Exhibit 4,623 Why Ruben Amaro is a Moron

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The bow tie man himself, little baby Ken Rosenthal, on Oakland A’s outfielder Brandon Moss, who has 15 home runs and 49 RBIs with a .960 OPS in 193 at-bats with the A’s this year:

My tape recorder is on. Moss is talking about the end of the 2011 season.

“Philly had kind of showed me what they thought of me when they were looking for a left-handed bench bat late in the year,” Moss recalls. “I had been having a pretty good year at Triple A for them. And they went outside the organization and got another guy. Things like that are when you see what teams think of you. You see where you stand. I read the writing on the wall.”

The player whom the Phillies acquired, John Bowker, went 0 for 13 the rest of the season and never played in the majors again.

That off-season, as a minor league free agent, Moss’ choice came down to the Phillies and Athletics. He was still upset with the Phillies, mind you. But he nearly re-signed with them, anyway.

“I knew they knew who I was, knew how I played,” Moss says. “It’s always good to be in a place that at least knows what you’re capable of doing. But at the same time, when I found out Oakland had interest, I just felt like it was a good fit.

“The things I do as a hitter are things that they valued. Batting average was not the end-all, be-all of things. They look at numbers outside of that, numbers that usually are in line with what I do well. I thought if I could go show what I was capable of doing, there might be an opportunity to earn some sort of spot. And if not, at least I knew I would be in the PCL (Pacific Coast League).

And if ever you needed a reason why advanced statistics are more valuable than Ruben Amaro’s antiquated thought process, there it is.

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24 Responses

  1. This is your fault Kyle. You could have taken him out in Clearwater and we wouldn’t be in this situation

  2. if it makes him feel better, the Phillies don’t give a shit about batting average either.

  3. This article shows down the line, from Amaro to whoever the fuck is supposed to evaluate talent, that a change is absolutely necessary. What a joke.

  4. Exhibit 4,624 Why Kyle Scott is a Moron: this post. Or rather, why it’s necessary. Empty the content filter or you’ll forever be a chump.

  5. I can’t wait until Darin Ruf becomes the next player that Ruben lets go that becomes a 35 homerun guy for another team when he was sitting right in Ruben’s face the whole time.

    1. Brandon Moss is only 30 years old now… odd the Phillies even called him up that young.

  6. The only way to wake this Phillies management group up is not show up to the ballpark and stop listening to the radio. And thank you CBS for wasting two stations to air this crap.

    Finally, flood Comcast phone lines and demand you want to drop CSN. They won’t do it, but maybe the threat will get their attention to get rid of Amaro and the entire scouting team.

    1. Hello, shadowy bilionaires who ride the success and good will of good Phillies teams for 15 years on average? Yeah, I won’t be going to the 4 games I usually go to this year, and I’ve called the biggest broadcast monopoly on Earth to complain as well. So suck on that!

      Great plan.

  7. It’s all Claire Betz’s fault. He is the one pulling the strings.

  8. Can we talk about how everyone rips on K@cie but it’s Kyle’s wife that’s the real problem here?????

      1. Okay, Mein Fuhrer. I’ll fucking eat you alive you internet tough boy, you mental midget. You come at the bull you get the horns. Ms. CB comes at the black man she gets the mandingo. And she likes it!

        1. Ooooohhhh!!!! Who’s the tough guy now?

          How much does it suck to be from a shit-hole like Tinicum? I’ve been through there, and each time, I feel like I need to immediately disinfect my car.

          “Bull by the horns”? What a major tool!

  9. Forgot how bland this site gets come summer….not even one mention or cheap joke about another Flyers draft pick winning a game last night and paving his way to a 3rd cup since Philly

  10. Pitchers Pub tonight!!!!!!!!!

    Come out and hang with your favorite Radio Host.

    Holla Back,


  11. I guess I could just type “Phillies” or “Eagles” into Google News and read the original articles from there, instead of contributing to Kyle’s six figure income.

  12. Ummm, I’m all about Rube looking like a dope but both Boston and Pittsburgh took long looks at him and also decided that he wasn’t worth further major league consideration.

  13. My nitwit partner Brace just replied to some stupid ass tweet KS put out about a youtube vid I have no interest in watching.

    Let Kyle’s self-inflicted splooging begin……..

    Is he still playing in your golf “tournament”???

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