Dave Montgomery Fully Endorses Ruben, Does Not Endorse Your Hopes And Dreams

I don't know what I'm doing!
I don’t know what I’m doing!

The sad fact of the way a baseball team operates (and any professional team for that matter) is this: The majority of a millions-strong fan base can feel a certain way but only a few key people are able to make the decisions. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes, while most Phils fans would rather never hear the name Ruben Amaro Jr. ever again, Phillies president Dave Montgomery is all about him.

According to the Inquirer, Montgomery — who is recovering from surgery to remove cancer from his jaw — said:

“I just believe that group of people gave us the successful period we had … They had different roles in it. I know people focus on Ruben’s role having changed vis-a-vis 2009 vs. 2008. But I talked to Pat Gillick about our club this morning. Pat Gillick sat in that entire draft. It’s not like we’re not benefiting from the thinking of the same people we had before. That’s why you have to look at the whole body of work. Have we been served well? My answer to that is yes.”

While Montgomery knows he’s loyal, he doesn’t see it as “blind loyalty,” and went on to say “I just try to pay attention … I think we have pretty good people doing these jobs. We saw, over a long period, pretty good success with this group of people. Obviously, Ruben is part of that group.” So he’s not blindly loyal, just blindly watching baseball from the past? Cool, now I get it.


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  1. Do the Phans now realize that NO PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ORGAN-EYE-ZATION gives a flying phuck about them? Montgomery basically just said “We applaud the fact the team has gotten worse EVERY YEAR for five consecutive years”Blow 102 Wins out your ass since they were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in 2011″.Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sheep, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Phuck off.

  2. Dave Montgomery is catching up to Donald Trump as most embarassing Wharton School graduate.

  3. “Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes, while most Phils fans would rather never hear the name Ruben Amaro Jr. ever again, Phillies president Dave Montgomery is all about him.”

    You know you are allowed to make two sentences out of this, yes? Holy comma splice, batman.

  4. And beating the Braves 2 out of 3 or a sweep will only further this stupid idea that this team has a shot at the playoffs. No forward thinking at all from Montgomery, but maybe he’s got bigger fish to fry like, I don’t know, battling and recovering from mouth cancer. Or maybe he’s getting council from Ed “no culture change” Snider…

  5. I totally called this would be his next post in the Cat Picture post.

    Jim you are fucking awful.

  6. Of course Montgomery is going to say that when the Phillies gave won 6 of 8, and are 5 games out of first in a terrible NL East. Sadly if this time next month they’re within 5 games of first, I think Rube stays around, no fire sale, and a chance to sign more old players

  7. I see no problems rooting for an AL West team based 2900 miles away with the faintest of ties to Philly rather than the product these arrogant, eternally sub-par cockgaggers are happy to churn out for decades in between World Series appearances.

  8. Like he’s really going to come out and talk shit on his GM midway through the season. Christ, he said Wade was doing a good job weeks before he was fired. Wake the fuck up you toads.

  9. Montgomery is becoming the Ed Snider of baseball. We will now be reminded of 2008 WS win and back to back NL pennants for years and years as though that should be enough to get fans excited.

    1. You mean 35 years from now when we still have 2 WS to our name, they will be trotting out Chase, Howard, and Rollins every other home game. Also, will they still be playing harry singing high hopes. That song sucks too.

  10. Why is everybody freaking out over Montgomery’s comments? Everybody knows that when a coach or GM receives a “Vote of Confidence” it means that he’s soon to get fired. Montgomery is loyal, but he’s not an idiot. He knows that the fan base is upsets, and RAJ will most likely be gone by the end of the year.

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