is dead there is no one I’d rather see executed than Marcus Vick, and I mean literally see it, like they use experimental drugs in a lethal injection on live TV with a microphone in the room so we could hear him cry like the 15 year old girl he gangraped at gunpoint probably did.

  25. A free history lesson for you Kyle:

    Way back before you were born there was a deejay (like a blogger, but on radio) working for Philly’s top FM rock station (the trendy media of the day) who swore he was the fucking shit. Arrogant, cocky, bullheaded, made his own rules on the fly, etc. And indeed, due to lack of legit competition and a run of lucky circumstance, for a while he was quite the shit in Philly media circles.
    But there was a problem, because in reality he had limited talent….shall we say just didn’t bring that much to the table and leaned too heavily on the schtick of local comedians (read: funny original stuff from other places) and tired easy repetitious fall-backs (like Marcus Vick posts).
    In addition, being crowned the tallest midget for years had softened him enough to think he was immune to any risk of “overplaying a hand”.
    So one day some other guy started broadcasting in town on a competing station. He started small and was a real douche, an alienating dickweed, but he respected the intelligence of his audience and was legitimately entertaining….in fact most would agree he was the precursor to all ‘irreverent’ bloggers today. So anyway that dude’s personality and drive to entertain his audience – without ever mailing it in – resonated with the public so quickly and intensely that in no time he’d toppled two decades of ratings wins at the first radio station and actually held a funeral for the deejay on Walnut Street that was attended by tens of thousands of rabid followers (some note the fact that so many dudes took the day off work for something so stupid was the precursor to the modern-day wing bowl). But that day was more awesome than any wing bowl, because everyone was collectively rejoicing something real….that an out-of-touch limited-talent asshole was finally getting it handed to him.
    That original deejay who was content to mail his effort in had miscalculated badly and ultimately destroyed his station’s ratings for the next decade….in fact it has never recovered, and one of its biggest criticisms now is the high volume of ads it jams down listeners throats every ten minutes. And the deejay – while eventually regaining employment at a smaller station – of course never came close to rising to his squandered prominence again.
    Now I’m not drawing any parallels to your situation….after all, you’ve not made it even close to ‘the top’ at anything in this town, so any fall would be less significant. However you might want to bone up on your Philly media history to learn from stupid mistakes others have made….with the first and foremost being taking an audience for granted.
    The End.

    1. Iz dat da DJ what’s wife killed hurself after bein caught cheating wit one of Howard Stern’s minions (da Jankster)?

  26. In all seriousness, i would fuck kaysee so hard. Bust my load all over those fake tanned titties.

  27. Dont nobody be snappin on Mikel! He be showin you ungreatful philly bitches how a quality QB shuld preform this season, wit da Jetz aight?

    Freekin lame-ass Kelly and his po wite-boy Foals be run outta town in a year or so, now dat 10-mode be torchin it up in DC wit my boi RG3.

  28. Somebody – probably Kyle since its his site – has to explain the comment section bullshit.

    Wtf are you pathetic fucking posters talking about with the two day ban?

    I imagine its got something to do with a woman poster – and most of you virgins who post here every day about fucking this hot celeb or that hot celeb who really couldn’t fuck you’re way out of a paperbag are most likely the guilty shits doing whatever Kyle is banning in the first place – and you dirt mother fuckers who think you’re funny, when even you little shits
    know the only thing funny is your tiny dicks, and not your posts, picking on a woman.

    If you have to bash or fake-fuck a person online to feel good, you’re about two steps shy of even spelling ‘morale compass’.

    Feel free to bash my comment, I’ll be dick deep in some hot San Diego chick and maybe I bother to check your replies!

    1. Yea fuckhead, virgin virgin blaghhh. Knew if I waited long enough on this site, some tool would think “dick deep” is a phrase.

      Just don’t type KC or equine and you’ll be fine. No on second thought, you’re banned. Go away.

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