CBS Sports Calls Nick Foles the Eagles’ Most Overrated Player, Boykin the Most Underrated


More specifically Pete Prisco, Senior NFL Columnist: In his annual column where he names the most overrated and underrated player on each team, Prisco named Nick Foles as the Eagles’ most overrated and Brandon Boykin the most underrated. On Foles, he said:

“Let’s slow the train down some, OK. He did some good things last season, but you’d think he was a star already. It takes time. Let’s see him do it again. Not saying he can’t, but let’s see it again.”

I don’t know if I’d call that “overrated,” but he’s right if a little condescending. While I fully believe in Foles and think he will have another great year, he didn’t play a full season last year, and I guess you can’t properly call someone one of the league’s best QBs when they haven’t started a full year. Whatever.

When it comes to Boykin, Prisco said:

” Who? He doesn’t start, but as the nickel corner he is a key to their defense. Boykin doesn’t have the size to be a full­-time starter outside, but he is plenty good on the inside.”

I’m sorry Prisco, that “Who?” should be reserved for Walter Thurmond only. But really, all of this should probably be ignored since Prisco named Tony Romo the league’s 2nd most underrated player.


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  1. How about a story explaning what’s going on with Phillies top pitching prospect Jesse Biddle.
    Dude had a meltdown? And apparently has been placed on the inactive list?
    Can you enlighten us, Jim?

    1. You expect Kyle or Jim to actually do some reporting and find a story on their own? Never gonna happen. Now, if Jesse Biddle directly tweets about what is wrong with him, Jim will be sure to cut and paste that story four days later.

  2. Overrated? He was ranked 70th best player in the NFL by his peers after being the best QB in 2013. I don’t consider that as overrated in any way, shape, or form. If anything he’s underrated for it being his first real shot at the starting QB role. Furthermore, It seems to me that most talking heads, while acknowledging his record setting season are also reserved when it comes to ranking Foles due to the same reason. It was one hell of a season, but still only one season. A one sided strawman argument as an article is pretty lame if you ask me.

    1. Look, I know Foles had an unreal rating and a legendary TD-INT ratio, but he was NOT the best QB in 2013. I can’t believe anyone can say that with a straight face. Any other year, maybe. But Peyton Manning had probably the best season by a QB, ever. Foles’ season was not better than Peyton’s. You can’t make a competent argument otherwise without dripping of homerism.

      And Foles IS overrated coming into this season. Yeah, he threw 2 INTs. How many more should have been INTs that were in the defender’s hands and dropped? 5? 6? More? That would make his numbers look a lot more realistic. I know it’s not real life, but it gives an indication of what people think of Foles; for fantasy purposes, he’s currently the 6th-rated QB. Ahead of guys like Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. Is it possible he is better than all those guys by year’s end? Yeah. Is it likely? I don’t know how anyone can definitively say that with such a small sample size.

      1. You make a very valid point about Peyton, but man how many times can I repeat about the small sample size? Really, you can pick stats that favor either, it all depends on which ones you look at. Myself, I think stats which tell what a QB did himself tell more than your traditional yards gained stats. Completion% Int% tell more about a QB than any imo, I’m sure that’s why they’re weighed so heavily for ratings. They have the most weight in other words when it comes to rankings.

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