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Email from reader Mike:


Huge fan of the blog. I know you’re very conservative when it comes to jersey violations, but I wanted to hear your opinion on the shirt I custom ordered for the upcoming Phils-Angels game.

I live in South Jersey, so the man crush is there with Trout, as it is with you and the majority of guys in the area. When I ordered this, I knew that it was probably a violation, but I went for it anyway. (Note that the website wouldn’t allow “Trout 27,” so I went with “Trouty” instead).

I feel like there are a few circumstances that help my case with the purchase: 1.) It’s Mike Trout. 2.) It’s just a shirt, not an expensive jersey. 3.) I’ll be able to say that I was (probably) the first to buy a Mike Trout Phillies shirt should he find his way back home one day. 4.) It’s Mike freakin’ Trout.

Just wanted to hear your opinion. I’ll be at the Tuesday game in right-center.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

-Mike (@Winless4Wiggins on Twitter)

We all have a man crush on Mike Trout. He’s 22, just signed a six-year, $144 million deal, and he might be the only player to love the Phillies more than his own team. And he’ll be in town next week, which means the hysteria surrounding his return will be out of control.


Cheer for the kid.

Actively root for him to embarrass Jonathan Papelbon (one of the rare instances where you can wish for your own team to struggle).

Wear his Angels gear.


Customize a Phillies jersey or t-shirt with Trout’s name.

Look, this was all fun to think about when the Angels offered Trout only a one-year deal. But now he’s locked up until 2020 (when he’ll only be 29) and there’s no chance that he becomes a Phillie anytime soon or probably ever. Rooting for the kid is completely acceptable, but lose the dream about him coming home and just enjoy his career from afar. Customizing Phillies wear with a non-Phillie is mixing church and state. You just don’t do it– it’s confusing to your fellow fan and upsetting to the elderly and disabled.

And more than anything, this shows the current interest level in the Phillies. Six or seven big-name players and fans are customizing t-shirts with the nickname of the Angels’ center fielder.

Ever since that post last night about the gas station attendant who wants to buy Mike Trout and 10 lucky fans burgers where I expressed my wonderment about Jim’s Burgers, I’ve received a ton of feedback– about Jim’s, its burgers, special sauce, and the quirky fact that they close from Memorial Day until COLUMBUS DAY. That, alone, is reason to check them out– any place that shuts down at absurd and random times, or for entire seasons, is guaranteed to have outstanding fare. It’s like how Charlie’s in Delco isn’t open on Tuesdays and, I think, occasionally shuts down for half the winter.*

Anyway, going to try Jim’s. It somehow didn’t make Glen Macnow’s Great Hamburger Hunt (which earned credibility with me the moment it placed Zac’s last), so I feel it needs some attention. Plus, it’s Trouty’s place.

*Going off memory here. Maybe I just tried three Tuesdays in a row and got really pissed off.