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My God I love station wars. There needs to be a reality show where various low-level, rank-and-file 6 ABC and NBC 10 employees sabotage facilities and operations of their City Line rivals. I just picture a WPVI producer tossing a milkshake at Glenn Schwartz* from behind bushes as Hurricane heads to his car after a particularly tough broadcast. That sort of thing would crush it in the ratings.

*How weird does it look when you call him that? No wonder why they jammed a “Hurricane” in the middle.

Anyway, Glenn getting hit with a delicious frozen treat is way more exciting than a one-sided Twitter scrum… but we’re still going to discuss it anyway.

This morning, Jillian Mele discovered that Adam Joseph had used a photo of the Schuykill River taken yesterday by her brother:

Photo credit: The Mele Family

Photo credit: The Mele Family

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Well, Adam, technically, it doesn’t matter where something is posted, the same rules and professional courtesies apply. But this is an understandable mistake– stuff gets sent all over the place online and it’s hard to pinpoint where something originated, especially when a tipster sends it in.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-02_08-58-14_AMOf course, a good NBC 10-6 ABC Twitter spat wouldn’t be complete without Bill Henley playing the role of Brick:

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Bill, where did you get a hand grenade?