Paul Holmgren on Ron Hextall: “I think he’s got a Flyers logo on his ass”

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After Ron Hextall mentioned that the Flyers can’t keep trading away young, talented players that have “a tattoo of the Flyers on their shoulders” (cough, cough Stanley Cup champions Mike Richards and Jeff Carter), Paul Holmgren talked about Hextall’s own OB credentials: “I think he’s got [a Flyers logo] on his ass.”

Just like everyone else in the front office.

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12 Responses

  1. You trash Holmgren for trading Carter and Richards, and then you call the promoting of Hextall as a type OB move when he was influential in the Kings acquiring Richards and Carter for their cup run. Pick a side.

  2. Anybody think its very weird that these guys always refer to senile Ed as “mr. Snider?”

    Total cult down there man. Kinda Feel bad for hextall with all those bad contracts, but hey, he wants the job.

  3. Did everyone hear, which I assume was Sielski, again bring up the whole culture thing and asking Mr. Snider if he thinks they have enough alternate views and opinions in the Flyers organization since their last 3 GM’s and head coach were all Flyers? What a loser Sielski is. That’s why there are people who make the tough decisions and little weasels like Sielski that only write about them after the fact.

    1. Most reporters are all the same so that’s nothing revolutionary. You and your organEYEzation just don’t like being questioned. The flyers brass has a serious problem with any reporter who doesn’t kiss their ass. That’s why they all call that geezer “mr snider.” He must demand that from his employees which should really tell you something. He’s an arrogant asshole who has no clue how to put anybody with any smarts into a position for his team to win. Sucks for flyers fans but they’ll just keep drinking the koolaid and spending all their money on flyers tix, jerseys, pens, caps, earrings, bumper stickers, stuffies, etc. pathetic.

  4. Hextall is going to turn this whole thing around baby! Just ask Mo Cheeks and Ryne Sandberg!

  5. Shut up about Carter and Richards anybody who knows what a blue line is thinks you are an idiot. They won a cup as 2nd tier players on a good team with great goal tending, What the flyers got in return is far better. Stick to selling shitty T-shirts that shrink the first time you wash them (unless you are from Delco u dont do wash)

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