As Rollins Closes In On Phillies’ Hits Record, Let’s Revisit His HS Senior Scouting Report


It’s been out there before, but as Jimmy Rollins closes in on Mike Schmidt’s Phillies all-time hits mark of 2,234 — he’s four shy — let’s take a brief look at J-Roll™’s 1996 scouting report from two Chicago White Sox scouts.

Busted Coverage has them both, but here are some key selections:

  • “Good looking kid who comes to play every day …
  • Should but more [we assume this is a typo and means “bunt” in which case STILL TRUE] …
  • Arm is going to be fringe from SS, if moved to 2nd you would like to see a little more power …
  • Selective and patient”

“Selective and patient” took 18 years to become accurate, but hey, better late than never, right? You can see both full scouting reports after the jump.

via Philebrity, where the exact words above would have appeared if this happened last week




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  1. 4 hits away from J-Stroll shutting it down for the rest of the season…

    1. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to bench him starting tomorrow, to take a look at prospects for next year.

      (Payback is a bitch, J-Stroll!)

  2. I like that second page. Under weaknesses: “Thinks he has some power.”


  3. Being a man that knows a thing or two about a thing or two, I also scouted said boy.

    1) Black

  4. These guys were way off on assessment of fielding and power. Luckily the Phillies didn’t make the same mistake.

    By the way, Rollins is 9th all time in Phillies home runs, 1st in doubles and 3rd in triples…yeah, I’d say he has some power dumbasses. Also 2nd in stolen bases, 6th in walks, 8th in RBI, 3rd in runs, 2nd most total bases, 2nd most extra base hits and 2nd in games played.

    All that for a franchise that’s 131 years old. Oh, and he’s got 4 gold gloves at SHORTSTOP, an MVP and was the team leader on the WFC.

    Yup, he sucks.

      1. Another genius steps up to the plate. He must have sucked pretty hard in 2010 (though Jimmy did struggle with some injuries that year) and 2011 as the Phillies had the best record in baseball both years. Oh, and in 2012 when all the other pieces fell apart and he had to sack up and lead the team in homers and win another gold glove. Also sucked then. 2013 was a down year, but he’s bounced back strong.

        I swear to christ, sometimes I think I’m the only fan of this team that isn’t a front running, mouth breathing sack of shit like you.

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