ticket chart

With all of this talk of bandwagon (and just bad) Phillies fans, it’s worth mentioning that while the Phillies’ on-field product may not be the greatest, I like to believe the Phils have more to offer when it comes to watching games live, since CBP is one of the better ballparks in the nation (in my completely biased opinion). Then again, the same can be said about Wrigley Field (but not Citi Field at all, go away Mets), so the table above showing average secondary market ticket price in correlation to win percentage may be a little off. But as always, as long as we’re above the Mets and Cubs, I’m alright.

In addition to that table above, Forbes took a look at the secondary market in the NL East (with slightly different numbers) before the Phils tacked on another win to make it four straight:

“The Philadelphia Phillies have the worst run differential in the division at -28. They’re also only a game up on the last place Mets, though they haven’t looked very good so far this season. The run on the Phillies schedule recently is largely what has helped them escape the basement. They are fresh off a sweep of the Braves, and have won seven of their last nine games. Phillies tickets are just a bit cheaper than the Mets, averaging $85.26 for the season.”

So you might not be getting the most bang for your buck, but maybe Crossing Broad Tickets has just what you need.