Mitch Williams is Taking a Leave of Absence From the MLB Network

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After reportedly getting into an argument with an umpire, calling a 10-year-old a “pussy,” and ordering a beanball perhaps with the intent to injure the same child, Mitch Williams is taking a “leave of absence” from MLB Network while the MLB Network decides what to do with him, the network told the New York Daily News:

Williams, known as ‘Wild Thing’ during an 11-year big league career as a reliever, reportedly ordered the beaning of an opposing player during a youth baseball tournament last weekend in Maryland.

Deadspin, citing information provided to the website by parents and coaches, reported Friday that the former All-Star and current MLB Network analyst told one of his 10-year-old players to hit the opposing pitcher.

The MLB Network told the Daily News Saturday afternoon that Williams is taking a leave of absence from the network.

“Mitch Williams has decided to take a leave of absence from his role at MLB Network at this time,” an MLB Network spokesperson said in an email to the Daily News. “We are continuing to look into the matter.”

In other words: Will this blow over soon so we don’t have to fire him? We don’t want to fire him because he’s pretty good, even though he does that thing when he’s confident in something where his neck muscles tighten, lips purse and head shakes ever so slightly like a southern woman who just told you nu-uh!

Mitch took to Twitter to apologize:

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This has to be the most 93 Phils thing ever.


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  1. Ron White said “You can’t fix stupid.” I would add “Nor can you fix being a douchebag.”

  2. Good. I hope this POS never shows his face again commenting about games or trying to sell me cars on bad commercials. Mitchie Poo is an asshole.

  3. another weekend, another story of Sean Brace embarassing himself:

    This time he was hanging out in Manyunk, where as a 33 year old is a total violation. He was telling some girl that he is gonna be the next big thing in Philly media between his talk show and DJ gigs. then another girl in the group was killing him for wearing a straight brim hat and talking like a hip hop wanna be star. he got himself all worked up as the girls 9all in their mid 20’s) started ganging up on him telling him to act his age and grow up. he left and was later seen walking home with a huge hoagie and bag of chips.

    1. But at least Sean Brace doesn’t freak out and ask Kyle to remove negative comments about him.
      And let’s face it, we all know that’s what happened with the traffic girl.
      It wasn’t because she’s 22 and has a family. And it wasn’t the result of a random audit of some comments.
      We can handle the truth.
      We deserve not to be lied to.

      1. I actually can also almost admire SB embracing his D-baggery. I feel is it’s a very masculine thing to have thick skin and not let what people say bother you. That being said he is still a huge dbag

    2. On the bell curve of average age of people who hang in manayunk you will find sean allllll the way on the right…

      I appreciate he can take the hate on this site with a smile but it boggles my mind how he still finds it acceptable to live in manayunk with/a roommate. He needs to just move up the street to conshohocken like everyone else once they are to old for manayunk…

      I gaurentee he still frequents mug night at summit park.

  4. if sean brace and KAClE banged through a glory hole, this site might melt down. especially if it was in the butt.

  5. Ha, ha, ha I love it when my instincts are right on the mark. I picked this guy for a major d-bag years ago. Just something about him. I guess all his buddies at WIP will be sticking up for him though. Speaking of trash.

    1. besides knowing absolutely shit about sports, another reason that collection of morning show fucktards lost all credibility with me when they had the gall to still back el wingador after the notorious cokehead had been busted for intent to sell.

  6. Even as the evil Yankee manager in Bad News Bears, I could not condone my pitcher, my son, to purposedly hit the batter. So I clocked him for doing it.

    Great role. R.I.P. Vic

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