Your Tuesday Morning Roundup

Good morning. Today sucks for most people. That new-summer sunburn is just setting in, you may or may not be hungover, and the last thing you want to do is get a tone-deaf email from your boss who is seemingly unaware that you just spent the last three days on the beach, BBQ-ing, or destroying your liver (or a combination of all three) and you just need a few minutes.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:


Jonathan Papelbon and Howard Eskin nearly went at it on Saturday.

Everymen Jason Kelce, Connor Barwin and Riley Cooper crushed the Shore this weekend.

Josh Beckett no-hit the Phillies, who stink. [I love how Mike Schmidt, immediately after Beckett’s final out, called it a special moment for himself to be able to call a no-hitter during his “little Sunday” thing.]


Nats fan makes mother? smell his armpitsH/T to (@QCBari)

Don’t film with your iPad at concerts.

The Inquirer and Daily News are up for auction today. The rival owners will bid in a closed-door auction.

UberX drivers can make over $90k a year.

Former Phillies prospect Jonathan Singleton’s Twitter contains gay insults and weed references.

FIFA is sending takedown notices over Twitter users using the World Cup logo in their avatar. Talk about old-timey thinking.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-27_08-57-26_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-27_08-58-26_AM


Bill Murray crashed some guy’s bachelor party. Mine’s in a few weeks. Is it weird that I’d like Ryan Gosling to crash it?

Fired Mets hitting coach rips Keith Hernandez.

Cliff Lee was not cleared to throw and will likely be on the DL longer than 15 days. Great.

Keep track of how many stadiums and arenas you’ve been to.

LeBron James doesn’t bother with singles.

Johnny Manziel in Vegas.

Kate Upton.



Voila_Capture 2014-05-27_09-13-26_AM Voila_Capture 2014-05-27_09-13-35_AM

Round 1 at Westover ends on June 1. I’m playing my round on Saturday. There’s still time to sign up. If you’ve already signed up, please be sure to pay your $15 fee by the end of the first round.


20 Responses

  1. Sean Brace tired to go to an old city bar over the weekend…he was wearing his usual flat brimmed hat to the side when the dude at the door told him, no hats allowed. Brace freaked out saying it was part of “his gear” and told him to get the manager. dude at the door said, “I am the manager”. Brace said, I am on the radio, and you just lost business. The manager laughed and said go back to your frat house.

    1. Please get a video of this stuff so you can sell it to Kyle, much like the Riley Cooper video. I would love to see Sean Brace getting put in his place while acting like the clown he is.

    2. so he drove home from the beach to attempt to go to a bar in old city to go back down the shore? stu, you’re the700level of gossip mongering.

  2. I was actually right behind brace in line waiting to get in when I saw the confrontation. The version in the previous comment was exactly right. Brace was attempting to bully the guy and I heard when he was leaving say that he is going to bad mouth this establishment every chance he gets on the radio now. He looked like a total douche and is a lot fatter than I originally thought. The guy definitely has some issues.

  3. sooooo, the roundup is now a roundup of the already-unoriginal crap that got copy/pasted here already? you didn’t even mail this one in, you dropped it out the window and hoped the mailman would find it. well too bad, fucko, because guess what? [email protected]!e’s banging him, too. pretty much everyone except you, eh?

  4. Yep, I was in Old City as well and witnessed the Sean Brace mess. This dude was a total diva and acted like he was something special. AS he was leaving everyone started yelling PIE FACE. And yes, his belly is the size of of the Liberty Bell.

  5. Lol at the Pie Face story and I’m shocked there’s a dumb athlete on twitter being dumb. Cliff’s arm is going off fall off just in time for Rube to not do another fruitless trade for him.

  6. That’s some Round up today. The barking dog probably pasted it.

    The countdown is on for Douche bag Braces’s personal and professional implosion, to be quickly followed by his fall from what little relevance he has left. If he trashed the bar on the air, I hope they sue his dumb ass.

    Some dumb ass was posting under Jumkhead and myself over the weekend. Pick your OWN handle and stick with it on here please. Hijacking other handles just makes you an asshole.

    Hijacking threads to rip Kaygate is, however, hilarious.

    FOX29 Twitter Whore Traffic Twat.

    1. that dbag does not approve of hijacking threads for anything. please stick to only the topic that KS has posted.

      1. No.

        You do realize that you posted this on a comment section that has been taken over by Brace stories, which have nothing to do with a week ass round up. Almost every item in the round up has been commented on already in their original post.

        This is what this site has become,and he has no one to blame but himself.

        1. I know man, I think you misunderstood. Koy demter’s face beard (or whateverhis name was) called people out a few posts back for talking about juile dorenbos.

          1. Was making a stupid joke. could have been clearer. Ma b’ Yo. I love talking about Brace and K to the C

          2. I hate this phrase, but it is the only one I can think of that applies here…

            My Bad, Dude

  7. I am wondering when CC is going to do a story on this out of control radio host from 97.5, PieFace Brace. This is at least the 5th story that I heard and I have personally witnessed his actions at Pitchers Pub on numerous occasions. He loves to tell people how successful he is and how he can destroy their reputations if he wanted to. He then goes on the air and tells everybody how righteous he is and that he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. Yet at these bars he is throwing around one curse word after the next and threatening people. Somebody has to stop this fat obnoxious loser now and I am asking that Crossing Broad do it.

    1. Apparently, Brace has promised to play a round in the CB golf tourney. If so, you have ZERO shot at any negative story about him. If Kyle nuts up and does some leg work and runs one, I will be the first to publicly apologize.

      1. It seems like the stories about Brace being a douchebag in public are mounting.
        So why don’t we see a post with some of these first hand accounts of his douchebaggery?
        Every time Eskin does something stupid it gets a post.
        Oh yeah, that’s right. Brace is nice to Kyle, and he’s playing in his golf tournament. So I guess we have as much chance of seeing a post about Brace as we do about hearing the truth about the dumb traffic bitch.
        Way to be objective.

        1. I think its clear as to what Is going on here. Since no one would want to be actual freinds with pieface, KS and SB are having a dudelaxbro-wigger gay love affair.Only logical way to go.

    2. Pieface seems like the kind of dude who shows up on Catfish either as the guy who got duped into thinking a hot woman was actually interested in him or the guy pretending to be the hot woman.

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