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Email from reader Dr. Rob:

Hey Kyle,
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? I was perusing ebay for some flyers apparel (already have your shirts!) and came across this item apparently being sold by David Sterling:

Are you kidding me??? Send me your feedback.
-Dr. Rob

Here’s my feedback, Rob M.D.: Pretty sure this is racistAlso: “Donald.”

The seller, bmullin1403, put this for sale at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night, just after Simmonds scored his hat trick. Here’s the description:

This is an EXCLUSIVE Pre-Sale for these beautiful custom Wayne Simmonds Flyers T-Shirts. Shirt design was created by me through photoshop. Order was just placed for 15 shirts and are guaranteed to be delivered by May 8th. If you purchase before that date please know your item won’t ship until the 8th. If you decide to take your chances and wait, your item will ship within 1 business day. Don’t wait and miss out as there is an extremely limited quantity available!

Cool, bro. Great decision selling a shirt that won’t ship until a week after the season is over. What kind of idiot would do that?

It wasn’t particularly difficult to find bmullin since the #PickingCornersNotCotton hashtag is populated by exactly… two… two people:

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And from there, the irony gets kind of thick, since (@bmullin1403) has sort of a thing on Twitter for defending Simmonds and P.K. Subban against racist comments. So maybe, maybe this was just an extraordinarily misguided effort to defend Simmer against online hate. But, um:


The link is here.