After Team Meeting, Phillies Get Destroyed By Nationals

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Phillies leaders were full of hot air yesterday, telling anyone and everyone who would listen that it was time to turn things around. Ruben Amaro was on WIP. Larry Bowa was on 97.5. And Ryne Sandberg shouted at his players and then told the media about it. All that talking… and there was little walking (literally).

Here’s the box score from the game:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-04_08-51-21_AM

The Phillies’ pitchers were David Buchanan and Ethan Martin.

After the game, Marlon Byrd explained what the Phils need to do to turn things around:

“A lack of focus? No,” Byrd said. “[Not] being prepared? No. Executing? I think that shows. We haven’t. There’s three key ingredients I’ve said over and over again — pitching and defense and timely hitting. If you don’t get those, you don’t win. You have two you can lose. You have one you’re definitely going to lose. You have none you’re going to get blown out. We have to figure out how to put all three together.”

This basically echoes Ruben Amaro’s prescription. But the problem is that, for years now, the Phillies have relied upon abstract concepts such as execution and timely hitting rather than more tangible qualities like having good players and… a bench. I’ve come around on sabermetrics. The SABR nerds called the Phillies’ downfall four years ago, when the Phils were still the best team in baseball. You can cross all the fingers you want for timely hitting, but everything evens out in the end, and when you count on players like Ryan Howard, Domonic Brown and Ben Revere, all of whom have terrible on-base percentages, you aren’t going to be too successful.

What’s worse is that Amaro has rounded out the roster with absolute garbage: Wil Nieves, Cesar Hernandez, Freddy Galvis, Jayson Nix, Reid Brignac– all terrible. These are the batting averages, on-base percentages, slugging percentages and OPSsssss of the Phillies’ bench players:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-04_08-47-05_AM

The best of the bunch is John Mayberry Jr. (second one), and he’s batting .240. It doesn’t matter who the rest of them are, because they all stink. And when you have players like this, those timely hits will be few and far between.

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21 Responses

  1. Revere fucking sucks. A good GM would have been able to foist a young pitching “prospect” like Vance Worley onto a clueless neophyte for something more than a no-tool player like Revere.

    But then again, we have the incompetent Amaro, masquerading as a GM, but who in reality is better-suited to his old job as bat boy.

  2. How many times do they need to be shut out before they fire the hitting coach? I know most of the fault lies on the players, but christ, at least make some kind of statement and fire someone.

    1. I wonder why Wally Joyner left. He seemed to have a positive effect on Dominick Brown. I am not impressed with Henderson at all.

  3. Your last statement pretty much sums it up.

    How in the world is this team supposed to win games when 3 or 4 of the position players in the lineup are hitting around .170???

    Revere? Does he ever walk? Gwynn, Brignac, Hernandez? These are not major league players. None of them would even be on the big league roster for a playoff caliber team. None. But they’re starting for the Phillies? How in the world is this acceptable?

    And I don’t care what he’s hitting right now – they should bring Franco up to play 3rd while Asche is hurt.

  4. How perfect is it that RAJ sent down Ruf to get more ABs and he goes out and breaks his wrist diving for a ball last night? Dom ain’t going anywhere. God I hate this team

    1. Oh no! There goes our best 28 year old rookie!!!!

      Phillies Trivia: name the last 3 outfielders considered “above average players” produced by the Phillies farm system. It’s harder than you think.

      1. I will play:

        Michael Bourn – traded for Lidge, would have been a TERRIBLE trade had the Phillies not won it all in 2008

        Shane Victorino – a stretch considering he was a Rule 5 give-away

        Pat Burrell – also slept with Kyle’s wife

        That’s all I got.

  5. Anyone see Jonathan Singleton homer in his debut last night? Sure would be nice to have that guy right now. How does a GM trade his #1 hitting prospect AND his #1 pitching prospect (and others) in a trade? Any other GM with some competent grasp of what it means to do that job would offer either or, but not both. “You get one or the other, any other pieces, but I’m not giving you my #1 hitting and pitching prospects.” Nope, Ruben got totally raped in that trade. Both Singleton and Cosart could be with this team right now in place of some of the other stiffs on this team.

  6. I was in a Barnes & Noble yesterday and browsed through the 2014 Baseball Prospectus. The pages about the Phillies nailed exactly how their downward slide would continue in 2014. They predicted it last year and this year’s edition accurately states how the mess would progress.

    What is really disturbing is that the book points out that the Phillies are one of the last teams in baseball to hold-out against using advanced statistics and analysis to measure performance and value. The book is great and even the individual assessment of specific players is on target.

    1. “Advanced statististics” is a scary word to many people who don’t bother to learn that they are just facts on player quality / ability. Stats are there to use and to ignore another tool to make your team better is the definition of ignorance.

  7. I hate how Ben Davis on WIP in the morning defends this team and doesn’t let anyone say anything bad about them. He always tries to stop Angelo from saying anything negative about the Phillies. Ben sucks as much as the Phillies do.

    1. If anyone gave a shit what Ben Davis had to say he wouldn’t be on with Angelo or local CSN.

      1. Ben Davis is an asshole and a real snoozefest too. Bring back Ricky Bottalico. No one in their right mind would be defending this mess.

  8. Even my actual (as opposed to virtual) Son’s little league team understands the basic principle that to score runs, you MUST get on base to do so. It’s quite simple really to have your leadoff guys with good OBP skills up first so if they get on base a single or double will get you home for a run. More chances on base equals more chances to score. Amaro has consistently gone after guys with terrible OBP. He means well I’m sure but man he seems to lack some basic acumen on baseball and probably shouldn’t be where he is right now.

  9. Why the complaining? The Phanatic has never been funnier and you’re getting your tickets at 25 cents on the dollar. (Sarcasm off). Anyone that does attend games watching this garbage is senile.

  10. The window was open from 09-11 until we lost a very winnable series against the Cardinals. This is what the trade off is to trading the farm for expensive trade deadline talent to get “over the hump”. It’s inevitable, but RAJ ‘s move seem to have given up too much in hindsight.

    The Bryd and Burnett signings have actually worked out better than expected but the piece tag for Burnett is outrageous and does not warrant that sort of money. His intentions are obviously good, but his negotiating skills are what is really setting back the team. Oh, and the players like Brown who do not live up to the hype.

    It’s sad to see but the recipe for success in 08 was based out of the core of homegrown farm players. Sure you need timely free agent/deadline pieces, but not when it’s worth setting back the franchise 3-5 years. People forget how lucky it is to get catch diamonds in the Rough like Victorino off a rule 5 and Werth who was injury prone and unproductive before Philly.

    So yeah it’s really easy to be negative and shit on RAJ and it is his fault ultimately. But a lot else goes into it and we’ve been spoiled with the mid 2000-current growth that has given the Phillies the expanded financial capabilities, which we blunder with inflated contracts i.e Howard, Papelbon, Burnett, etc. So yes a more skilled GM is needed but the whole farm system needs to be of retooled. As of now we look forward to Franco and Biddle.

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