Video: ESPN’s Great 30 for 30 Short on Shawn Bradley

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Another great job by ESPN on this 30 for 30 short on Shawn Bradley, who made over $70 million in his career (gah) and is now working with troubled youths in Utah. It’s a heartwarming piece, and Bradley seems like a genuinely good man. But my God does this bring back memories of an adolescence filled with mediocre sports teams and present a much more than cautionary tale about how you can really screw up a draft. Takes notes, Hinkie. TAKES NOTES!!!!!

Video after the jump.

Video here if it doesn’t play.

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31 Responses

  1. c’mon Kyle, one more shit article. they always come in threes. gotta dilute the consequences f your ac- er I mean VILE COMMENTS

      1. The only thing 7’6″ about that tramp is her vajayjay. It’s like a fuckin’ wormhole in there.

        1. The real question is if you go all the way in, do you go back in time, or just end up in pro athlete’s bath tub covered in man juice?

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      1. Has anyone seen a baby? I “dozed” on the el for a bit and woke up next to a hairy fat guy wacking his cock around to that ugly fox traffic girl. Anyways my infant is missing

  3. Remember when old man Sonny Hill said that Shawn Bradley would revolutionize the center position(LOL).

  4. There is no way they can screw this up. Two top ten picks, salary flexibility, MCW and Noel. Top that all off the East is in decline. You still have James but his supporting cast is aging. Pacers aren’t getting better. The Bulls window might be closing. Rose will return but how good is the rest of team. The Sixers actually are poised to be one of the top teams in the East from 2016-2026.

    I remember Bradley. What a disaster. Why don’t teams like the Spurs end up with stiffs like him. No they end up with Robinson and Duncan and a return to the finals for the second year in a row with 4 titles in hand.

  5. You got to hand it to we old St Joe men, Ramsay and me. We screwed up the Sixers big time. Old Jack trades Wilt and I pick this Bradley loser first. The Sixers will screw this up again. And CBS still lets Sonny Hill have two hours of air time on Sunday after he said Bradley was the best.

  6. Everybody kills the Sixers for this pick but look who went after him. Penny Hardaway, Vin Baker, and Jamal Mashburn. They had good careers but we still wouldn’t have won any championships with these guys leading the team. Chris Webber was the only franchise player in that draft and he went #1.

  7. So what is the over/under for the first “article” today? I’m thinking 9:52, as Kyle wakes up “early” to undermine our suggestions that he’s a layabout. This, of course, assumes he re-sets his iPhone alarm after feverishly masturbating to the K@cie’s traffic report and passing out.

    1. Buchanan called up to replace Lee in the rotation, Revere dropped to 8th, Rollins passing Whitey in hits during yesterday’s loss… or something barely related to Philly sports.

  8. What a dreadful period to be a sixers fan, but good for him. Watching that, I’m thinking to myself, he finally filled out, looks like he’d be much stronger now than as that lanky stringbean.

    Did anyone notice the quote from Bill Conlin, “the worst sight in Philadelphia sports”. How ironic.

  9. Tons of guys take the bait and tell the dumb traffic bimbo how beautiful she is after she posts one of her endless selfies. Or better yet, they’ll ask her to marry them.
    Who are these guys and what are they thinking? If you’re a regular guy, as I think most of here are, do you not realize that you have zero chance with her? As hard as Kyle tries, he also has zero chance with her, and he’s fairly visible in the community with his blog. I’d love to hear from one of these guys and find out what their motivation is by feeding her huge ego when you have no shot with her.

    1. My guess is, deep down, KS knows he has no shot with K to the C. He just derives a little pleasure that she actually will reply to his tweets once in a while, and the fact that, as we are all pretty sure, she reached out to him about the bashing she takes on here.

      She also pushes page hits on CB, so he has that.

      Plus, as Occupy CB pointed out, his daily rub-n-tug when she says “slow moving traffic on 95 south from Cottman to the Betsy”.

      As far as the rest of the great unwashed that tweet her, it is the same mentality that allows guys to think they can take the stripper home; that the girl on the other end of 1-800-FUCK-MEE is actually into them; and that if they are really nice to her, they will get free sex from a hooker.

      1. I’m not sure, but hasn’t Dumb Traffic Bimbo-gate gone on for longer now than the whole Riley Cooper thing did?
        Maybe it’s because we may not have agreed with Kyle’s decision to buy and post the Cooper video, but at least he was honest about what he did.
        In the Dumb Traffic Bimbo-gate video that Kyle made, if you look closely, you can see his nose grow as he speaks. I don’t think even his barking dog was buying that one.

        1. Ok my comment is being approved but here’s the jist of it: KS pulled the |<4c13 stuff because he hopes to do bigger things in Philly sports media, and he got replaced on that CSN segment by a talking silhouette penguin, so he is cleaning up his act by focusing on Nick Foles' genitals.

          1. Yeah, I did find it kind of amusing that he whined about not being invited to the Linc media tour the other day when he had just posted not one but 2 stories about Fole’s junk.

            Since this site lost alot of cred with Traffic-twat-gate, his higher aspirations may be out of reach at this point. The funny thing is, the object of his affection won’t be able to hep him because she doesn’t have any credibility beyond reading a prompter and tweeting.

  10. Hey you know what’s great about trying to read CB on your phone? Having not one, or even two, but 3 video ads trying to start up and buffer simultaneously on one page. Brilliant.

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