Dario Saric is Also Quotable, Knows “Everything About Philadelphia” from PS4

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In all of the draft hubbub and big dick nonsense, I totally missed Dario Saric’s post-draft press conference, where Saric — who honestly sounds like a comedian imitating a bad Russian accent — said this of Philadelphia:

“Hi. My name is Dario Saric. My English is not so very well. I am happy because I feel they choose me the right way, and I’m happy because I will play with teammates like Michael Carter‑Williams, he’s Rookie of the Year, Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel is a great player, and I have pleasure because I’ll play with them.”

And then, when asked is he has any experience watching the Sixers, Saric said:

“Yeah, I know everything about the Sixers, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, and I love the team. I know it’s like fifth town in the USA, and I know everything about Philadelphia. Philadelphia, again, they are like most faster team in the NBA right now.

I really want to come here in Philadelphia to put my game on that team after two years.”

We definitely can’t put what Embiid said on a t-shirt, but maybe “It’s Like Fifth Town in the USA” can be the new official tourism slogan for Philly. And finally, when asked more about how he knew about the Sixers, Saric said:

“I learned so much like things like we have‑‑ like you have in America newspaper, Google, internet, things like that. We share NBA, my friends and I, we love so much to playing PlayStation 4 and NBA, and we know so much about Philadelphia, Iguodala, and so much guys from Philadelphia. I know everything.”

Quick, somebody has to get him an updated NBA video game. Jokes aside, I really like this guy, and can’t wait to see him on the court … in 2016. Shit.

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  1. Ok, between the Dick article and this, just put up the “Closed” sign and pack it in for the week-end.

    It will be for the good of all.

  2. Let’s put him in left field for two seasons because why the fuck not at this point?

  3. This is the quote for a shirt: “I really want to come here in Philadelphia to put my game on that team after two years.”

  4. There may or may not be another draft for another professional sports league starting in less than one hour.

  5. Tom McCarthy caught a home run ball tonight, how do you douche nozzles not have a story up about it yet?

      1. What the hell are you “not me’ing” this for.

        It’s pretty clearly not you.

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