Not Surprisingly, It Sounds Like Paul Holmgren Didn’t Go Willingly

Frank Seravalli seemingly had the inside track on this story:

Five days ago, Paul Holmgren scoffed at the idea of giving up his seat as the Flyers’ general manager.

“Do you think I look 70?” Holmgren barked. “I still feel pretty good. I’m certainly not in any position today where I want to change chairs.”

It’s amazing what five days and a little “coaxing” from chairman Ed Snider can do.

It doesn’t really matter. The Flyers organization is a shape-shifting mass of former notables, Bullies and OB thought leaders. One day, Hextall will move to an advisory role, then to an ambassadorship, and then he’ll die. Holmgren will be President for a few years, perhaps return to be an assistant GM to the guy who succeeds Hextall, and then he’ll die. Chris Pronger may one day become head scout, then assistant GM, then GM, and then he’ll die. Brian Boucher will be a staple at charity events and golf outings, perhaps one day will become the color analyst, and then he’ll die. Rick Tocchet will move in and out of the organization and then he’ll die. Ian Laperriere will eventually move up to the front office, and then he’ll die. Danny Briere will become an ambassador and perhaps head of Flyers charities, and then he’ll die. And Ed Snider will die.

It’s like the Game of Thrones opening– things pop up, they spin and then it’s on to the next one. Right now, a former King wears the crown.

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23 Responses

  1. and in all that time not one stanley cup will be won bc,,,”We feel we are close to winning the cup.” and all of the kool aide drinking flyers fans still believe we’re on the right track. the flyers brass are not very good at judging talent, i think we can all agree on that. Bobrovsky won a fucking vezina. can you imagine where we would be right now if we had a vezina winning goalie? “Philadelphia is where goalies go to die.” Mike Milbury

    1. How the fuck do you go from “the flyers brass are not very good at judging talent, i think we can all agree on that” to “Bobrovsky won a fucking vezina.” in the very next sentence? WHO SAW HIS TALENT AND SIGNED HIM? The Flyers! They gave up on him because of impatience for him to develop, but they saw the talent.

      There’s a whole fucking lot you can criticize the management of the team for, but inability to find talent is not one of them. Paul Holmgren scouted and recommending drafting/siging Carter, Richards, Giroux, Couturier, Read, Raffl, Laughton, Gostisbehere, etc. He’s got an eye for talent. He just sucks with everything else when it comes to managing a team.

      1. If that list you gave is all there is/was for the entire time he was scouting and GM, no wonder the Flyers are in the mess they’re in. I’m glad he’s (sorta) gone. Two of them haven’t played a game yet, but you know they’re good NHL caliber players. No NHL level defensemen in how many years? But it’s more than Homer; it’s the entire Flyer philosophy. Hextall really has his work cut out.

        1. People throughout the league consider Holmgren to be a great scout. Also, Scott Laughton has played in the NHL…

        2. Like Ted said, other teams would kill for Holmgren to be a scout for them. Not a GM, absolutely not, but a scout.

          The Flyers philosophy on defensemen worked for a while, and it made sense.

          Defensemen are damn near impossible to predict when they are prospects (so I’ll admit, I shouldn’t have put Ghost Bear on my list). That’s why Chara was picked 56th, Weber picked 49th, Keith 54th, Giordano was undrafted and Erik Johnson went first overall.

          So the Flyers’ philosophy was to take a pretty sure-thing forward in the first round and then sign/trade for defensemen after they develop. Worked out pretty well with acquiring Pronger/Timonen. But teams have stopped making those defensemen available. So the philosophy has to change, and arguably already has with 3 early-round defensemen picked in the last 2 years.

          1. I’m not just talking draft philosophy. Everything has to change; coach, draft, free agent signings, style of play, other front office positions, the BS ‘bonding’ trips to the shore. Everything. It is not a coincidence that players who come here play better their first year or so and regress after that. Would you say Couts played better this year or two years ago? Coburn – better now or when he first came? This has to change or we’re going to want Mason out of here in a couple of years. And the coach – do you think Craig Berube would be a head coach on any other NHL team right now?

          2. I agree with a lot of what you said and how it needs to change, though I think you’re not giving the team ANY credit, when it deserves some credit (but not as much as a lot of Flyer fans would give it).

            I would absolutely say Couturier was better this year than 2 years ago. He didn’t have a good offensive playoff series, but he was a monster defensively, just like he was against Malkin in 2012. He was much better offensively this year than 2 years ago, and his defensive game was better than it was that regular season.

            Coburn- yes he’s better than he was when he came here. He’s had ups and downs, but he was probably the most consistent defenseman the team had this year. He’s asked to do too much- he’s a good 2nd pairing defenseman. But they’re asking him to be a 1st pairing guy, and he just can’t handle that. That’s not his fault nor makes him a bad player.

            I agree on Mason- but that’s not the team’s fault or Mason’s. That’s a problem with the media and fans in this city. They blame far, far too much on the goalie.

            As far as Berube goes, can you really argue with the job he did? Is he Scotty Bowman? No. But he did a fairly good job this year, especially with the steaming pile of shit that is this defense- which is an indictment of the front office, not the coaches. I don’t know that he’s the long-term answer, but I think he earned at least another year with the way he handled the team this year. That said, if I could hire Barry Trotz, I would fire Berube in a heartbeat.

        1. I think you can. We’ve seen what Raffl can do. Is he going to be a superstar? No, but he’s going to be a serviceable forward. Laughton was one of the best players in juniors this year. Ghost Bear was the best defenseman in college hockey.

          But okay, replace them with JVR and Bobrovsky. Point still stands.

  2. Eh remember, Eddie traded me away in 1971 for a used puck bag. He thought Favelle was better. He don’t get me back when WHA folds, no Cups at all.

    Zero for 48

  3. Your love for Seravalli is amazing. If he hadn’t just knocked up his girlfriend, I would think that you guys have something going on.

  4. I’m available for the assistant GM position. I will bring on Joel Otto, John Druce, and maybe Pat Falloon if he’s still alive. We need more mucking and grinding.

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