Michael Sam Seems More Interested in Being a Celebrity

Gonna state an unpopular opinion about Michael Sam: I think he’s an attention whore.

This has nothing to do with him being gay. I applaud him for coming out, a decision that has exposed him to the inevitable cacophony of insults from the many bigots and idiots in this country. What he did was a huge step for the gay and lesbian community, sports and society as a whole. The kiss? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit of a shock to the system – it’s just not something I’m used to seeing – but I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t get choked up in the same way I got choked up when Dennis Quaid’s character in Disney’s The Rookie called his wife to tell her that he’d been called up to the Majors (something about men fulfilling a lifelong sports dream does it for me, I guess).

But just because Michael Sam is gay doesn’t absolve him from the same sorts of criticisms heaped, in differing ways, at Johnny Manziel, Richard Sherman and Tim Tebow. Sam, it seems, loves the attention he’s getting. The latest? From Pro Football Talk:

Rams defensive end Michael Sam is getting a reality show.

The Oprah Winfrey Network announced today that it is working with Sam on a reality TV project that will show his life as the first openly gay player in the NFL.

“We are honored that Michael is trusting us with his private journey in this moment that has not only made history but will shape it forever,” Oprah Winfrey said in a statement. “I am proud of the focus on authentic storytelling in our new documentary series format.”

There’s been no word on how much access the Rams will give the reality TV cameras, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the team has some qualms about it. NFL teams generally prefer for their rookies to put all their energy into football, not outside projects. That’s why A.J. McCarron quickly distanced himself from it when his fiancee, Katherine Webb, was reportedly in talks for a reality show. And that may be why Sam, in a statement, made clear that his focus is on making the team.

“Like every player out there working to make a team right now, my focus is on playing football to the very best of my ability,” said Sam. “I am determined. And if seeing my story helps somebody else accept who they are and to go for their dreams too, that’s great. I am thankful to Oprah for her support and excited to work together.”

Sure, his existence in the NFL is a big deal. He’s breaking ground in many of the same ways that Jackie Robinson broke ground (though you can say, I’d argue rightfully, that Robinson’s trail was much more difficult to blaze). Unlike Robinson, however, Sam is bringing much of the attention on himself. The collective reaction when he came out as being gay was, largely: That’s cool. He’s gay. Can he play? That’s where we’re at as a somewhat advanced society (mostly). That’s a good thing. But Sam, and his PR team, coordinated the announcement with multiple outlets in order to maximize exposure. He did an embargoed interview with ESPN. He started a Twitter account. He launched a website complete with a shop. He allowed ESPN’s – and now we learn Oprah’s – cameras in for draft day. And his cake-smashing, while endearing, was oh-so-perfectly framed by those cameras.

So the claims that his focus is on football and that this is a “private journey” ring somewhat hollow. In fact, it’s not a private journey at all. It’s a very public journey, one that Sam has willingly signed up for. And the potential problem, for his new employers, is that he’s a seventh round draft pick who might not even make the team and now he’s going to come to camp with likely the added distraction of reality TV cameras (in addition to the expected media throng and probably Sal Paolantonio yelling inane platitudes at you or Ed Werder looking unhealthy). And though the circumstances are different, imagine if Manziel brought a reality show to camp. Hell, imagine if DeSean Jaccson did it. Chaos.

Sam shouldn’t be criticized because he’s gay. But he also shouldn’t be immune from criticism because he’s gay. And given the evidence thus far, it’s fair to ask whether he’s more interested in being a football player or a celebrity. There’s nothing wrong with either answer (or even option C: both). But don’t feel like you can’t question his motives.


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  1. TBT:

    Remember the time k-c creeped on twitter for a college QB in an attempt to become the Katherine Webb?

    1. Thats actually a great point, never thought of it like that. What a loser she is, so pathetically desperate for attention at any and all costs. And she is so dumb she goes after Aaron Murray, a guy who wrecks his knee, gets no TV time for her for a bowl game (her dream was to get Musberger to wet himself), and then he goes in a late round of the draft to the plains of the midwest and total obscurity. Nice work Smarty Jones

      1. Dude I love that conspiracy theory. She was most def trying to become the next k Webb

    2. Or when she stalked Prince Harry on television?

      Or how she got a job because Mike Jerrick thought she was hot?

      Her traffic reports are great because she screws up so much that you know there is a traffic jam somewhere, so you should probably just leave now.

  2. That’s my last & only k.c post. Had to say it & I’ll get back to the kitchen lol

  3. No shit. He’s a queen. 80% of the queers I’ve ever met are attention whores.

    1. But you are not “homophobic”. LMAO, I haven’t heard the word Queer used in a million years. I doubt you have known too many gay people or you would not be so threatened by them. If what you said was true, there wouldn’t be so many of them still in the closet.

  4. I don’t think you’re stating an unpopular opinion here. Personally, I’m disappointed by his decision to make this into such a big fiasco. I think he would’ve done a better service to gay athletes if he avoided the potential reality show circus, worked his ass off in training camp, and focused more on helping the Rams win games.

    Further, people were commenting on Deadspin that Sam is acting like a typical attention-mongering queen. Some are going to use this to reinforce stereotypes against gay people, which winds up countering what I assume he is trying to do. What would’ve happened if Jackie Robinson had a reality show?

    1. I personally love how he says he wishes he was looked at as a football player instead of a gay football player. Really? Is this why you were the first to ever admit so before being drafted then go on and sign with Oprah to chronicle the life of the gay football player? Listen here you lying attention whore. Just shut the fuck up, do your job, and stop talking to the national media about it then. Are we that fucking stupid we can’t see through your thinly veiled bullshit?

      1. The fact that he came out was a good move. I am not sure about the rest of this stuff, but him coming out pretty much exposed the homophobia in the NFL when he went so far down in the draft. Funny thing is, there are a few ‘in the closet’ superstars in the NFL and their teammates have no problem with it. It is the hater fans.

        1. The point is Maxie girl, Regardless of if it’s “ok” or “acceptable” or “great”. If he really just wanted to be known as a football player he would not have created the media circus that now surrounds him. he’s full of shit when he says “I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam the football player, not Michael Sam the gay football player.” Ok, then why are you on Oprah? Ok, why didn’t you keep it to yourself? Ok, why are you kissing boys on draft night?

          I don’t see how any of his actions mirror his “wishes”.

  5. Well when the eventual release happens when the Rams, other NFL teams and thousands of fans who bought his jersey realize he stinks, he’ll need to be a reality star.

    …..Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  6. Very well written Kyle ….. however I find it very hard to believe that you didn’t enjoy that kiss ….. just like you love rock hard cock in your ass.

  7. I defended this guy against bigots on tweeter, and now I don’t want to hear about him ever again.

  8. And with that, Michael Sam justified the actions of 31 teams who passed on him and showed, in part, why he fell to the 7th round…….

  9. When I heard reaction to the kiss before I saw it, I was sure it was going to gross me out as well. When I looked at it myself, it was absolutely nothing shocking – no groping, open mouth – it was not sexual at all. It was 2 pecks on the lips. In 50 years people will not have that sort of that homophobic reaction.

    I think the show is a bad idea though, and he should just be focusing on his job.

    I agree with Mr. Phineas.

    1. I’m so sick and tired of hearing that you are homophobic if you saw The Michael Sam kiss and felt it was awkward to watch. For one if he was kissing a woman, it would have been just as weird. If a gay man saw a straight couple kissing cake off their face, they would be disgusted, no one would label that as heterophobic! I will bet you didn’t even know that words existed until just now. My iPhone even try’s to spell check the word. If a straight man doesn’t like a gay man, he’s homophobic. If a gay man doesn’t a straight man, he’s gay, right and the man he doesn’t like is homophobic.
      This Michael Sam guy is 100% an attention whore. The whole crying and first couple kisses were fine, he was emotional, the cake crap was so staged and over the top. Usually when I see a player get drafted, they thank and hug a lot of people they are with. Not just focus on 1 person. Sam knows exactly what he is doing and is trying to get as much attention as he can. Which is actually smart, because people will pay attention for as long as he is in a spotlight and he’s not going to be a good football player. If the guy never came out, he would probably have been drafted and cut in a year or so. Now that he came out he has been drafted and probably will be cut in a year or so, but he’s going to make a lot more money.

      1. I’m sorry you’re sick and tired of it. Why does it bother you so much? Homophobia is the irrational aversion to homosexuality. So if I call you homophobic, I’m labeling your aversion to the kiss “irrational”, because really, what harm does 2 guys sharing a quick peck on the lips on TV pose to anyone? That’s what I mean by homophobia – it’s an irrational aversion to it. I’m not asking you to get over it, just stating my opinion.

        Anyway, I am gay, and when I see a man and a woman kiss, I don’t get “disgusted”, because I’m not 12 years old anymore. I been growed up Howard. I grew up a long time ago. I think it’s nice that 2 people care about each other. So you can call people heterophobic, but if you call me that you’re probably off-base Ben Revere style.

        That being said, I would prefer if Sam just plays football and leaves the reality show business, because someone’s sexuality has no place inside the locker room.

        1. When you were 12, straight people kissing was unnatural to you, because you are gay. You’ve gotten over it, but at that time you didn’t hate straight people, it was just different to you.
          Just because someone finds it odd to see two men kissing doesn’t mean they hate gays.
          I am straight, so what I find natural is a man being with a woman. It’s who I am. I didn’t choose to be straight, I just am. You are gay, you didn’t choose to be, it’s what is natural to you. So why can’t we just leave it at that?
          To see something that is unnatural to me may make me feel uncomfortable, no matter what it is. I didn’t have a problem with Sam kissing his boyfriend, I had a problem that they played it up knowing the cameras were on. The cake thing was too much, gay or not, no 7th round pick would get that attention.
          This who I am, so to judge me and label me as homophobic is something only a homosexual would do.

          1. I agree the media did them no favors by showing it ad infinite and I also understand why there are straight people who are uncomfortable looking at it. Personally any gender overdoing PDAs embarrasses me, and I don’t get the point of the cake but it didn’t really bother me. I think the media attention was because there was talk of him not being drafted because of coming out and it was starting to look like it. The reaction of Sam and his bf did not bother me so much as the media then turning it into the main story.

  10. k@cie-gate remains. just try posting it. post JUST that word and see what happens. it’s explicitly banned, not in some bullshit narrow band of curse words. fuck, it isn’t even a name. seriously. it’s like katelynn or these other white trash future-stripper labels that main line idiots give their kids. and speaking of main line idiots, I’m sure this post will be deleted before long, too.

    but I remember the day I read about an inserted finger being like rick moranis being lost in the back yard and laughed myself to hiccups. you can delete the posts, but you can never take that away from me. k@ci33333333gate4lifewerunthisshit

    1. lol. you will be the next kitmacrisissisissssss. Kyle will be a big baby bc you keep posting about kaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. What?! That comment is gone?! That was so absurdly hilarious, Kyle can’t even take a fantastical visual joke that barely makes sense? FUCK KYLE and FUCK KAClE.

      610-632-0975 Non-sports talk radio. Call me up and get a general knowledge question, Today category INVENTIONS!!!! So fun. Btw I already knew all these answers b/c I read them before the show and you’re an idiot.


  11. sam IS an attention whore. marginal talent, media circus, not worth the trouble. but if you don’t openly worship gays, you’re a bigot, so whatever. let’s take what few meritocracies we have left and let the lavender mafia ruin those too. you know, in the name of accepting everyone’s ideas.

  12. Remember when Michael Sam claimed to be the Shaun White of gay football players?

  13. I’d love to see Michael Sam,Brittney Griner &Jason Collins in a 3-way.

  14. Comcast wants net neutrality so that their porn channels can give you faster Oprah,Obama, Sam deviants on demand. David Cohen gave Sam his pet gerbil.

  15. What a fucking jitbag. And now basically if the team or any players call him out on being a distraction they’re going to be called homophobes. Well fuck you, you gay black cocksucker, and the politically correct white boy cumdumpster you rode in on.

    1. Great point, they shot themselves in the foot publicity wise. A million dollars says he makes the team solely for being gay because the Rams or the NFL don’t want to come off “homophobic”. That’s ridiculous. So before all the politically correct assholes get all up in arms because he was cut..( and most likely they have never watched a football game in their lives) understand HE IS A 7th ROUND PICK! And to top it off brought a reality show with him… Which no decent head coach would even allow. I don’t even know why I’m posting this cause this country is pathetic anymore and only care about being politically correct… Sickening

      1. Ooooo. Sign me up. I’ll give him a nice moustache ride with the pedo caterpillar on my upper lip.

  16. The upshot of this is that we still have no openly gay players in the NFL, because Michael Sam sure as hell isn’t going to be one now.

    Jeff Fischer is a classy guy so he’ll let him go at first cut to let other teams have a chance to pick up the mediocre fringe player with a ton of baggage and the wrong attitude, but no one will.

    Whoever heard of a 7th Round pick with a TV show? More to the point, whoever heard of an NFL coach that wouldn’t cut a 7th Round pick who started producing his own reality show? Or a 7th Round pick who didn’t understand that?

  17. Kyle, when are you going to address the fact that you acted like the K@cie comments were so out of line yet you have no problem creating a post asking us if Asche or Biddle has a hotter girlfriend?

    1. probably once we make every other comment be about it for 2 full days. but not before he says he’ll never do it.

      oh KAClE… your grill is more like a griddle… but kyle would rather offend jessie biddle… than let your whoring have consequence for even one second…

  18. His coming out was not really that easy Kyle “that’s cool, now can he play” was the reaction of a lot of people but the same amount were making homophobic jokes (like the host of a morning show which also includes a supporting cast who are almost openly homophobic; incidentally said host also claims to be totally turned off by racism, which I suspect didn’t happen until he started working with black people). But although I thought the continued kissing was going to raise a few hackles, and was admittedly taken to the extreme, I cannot believe how many of the media kept talking about it and talking about it and talking about it.and showing it 24/7. The media is just as much to blame for the exploitation. I don’t know, maybe he feels he has to speak up for the people who remain in the closet, which given a lot of comments I see on these websites, I can understand. I wouldn’t worry though. No one is going to see that show if it is on Oprah’s network, no one watches it and if he was a gay white man, Oprah wouldn’t be showing it. Like everything that happens for the first time, this will cause the most stir and then will, hopefully, die down. The media and internet will determine how long it lasts!

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