It’s been out there before, but as Jimmy Rollins closes in on Mike Schmidt’s Phillies all-time hits mark of 2,234 — he’s four shy — let’s take a brief look at J-Roll™’s 1996 scouting report from two Chicago White Sox scouts.

Busted Coverage has them both, but here are some key selections:

  • “Good looking kid who comes to play every day …
  • Should but more [we assume this is a typo and means “bunt” in which case STILL TRUE] …
  • Arm is going to be fringe from SS, if moved to 2nd you would like to see a little more power …
  • Selective and patient”

“Selective and patient” took 18 years to become accurate, but hey, better late than never, right? You can see both full scouting reports after the jump.

via Philebrity, where the exact words above would have appeared if this happened last week