UPDATE: 97.5 Says Tony Bruno Has Resigned From Station

Bit of news here. This is a terse statement just sent out by 97.5 and Greater Media:

“Tony Bruno has chosen to resign his position at 97.5 The Fanatic. We thank him for his contributions and wish him well.”

Tony wasn’t on the air this week and, as I tweeted, that was due to contract negotiations with 97.5. Bruno’s contract was set to expire at the end of August. He’s now a free agent, one who has worked both locally – on WIP and 97.5 – and of course nationally. There will likely be offers, but it’s unclear if WIP, which has a couple of major contracts set to expire at the end of the year, has any interest.

Harry Mayes and fill-in co-hosts are the immediate plan for Bruno and Mayes’ time slot.

UPDATE: Bruno has posted a statement on his Facebook page:

Very disappointed my highly successful partnership with 97.5 The Fanatic is not going to continue long term beyond Sept 5th of this year. I chose to use accrued vacation time while my agent attempted to seek a resolution, but it became quickly apparent that wasn’t going to happen. Since moving back to my hometown in 2011, I have rejected numerous overtures from major markets and national networks because of my commitment to building the mid-days at 975 and staying in Philly. The steady growth even led to hopes of an expanded presence, but that too never materialized. I want to thank all my loyal friends, fans, younger newcomers and faithful advertisers for helping my show achieve ratings success thought to be impossible just a few short years ago. I also want to thank Harry Mayes and Joe Younes for making the 10-12 show fun radio. As always, I will remain active on social media and look forward to bringing the alacrity, tom foolery and hijinks back to the radio in the near future.

Well said.


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  1. Wow. That blows… Show is hilarious. I’m sure his fiery Italian temper got the better of him

    1. 97.5 management gave that bald-headed perv the Glenn Macnow treatment.

      Nothing spells cool like a 62yr old borderline pedophile trying to sound hip and with the times like Bruno.


  2. What a shame. Yet somehow those 2 idiots Marks & Brace still have a show.

    1. did you come in your pants again this morning between 4am and 10am? don’t worry, mom will come to the basement and clean you up.

        1. dude, you are seriously that scared of girls to use that user name? I’d assume you were that vomiting guy, but he is deservedly dead.

    1. Bullshit Bruno is horrible.

      Thank goodness his pervert act is finished,and hopefully they will bring back Baldy.

      1. Your a total Clown Jobba, Baldy knows nothing about any sport but football.
        Tony Bruno is the best entertainment on Sports Radio.
        Who doesn’t like perverted talk, ya Virgin.

      1. I agree Barkin and Reese are the two worst radio hosts on the air. Their show is terrible. Reese has got to stop sniffing the jocks and remember at best he was a marginal special teams hanger on.

  3. What up Brunos? What up Mayes and Younes’s? Bruno and Mayes had a great show, the best on the station. Now what. Maybe Mikey Miss will take a pay cut to help out the team. Just don’t add any time to Marks and Brace, they’re horrible yo!

  4. 97.5 probably doesn’t want to pay Bruno and know they can replace him with more of Brace and Marks, who suck, and pay them next to nothing because they are more interested in being on the radio because they think that makes them celebrities than actually earning a decent income and having self-respect and dignity.

    1. This. Do Marks and Brace do well in the ratings? I just can’t imagine that people like their schtick.

    2. WIP has nearly double the ratings of 97.5….probably because you need to be within 3 blocks to actually pick up 97.5….

      1. Maybe if you got rid of that 1985 Sony Walkman, you would be able to pick up 97.5. I never had a problem receiving their signal. Tell ya what, when your mom is done cleaning my bed, I’ll send her out to get you a real radio. Maybe someday you’ll even be able to figure out internet streaming.

        1. Sorry my walkman doesn’t pick up your gay porn channels. Butt enjoy those by yourself.

          1. Funny. You’ve clearly tried to listen to it because you bitch about the weak signal. But now it’s gay porn. Shows where your head is at. By the way, has anyone every told you you have the maturity of a 12 year old? Does mommy know you’re on the computer in the basement again or is she too busy jerking off eskin and cataldi?

      2. 60+ miles north of Philly and I get 97.5 clear as a bell. WIP, on the other hand, comes with static and more static.

  5. got to be kidding me. only good show on 97.5 is Bruno & mayes

    1. Not Willie Mayes! Who, of course, was one of the greatest of all time….

      ::runs out of shit to say::


      After the break, we’ll get down to da bizness with Jose from Norristown with his equally annoying schtick, then crossover with Special Olympians Jon Marks and Sean Brace! Only on 975 the Fanatic!

  6. This sucks. The fanatic makes such bone head mistakes with their talent. How Bruno had to slum it in the morning and not have the lunch time show still blows my mind. The fanatic is more interesting in developing John and Sean who bring nothing to the table.

  7. We no longer have to hear Bruno with those tired line drops,fake laughter and more importantly we no longer have to stomach that stupid what up Wednesday with the illegal immigrant Jose from Norristown(via Mexico).

    Just don’t replace Bruno with that idiot Phil from Mt Airy,he’s terrible.

    1. Exactly man; so tired his lame ass sound drops that are replayed 100x every show, his lame cackling at every lame joke HE makes himself, & his stupid references that you can tell he doesn’t even understand because he’s trying to sound young & hip.
      Give me a break with this dude already. HE’S NOT FUNNY.
      Please God let Marks & Brace be next on the firing line. Please please please God hear my prayer.

  8. Bruno always does this when he gets a taste of national air time . Maybe his boyfriend Olberdick can hire him to wipe his glasses and update his teleprompter Bruno brings nothing to the table except his antiNBA rants and drops. Get Out

  9. Harry Mayes dancing in the streets to Pharrell’s “Happy”,since he no longer has to tolerate the immature nonsense from Bruno on a daily basis.

    Somewhere in a dark,damp,dingy Norristown basement,Jose is crying uncontrollably knowing that he will go back to being the fat unemployed insignificant slob from Norristown,that nobody gives a flying fuck about(LOL).

    1. Yeah, what he said. I can’t wait to be sent back to Mayes to Midnight. I love having to stay up all day and work one hour when nobody is listening.

    2. Wow.. some of the comments on here are ridiculous. These guys are working for a living. If you don’t enjoy a show, don’t listen to it. I wouldn’t watch a tv show that I didn’t like. There are other options to listen to (even though I don’t really like WIP). Better yet, get satellite radio, or talk with friends about sports. Some of you must have some serious problems in your life if you are this hateful and immature. What if a bunch of people created a facebook page named “We Hate (……)”, and talked shit about you? Get a life. Whether you enjoyed Bruno’s show is irrelevant. I personally didn’t enjoy it much, but I’d sure rather listen to him over a handful of other hosts broadcasting in Philly. And these guys calling Jose from Norristown a “fat unemployed insignificant slob”, “that nobody gives a flying fuck about”. And “illegal immigrant via Mexico”. SMH. I feel very sorry if you are over the age of 8. Which if you listen to sports radio, I’d hope so. No wonder Philly fans get such a bad rap. That’s some of the most hateful, obnoxious, insecure comments I’ve ever heard. What the hell has Tony Bruno, Jose from Norristown, or ANY OTHER radio host ever done to you personally? You can agree or disagree with someone, and like or dislike anyone you choose. But showing this kind of viscous hate shows there is something VERY wrong with all of you. Go smoke weed, go to the gym, walk around the city. Cause you obviously spend too much time alone. Either that or something terrible happened to you as a child that most likely scarred you for life. I can’t think of any other reason someone could be such a scumbag. I’d love to see any of you talking like this to post any of these comments on your real facebook. Internet anonymity creates the biggest keyboard warriors. Get a life.

  10. WIP need to snag him and put that no-signal-having, espn-affiliate-pos 97.5 out of business.

  11. ^^^^^^ I wonder if he said this on his way out

  12. Thats right ladies. Guess who is getting a bigget time slot. Thats right….ur’s truly.

    Where u at now haters….keep on hatin cause Brace is takin over bitches.

    Holla back ya’ll

    1. I would skull f*ck you while using your skull shaver thing you promote.

    2. Scary thing is, this actually might be Brace…although I think they took internet privileges away from him at the station since he got caught on that lemonparty site. So he might be at the Andorra library.

      1. I don’t know about his lemonparty issue, but would love to hear about it.

    1. What the fuck are you talking about? Zero minus zero still equals zero. Admit that.

      1. really dope, if Bruno and Mayes aren’t good, who do you like on 97.5? besides Mikey Miss, everyone else sucks.

      2. sinisalo is an annoying twat, like most dudes with heartfelt opinions on sports radio hosts

  13. Tony has been very stressed lately and is suffering from having a small unit.

  14. Sean Brace fucking blows, I’ll never listen to that wigger for more than 10 seconds

  15. Who are the “major contracts” at WIP that are up at the end of the year?

    The only two shows I can listen to are the WIP Morning Show & Mikey Miss on the ride home.

    1. You can actually listen to the WIP morning show? Angelo’s voice is death.

      1. TAKE IT EASY BOOOOO! Tha Cuz ain’t going NO WHEEEEERE BROTHA! I run this town! Just ask lil Robbie the E! He’ll tell you (if he knows what’s good for him)

      2. Couldn’t agree more, and you’re talking about us! I suck.

    2. Angelo I know for sure. Don’t know who else. Hopefully Angelo doesn’t decided to re-sign. I wonder if John Kincade will take his place.

  16. I know no one gives a shit about soccer, and I only care about it for 2-3 weeks every fours years, but the US just advanced out of a group that no one thought they’d even win a game in. C’mon Kyle, at least put up a headline and a sentence about it!

    1. Dude, you soccer fraudnatics are ridiculous. After they get their ass handed to them on Tuesday there won’t be a single person considering talking about soccer for the next 3 years, 11 months and 2 weeks.

  17. How is it possible that Bruno is no longer on the air and Fucking Moron Sean Brace with no intelligence or athletic ability(check the videos of him shooting hoops and kicking Field Goals) has a show and Bruno is off the air? Oh yeah the same goes for Mike & Ike, and Anthony Garblemouth.

  18. Me thinks Bruno has delusions of grandeur as he’s quit in a huff at ESPN radio, Fox Sports Radio, Sporting News radio and now 97.5 when his needs aren’t being met. No wonder him and Olbermann are such good friends. Oh well, now he has more time to stalk Sheena Parveen.

  19. Hilarious! You all are a regular bunch of comedians. I’m DONE with this stupid fucking site.

  20. This is 100% TB’s decision no way 975 wanted to lose him. Did anyone hear how painful it was listening to that Bore-ass Nick Kayal with Harry? SHEEEESH.

  21. I`ll be FIRED soon, So WIP can put Bruno on in my place…But they really need to replace “The Fellas” you know Gargano with his fake i`m from South Philly “are you 4 for 4 ” hey let`s see if my cousin Boo can drink you under the table and i can get some friggin Primo`s hoagie`s and maybe later go down to that friggin corrupt Chickie and Pete`s see my boy Pete…YO PETE..IT`S THE CUZ..HOOK A BOY UP..And then there`s Robbie the E..so friggin boring he puts himself to sleep, his only buddy is Murray from Mayfair and that stupid oldman wants to talk Dodgers in a Phillies town..he`s not a “4 for 4 guy” that`s a violation!!! FUCK!!! HIRE BRUNO FAST, FIRE BARKANN TOO!

    1. Totally agree. This loser from Houston doesn’t belong here. I could see WIP dumping him for Bruno. I just don’t think Bruno wants to work those hours and do Phillies pre-game shows.

  22. If fucking Jason Myrtetus gets Bruno’s spot, 97.5 becomes probably the biggest joke of a station there will ever be. And don’t get me started on the walking sleeping pill, Kayal (with his stupid logo), and DeCamera sucks too, he literally refuses to take a side on ANY topic. He brings up a topic says a whole bunch of bs then says “idk” how I feel, but no matter what the caller says he’s wrong. The Fanatic is going under they have no to replace Bruno with.

    And dont’t get me started on that babbling idiots Phil and Lombardo, I’ve had more logical sports conversations with cracks heads in North Philly.

    1. Is there a bigger lapdog than Myrtetus. I guess Mike gives him homework assignments to watch every episode of Seinfeld, The Wire and The Sopranos and movies Goodfellas, Roadhouse. And then he got Jason to listen to ever Alt band in existence. He probably has to take pop quizzes and complete written essays to keep his job. Unless you agree with everything Mike says and like what he likes you can’t keep your job. Mike rewards Myrtetus with doggie treats and walks him after his shift.

    2. Seanjohn Brace and I must have compromising photos of the 975 management team.

  23. I think it also has something to do with not being able to meet a new contract with a salary increase. 97.5’s ratings are half of WIP, and have stayed the same all year (where WIP shows an increase over that time). They spent money to get the broadcast rights to the 2 teams that didn’t lend themselves well to radio, so they may be hurting.

    1. They have to get rid of Marks & Brace. I don’t know 1 person who likes their nonsense even a little bit.

  24. Now that there is no more Bruno what am I going to do with all these parody accounts I created for the show to drum up fake interest?

  25. Isn’t funny how once a personality is gone from a radio station he can never be mentioned or acknowledged. The scrub his name clean like in the book 1984.

    1. WOW, they just deleted me from existence. Erased me from their webpage. Is Wigger Brace if I took all my drops with me? That numbnutz doesn’t have an original thought in his puny wanna-be bald head.

  26. Bruno is a complete douche, he needs a punch in the jugular. He thinks he is big shit, but he is a Loser!!

  27. Later you unfunny, bald guido. Now how much longer does that wigger scumbag Brace have on the air? Time to clean house

    1. Dude, Bruno is radio royalty. That’s like talking shit on Tony Soprano. Your begging for a replacement? Watch who they get, it’ll be some wack retard you bitch about even more. Only Tony B could make the last 6 months of sports purgatory somewhat entertaining.

  28. The only reason Josh Innes has a job is because his dad was the voice of scooby doo.

  29. I just want to punch Brace in the face. I HATE that fucking wanna-be.

  30. Bruno sucked, no big loss. Now let’s keep the momentum going, send that bald, talentless wigger Brace back to being a busboy or whatever the hell he does at pitchers pub

      1. Holiday special, $2.50 Bud Lites and $3 blow jobs all weekend long! Use the promo code “WIGGER975” at the men’s room door for admittance.

  31. I am wondering who would pick him up. He has been everywhere and was let go from IP.

      1. Hate that New York wonk and his stupid voice. Go back to NEW YAWK ANGE, you talentless fraud!

  32. Sounds like Bruno was trying to extend his show to a 6-10 gig and get the morning drive. I can only assume Mike and Mike is easy money for the station and there was no way Bruno and Mayes would get that type of rating. Now here is the real question, what happens to Mayes? Is it going to be back to “Mayes to Midnight” until his contract is up?

    1. There is no way I wanted a show longer than 2 hours a day. Did you ever listen to me? More cashola? Yes, I’ll take it

  33. It’s a shame Nahagian honestly thinks that Jon and Sean have talent and will probably fill the slot with Jon & Sean going 10-2. He doesn’t know how valuable Bruno was as a host/asset to that station and he will certainly pay for not bringing him back. Fuck 97.5 now yo.

  34. I actually like Marks when he was Missanelli’s producer. Kid worked like 80 hours a week….lol

  35. With Bruno’s statement, that’s the most I’ve seen come out of him in one sitting without having to hit a sound bite from a movie or TV show. He was good when he first started on 97.5, but then his schtick got annoying and too much formula.

  36. 975 management is hitting the NE Extension this weekend to mine more ‘talent’ from the Lehigh Valley and Scranton.

  37. Bruno was shot he always fucked up names an shit but he did hate mike miss that meatsmoker

  38. Well, there goes listening to The Fan for me…except for Missanelli. Everyone else is a bore — boring “lack of personalities” from mediocre Connecticut School of Broadcasting. No Phil from Mt. Airy, no Bruno? What a waste of talent. Missanelli goes and that radio station is as good as dead to me and many others. Sorry that Harry Mayes career will now suffer. He’s okay but only with Bruno by his side.

  39. All Star Dream Team lineup:
    6-10 Mike & Mike.
    10-2 John Kincade.
    2-6 Mike Missanelli.
    6-10 Macnow & Diddenger.
    10-2 Jody MacDonald.
    2-6 Big Daddy Graham.

    1. That’s your dream line up? You need to.listen ton more shows. They all suck balls except for Mike and Mike, Didinger, and Jody Mac.

    2. Macnow is a talentless hack but at least he isn’t the Cuz. Yo bo! Yo bo! Yo bow! How much can I blow yo fo bo? Can we watch gay porn on my slingbox while I blow yo bo?

      Mike & Mike are okay but too commercial

      Missanelli needs to get punched in the face every time he mentions the Sopranos or Seinfeld or attempts to speak whatever the hell that is that he tries to pass of as Eye-tail-yan. Everyone knows Italians speak like they have a mouth full of testicles anyway though, just listen to Sal “Our Gal” Palantonio

      Jody Mac was good back in the day

      Big Daddy sucks so much cock that he wheezes through his shows.

      Good dream team you got there…

  40. I thought the best radio was when he joined wip. He started in the traffic helicopter and then worked in studio with Angelo… I remember the time Angelo had him leave the studio to cut branches off a city tree that was blocking Angelo’s view. Funny stuff. He delivered the sound effects. After he left the show suffered. You have to blame clueless management for lack of creativity. They should be fired.

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