MLB Ballpark Logos Without the Corporate Sponsor Logos

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The latest hipster trend on the webternets is to reimagine sports logo as [insert completely non-related thing that is generally looked favorably upon]. We’ve been here before. In this case, design student Grant O’Dell just redesigned Major League ballpark logos to remove those pesky corporate sponsor logos. You can see all of them here.  I like the color palette he used, but is it just me or do these all look virtually the same?

via Bleed Philly, Gizmodo

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21 Responses

  1. This new format fucking blows. Hope you didn’t pay an IT guy for this remodeling job

  2. A) This new site sucks

    B) He didn’t remove corporate logos on any of them, he just redesigned them. The CITIZENS one is clearly citizens banks’ font. And besides font, a ton have logos, look at PNC Park

  3. Kyle what the fuck are you talking about, there’s still logos everywhere. I know you don’t read your guests comments, but also don’t bother to click on your own story links? wtf

    1. Wait!
      It’s all coming together now….at least four of that dude’s logos have the EXACT SAME city skyline concept as Kyle’s new logo above. So either Kyle blatantly ripped this guy’s artwork off, or the dude just made Kyle’s new logo and this story is a “promo” payback. Which is it bro??

    2. I thought the same thing. I got to Coors Field, and saw the familiar “Coors” lettering. Sure enough, the next was Chase (as in the bank) Field, complete with Chase’s corporate logo front and center.

      Kyle is a fucking retard, no wonder his wife swallows more black DNA than Kim Kardashian.

  4. Is this designer too obtuse to realize the names of the parks themselves include corporate sponsors? Not to mention Chase Field and PNC Field have their respective bank logos right on them. This makes no sense.

    I award him no points, and may god have mercy on his soul.

  5. Kyle, if you think this new format will get you a date with the large tusked traffic girl, you need to do a much better job.

  6. I think there’re a few issues with this new design. I clicked on the “Gay Bloggers Who Pretend To Be Straight” link above and it just took me back to the CB home page?

  7. I do like the new layout, it feels a little odd but we’ll get used to it. I don’t think there was any reason to change it, I always liked the layout but maybe people (or eve just Kyle) were tired of it. My only real complaint is that the page header is too big in that it takes up way too much of my screen making me have to scroll down to even see the first headline. Overall though its way better than the last logo redesign.

    The stadium logos do look all the same and they didn’t remove all the logos so whats the point? Actually, the new header looks like it was designed by this person. Now that I thought that I can’t help thinking Kyle is setting us up for some practical joke……

      1. “In other words, since I voiced an opinion shared by most of the commenters, my comment is some how less valid…” Also, I was trying to agree with you. Dick.

  8. I’m not completely against the new format, most of it is okay. But why in the good blue fuck does the banner take up 3/4 of my screen? That’s just unnecessarily big. I get the first line of the first headline and that’s it, other than the banner. That’s not a good look, makes the page look like something I built in my 9th grade HTML class.

  9. Can anyone help me out and let me give them a HJ?

    I think I’m gay but I’m not entirely sure. I thought i was attracted to Kyle, but then he wouldn’t let us comment on the traffic gal. i wanted to say i thought she was a wonderful part of the fox 29 morning team.


    junk in my mouth please?

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