Which Local TV Reporter Called Marlon Byrd “Dom Brown”?

Voila_Capture 2014-05-14_05-53-48_PM Voila_Capture 2014-05-14_05-53-39_PM

If only the Phillies weren’t the only local sports team that doesn’t post post-game interviews on their website, we might have video or audio of this.

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18 Responses

  1. No Phillie has earned the right to be called by their correct name this year. Only game close to selling out was bc of an opposing player.

    1. Byrd acted like a complete jackass during the interview. We’ve all started to call someone by the wrong name. Typical asshole ball player. The sense of entitlement, the arrogant answers…..what a douche!

  2. Shut your fuckin mouth cunt. And while youre at it, whipe your ass with the rest of those horrendous tj oshie shirts you fuckin traitor.

    1. You lose automatically, you turd. You spelled wipe incorrectly.


  3. Dom brown will stick his dick in anybody. Amazing he’s such a sex addict that he’s even on tinder

    1. Had to be Jeff Skeversky…One night in February on a broadcast with Rob Jennings he says “ST jOE`S Loses to {long pause} and in classic douchebag Skeversky fashion…”The other team”…Rob Jennings says “Way to clear that up Jeff”…LMAO

      1. I was going to guess Doofus Rodgers, but realized that they probably don’t ever let that clown outside the studio.

  4. It was me, genius. I demand respect. I wear a fur coat on the sidelines at Eagles games, a $30,000 Gold Rolex, a new Lexus and suits from Ventresca.

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