Granted, he’s being defended by a six-foot white guy with a receding hairline… but still, mmm. It’s like watching one of those Playboy YouTube videos that contains no nudity but you know it’s there. Know it exists. Know it’s only a Google search or trade-up-on-draft-night away.

Meanwhile, the Sixers have been given access to Joel Embiid’s medical records, which I can only assume are written on elephant hide. So they’re probably going to draft another big man with an alarming injury history. But Wiggins needs to happen. Wiggins and LeBron and Melo this summer– then I’ll be happy.

And no, Wiggins isn’t a suspect in that stabbing.

Side note: Why is it only basketball players who have mixtapes? How cool would a hockey mixtape be with a frighteningly pale 17-year-old Eastern Bloc forward skating through pylons to Du hast? I want to see that.

H/T to reader Paul