DeSean Jaccson Took a Swipe at LeBron James on Instagram

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By my count, DeSean Jaccson has been a part of only two playoff wins – both during his rookie season – and four losses. His Eagles teams were 2-4 in postseason games and he was just cut ostensibly for being the worst teammate ever and a possible threat to the well-being of said teammates. And yet… he figured he’d take a completely unnecessary shot at two-time NBA champion and five-time Finals participant LeBron James via extraordinarily passive aggressive Instagram post. This makes sense.

And to refute that image: No, Jordan just had Pippen and Kobe just had Shaq. So it’s not like they had help or anything.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, DeSean is sort of all talk, via (@973espn):

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  1. That whole teaming up bullshit is so played out. It’s been nearly four years since ‘The Decision’ and LeBron already redeemed himself by dominating the 2012 and 2013 Finals. Wade has been a shell of himself the past two seasons and you never know what you’re going to get with Bosh. The most important teammates that helped LeBron win his rings in the last two Finals series were by far Mike Miller and Shane Battier. ‘Jaccpot’ is a moron for even posting that shit. He does realize Kobe played with Shaq during O’Neal’s prime, had Gasol at the top of his game and was coached by arguably the greatest basketball mind ever, right?

    1. Not to mention that Kobe pulled the biggest d0uche move on the planet in leaking that he would only play for certain teams…essentially forcing the trade to the Lakers. Coming out of HS no less…how bout a little appreciation for the game, league, history, etc and just accepting where you get drafted (while being grateful for the opportunity)! This alone makes him way worse than LeBron…I don’t care if he did another “Decision”. Fvck Kobe. Along those same lines…fvck Eli and John Elway.

  2. Any star athlete who wins a championship has a strong supporting cast. However, the fact that this Heat team was built by the players like a pick-up game is what makes it a joke. A true superstar deals with the players his GM provides him with and still wins.

    1. The good thing for Jordan and Kobe was his GM/ owner wasn’t a fucking moron who were able to provide him with better players than mo Williams, Anderson varejo, an old Antwan Jamison and a 40 year old shaq. Yes obviously in perfect world lebron would have loved to win in Cleveland and be surrounded by a front court like odom, gasol, and Bynum with Derek fisher at point. Or he would have loved to have a Scottie pippen, rodman and Phil Jackson. But it wasn’t going to happen. So unless lebron was going to acquire the gm job, then quit fucking blaming him for playing with d league talent.

      1. It’s fine to go to another team if you don’t agree with the GM’s decisions but don’t publicly team up with other players and make it a huge spectacle while saying you’re gonna win multiple championships now.

        1. I just find it so fascinating. Lebrons legacy is tarnished by an hour tv show. Jordan legacy is unmarked, even though it is pretty much a known fact that Jordan sat out for two years because of his gambling habits. Actually the better part of his untarnished legacy has to be him “dedicating his short lived baseball career to the death of his father”, you know the guy who was murdered as a consequence of air Jordan’s gambling debts

          1. Sat out two years because of gambling? The guys dad died and he played minor league baseball…and gambled his fucking ass off the entire time he was out!? And to say his dad was murdered because of MJ’s debts? Speechless dude.

    2. So a team with 2 hall of famers adding a 3rd isn’t a pickup team? Shit me people need to learn some history.

      Jordan finishes his career with only 3 rings if Rodman wasn’t along. That team had 3 fucking Hall of Famer’s, but that’s not a pickup team? Lets not forget they had 2 other players who were perennial 10-15PPG guys who better than Andre Iguadala ever was(Kukoc, Longely). Lets not forget Ron Harper and Steve Kerr were ballers too.

      But you clearly weren’t watching.

      1. Obviously those Bulls teams were stacked…there’s no denying that. However, the Bulls’ GM, Jerry Krause, built those teams from the ground up. He did it the right way often times going against the wishes of Jordan, unfortunately creating tension. I think you’re missing my point. With the Bulls, the GM was in charge, not the star players. Get it now?

        1. I get that and it makes sense…but people act like Jordan played on a court with Speedy Claxton, Raja Bell, Keith Van Horn, and Matt Geiger. Then they act like Lebron is playing with Chamberlain, Barkley, Kobe, and Magic. Dwayne Wade’s career has collapsed as quickly as Ryan Howard’s, Bosh is still a quality player but always a fringe all star player when he isn’t taking 25 shots like he was in Toronto, I was in high school when Ray Allen was good, etc. etc. etc.

          Why would anyone complain about Lebron getting his GM wish?? Didn’t they win the last two titles? I could care less how a team is built if you win. Pippen was a top 5 pick of the Seattle Supersonics, Rodman was a trade…great GM’s build a team by any means necessary. Lakers are paying a single player over $30 million and the Nets have a $105 million dollar payroll…nothing wrong with how Miami was built in my book.

          People always ignore that Jordan had probably the greatest basketball coach of all time, I can coach the Heat better than Spolstra. He does nothing, and often fucks the Heat with a bad play-call at the buzzer. LeBron never had a great coach + great talent, something urgent in the NBA.

          Sure the decision was awful, but so was quitting on your teammates, fans, and the entire league because you got tired of winning is more douchey in my book. I obviously believe there’s more to the story and another reason he retired..but we can’t prove that.

  3. Pretty sure Jordan had Steve Kerr for a few of his ‘ships too. Maybe not the greatest 3pt. shooter ever, but probably top 5.
    So what exactly was Pat Riley supposed to do when the Big 3 planned the hookup? No fellas, this isn’t right, I would prefer to tank for 3 straight seasons and hope to get super lucky in the draft. So it’s built ‘the right way’. Last time I checked, the GMs job was to assemble the greatest amount of talent by building AND buying.
    And uhhhh, it’s a salary cap league. Everyone subject to the same rules. If you’re city is in a less than desirable locale, has limited funds/cheap owner, and/or a horrible GM. That’s a you and your city problem NOT a LeBron one. This ain’t the 90’s Yanks handing out blank checks.

    1. Nobody’s blaming Pat Riley or the Heat management …Of course they should’ve done that and any team would’ve done the same thing. It’s Lebron who looks bad and he should have thought about how it would impact his legacy in the future. Any time he’s compared to Jordan, people will always remember that he had to go to Miami with Wade and Bosh in order to get it done.

  4. Somebody really needs to punch that Jaccoff right square in the face, brother!!!

  5. I cant wait to turn on Mikey Miss today. Also, what gang is that other black guy next to lebron in?

    1. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of hearing the word “hipster” getting thrown around. Why do you feel the need to label the guy a “hipster”? Is it to belittle him or tear him down? And no, I’m not Jim, a family member or friend of his, heck I don’t even know the guys except that he’s new around here.

      I do my fair share of bashing things but to label a dude a “hipster” is getting old. Basically you’re just jealous that someone is cooler or more culturally relevant that you?

      Your life: You come home from some shitty job, turn on the old boob tube, pop a “hungry man” into the microwave, and drink a coors. You wake up, throw on some baggy jeans, boots, a fitted hat, hop in your dodge neon that’s all banged up and do it all again. How’s that for labeling, you Delco scum? Your idea of a good meal is going to Olive Garden. You only listen to the radio, classic rock but rap on the weekends. You’re a tool and uneducated.

      1. PEOPLE! Don’t you see what’s happening? Kyle has fed us a recent stream of noise covering a variety of uninteresting topics. Coupled with that, he has hired a new guy and brought back a “fashion editor”.

        All this blog-o-sphere overload has caused us to lose focus, and turn on each other. As we are bickering amongst ourselves, the puppet-masters are grinning with delight as they count the turnstile clicks.

        We need to get back to the basics. There are plenty of people to rip apart (Amaro, Gargano, Brace, you know the rest) without attacking each other. Together we can rail against what really matters to Philly fans.

        As you were…

      2. I must have touched a nerve…looks like someone is a little insecure at managing a record store after college

      3. “Basically you’re just jealous that someone is cooler or more culturally relevant that you?”

        That has nothing to do with being a hipster. Hipsters smell like a flea market and buy everything second-hand from Goodwill or Fishtown yard sales.

      4. He is a hipster, or gives off the image of one. So if something looks and smells like dog shit and came out of a dogs ass we call it dog shit. And what douche are you to tell me a “hipster” is cooler? Your a hipster douche to say that. Also they are more culturally relevant because they create this completely ass-backwards culture by not shutting the fuck up about it. I have some hipster friends who are good people but yet are still hipsters. Not the Instagram recognition hipster douche. Most people who tie their fucking boots and get to work driving their piece of shit car, from a house they actually pay for are cooler paying their taxes and being productive. Rather then some silver spoon hipster that tries to join the oppressed yet their parents pay for their cell phone, apartment and car insurance. I’m happy with my boots, classic rock and god damn breadsticks and soup. Hipsters are people who are pussies and make a culture out of being pussies cause it’s harder to actually grow up and not be one. FUCK YOU…IM OUT.

  6. No, Pippen was only drafted 5th overall in the draft 2 years after Jordan and Kobe played with 1992’s number 1 pick.

  7. I thought everyone hated him for the TV spectacle that was “The Decision” which he has admitted was a terrible idea. It was a money grab by his crew.

    The whole “teaming up” thing…uhh didn’t the Celts do something similiar? Granted some of it was by trade but those guys were big enough stars that they could have said no if they wanted to.

    Really most, if not all, of the NBA title teams had great players on them. There is a reason why the 01 sixers team nearly got swept in the Finals. A.I. was the only player. Did they pick where they wanted to go? Maybe not, but that is really semantics at this point.

  8. if you really wanted to respect the Clemmens family you would change the headline and not worry about the comments. You’re a scumbag kyle. I’m sure that young kid wants to be remembered for his drunk indiscretions. You have no shot with that slutty anchor.. respect the dead bruh.

  9. Nobody would even know who he was if he didnt reference the story that, you know, made him relevant. Dumb bastard.

  10. yeah, OK. I’m sure his family really appreciates you censoring the comments. you’re the idiot, dumbo.

  11. Newsflash, their kid just died. Do you think they give an flying fuck about some shit blog???

    1. Clemmens’ sister was visiting the comments section of the post, answering questions…

    2. You would think not, but some looney bitch claiming to be his sister was all over the blog, telling people to fuck off for commenting on her brother.

  12. I don’t typically like much of what DeSean says and what he said here is unnecessary…BUT, he’s right.

    Come on Kyle. Are you really going to be the guy that defends Bron’ in a Jordan vs. Lebron argument? There’s no argument. Jordan is the best ever, no one is close, and for now no one will ever be close. The list goes like this:

    1. Jordan

    2. Everyone else.

    1. …that everyone else is supposed to be way down…


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