Well This Sounds Like a Great Strategy

Todd Zolecki:

There are no quick fixes or magic buttons to press. The Phillies simply have to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

It is not reassuring for a team with the third-highest payroll in baseball, but that is reality. The Phils enter Friday’s series opener against the Reds at Citizens Bank Park with a 17-21 record and in last place in the National League East. They have lost seven of their last nine games, which includes three shutout losses. They have been inconsistent in every facet of the game, which explains why only the 16-27 D-backs and 14-27 Astros have been outscored more than them this season.

Thanks, Rube.


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  1. I wonder how the pens fan from temple feels about these clearing house moves

  2. Amaro makes Ed Wade look good. I can understand 20,000 staying away from the ballpark. I just can’t figure why 25,000 still show up. BTW, the Phillies are padding attendance big time. I hope Comcast is happy with their long term arrangement that hasn’t even started. If I were Roberts and Cohen, I would have the best attorneys their customers can buy to break this deal. The insanity defense is a possibility. And why does CBS have them on two stations? Torture.

      1. Wade was not responsible for the actual drafting of players.

        That was Mike Arbuckle, and he drafted:

        So what did the Phillies do after Gillick packed it in? Named Rube GM, of course, and Arbuckle gave them the finger and left after 20 years in their organization.

        1. yeah anyone who tries to retroactively give no-trade wade credit for building the ’08 roster wasn’t paying attention from ’98-’05.

  3. They are not losing badly enough in my opinion. Eventually, one of their three good hitters will miss 6 weeks with an injury, or Bowa will talk shit in public and cause major locker room friction, or Papelboner will be murdered by his teammates like Julius Caesar, or J-Stroll will walk to first base and then talk about padding his franchise records, and the inevitable death tailspin will begin.

    We need a truly embarrassing season to guarantee Ruben gets kicked to the curb. The sooner it happens the better off we’ll all be. I just hope ownership finds a great replacement GM and not some clown from the inside.

    1. It’s only a matter of time before Bowa takes a bat to me. That vein in his neck is getting bigger

  4. The thing that people need to realize is how unwatchable this team is. I am a Phillies fan and have absolutely ZERO interest in turning on their game and watching them. There is nothing exciting about this team and they have no fan appeal, which is actually worse than just being bad. It is one thing to be bad but have young guys that play hard and that can do something exciting every now and then and that fans know their is a bright future ahead. It is the complete opposite with this team. Bad, old, going no where, unexciting, and no hope for the future.

    1. If I flip through and Utley is at bat or coming up I’ll watch every time. The fucking guy is hitting .343 in a lineup with less protection than Kyle would take to a Mike Trout/Johnny Football hot tub party.

    2. Lifetime Phillies fan but they will not get a fucking penny from me until that $25 million Piece of Fucking Monkey Shit STRIKEOUT MACHINE is gone.
      Fuck you Rube.

  5. Shoot baskets not bullets.
    Give peace a chance.
    We should’ve elected the lying Mormon.
    Strategize. Conquer. Repeat.
    Down with hope. Up with destruction.

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