And Now, Here’s Video of Roy Halladay Flying a Plane

The video above, of Roy Halladay flying a plane better than I’ll ever be able to, was filmed by a GoPro hanging on the wing. It’s silent and actually pretty soothing, until my fear of flying takes over. But somehow, while I’m terrified on flights and don’t trust pilots with decades of experience, I trust Roy Halladay.

Also, I prefer my pilots to be kinda bad at using Twitter, just like Roy Halladay.

h/t Zoo with Roy

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15 Responses

  1. Hey guys –

    Kyle and I would *really* appreciate if everyone went to Google, searched for “Kyle Laskowski Wedding Registry” and then followed the link to our registry site! It turns out we’ve come up a little short on our requests (with one week to go!) and could use some help! I realllly want that new bread oven and Kyle has been itching for the 12-piece ornate dish set.

    We would love to see the CB readers (you!) give back to Philly’s hardest working sports couple!

    Thanks guys!

    Ms. CB 😉

  2. Hey Jim, you seem like a nice guy, but this is turning into a real clusterfuck.
    Why don’t you just shut it down and start fresh in the morning. We’ll just chalk it up to a bad day.

  3. Someone said Halladay was starting a restaurant downtown called Blue Waffles. I googled it and the designs look really good.

    1. This is actually better than any stories posted today.

      I wish everyone who Googled this then threw up would fess up to it here.

  4. Jim, you want to show the commenters that you have substance? Make a statement: While Kyle is away, change the blog back to how it was (without the lame oversized header). Otherwise, the commenters are right – you are just a cut-and-paste lapdog for Kyle.

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