Flyers Nuggets: New French Guy, Lecavalier Might Get Traded, No More Insider

Photo credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Lede: Jeff Carter and Mike Richards will play for their second Stanley Cup on Friday night.


The Flyers might trade Vinny Lecavalier

I will smooch Ron Hextall on his goatee-encircled lips if he makes this happen. From TSN’s Insider Trading:

Is current Philadelphia Flyer Vincent Lecavalier soon to be an ex-Flyer?

Dreger: He’s a fourth-line forward making $4.5 million and I can’t believe that Ron Hextall is going to want to pay him that. So the word on the street is yes, Lecavalier most definitely is in play. But keep in mind that he has a no-move clause. I know that his agent Kent Hughes has already talked to Hextall about the possibility of moving his client. There are no specific teams yet, there’s no list, but if they want to move him they are going to have to go to Vinny and identify a specific place.

LeBrun: To the disappointment of many teams, one player who is not on the move is Shea Weber and I’m not sure why. For whatever reason, his name pops up all the time as a trade target. David Poile, the GM of the Predators, after the meeting on Wednesday said, “I am never trading Shea Weber.” He’s not going anywhere, they’re building their team around him…that’s the end of it.

Vinny will of course have to approve a trade, and the Flyers would likely have to eat some of his salary, but… you’re telling me there’s a chance Ron Hextall can undo Paul Holmgren? Now… about that Richards and Carter thing.


Le Fleihrs sein le vie se Pierre-Edouard Bellemare le cafe con leche

Did I do that right? From the release:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they have signed forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare to an NHL contract, according to general manager Ron Hextall.

A native of Paris, France, the 29-year-old Bellemare spent the last five seasons with Skelleftea of the Swedish Hockey League and posted 20 goals and 35 points in 52 games this past season.

He also appeared in the 2014 IIHF World Championships for France where he averaged a point per-game with three goals and five assists in eight games, including an assist and the game-winning shootout goal in a 3-2 upset victory over Team Canada on May 9 of the preliminary round.

Over parts of five seasons with Skelleftea, the 6-0, 196 pound Bellemare recorded 64 goals and 61 assists for 125 points in 238 games.

French guys are immediately at a disadvantage when they come to Philly because South Philly meathead fans just assume they’re soft. This guy will have to earn our respect, like Greg Focker RN working to win over a fickle cat. I’m sure we’ll run him out of town by 2016.


No more super secret Insider

The Flyers have parted ways with Insider Anthony SanFilippo. For two years, SanFilippo was the Flyers’ house reporter and all-around PR and marketing utility man. That position with the team has been “eliminated.” There are currently no plans to replace SanFilippo.

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33 Responses

  1. You can’t eat salary in an NHL trade…the contract is what it is…so basically good luck Hexy!

    1. No, you can eat up to 50% of a contract under the new CBA. So if Hextall had to eat half his salary to move him, that’s $2.25 mill in dead money sitting on their cap allocation for each of the next four years. Not good.

  2. My bad…you can eat salary under the new shitty CBA but it counts against your cap…which defeats the purpose of moving him…why have 2 mil in dead cap money…just keep him and make it work then.

    1. why keep the logjam there? id rather pay 1.5 to 2 mil of his salary a year for him to play elsewhere which frees up the 4th line center spot for laughton who comes in cheap giving us some more money to grab a dman. or hex could suprise us all and bring in a solid dman around the same salary hit for vinny

      1. True but I wouldn’t want to bury Laughton on the 4th line C role like they did with Coots. I’m all on board moving Vinny but I wouldn’t want to take back more than 1.5 on the deal per year.

        End of the day fact still remains the Flyers did all this to themselves. Bad deal after bad deal and the Center log jam has been a huge issue for years and news flash “let’s move them to wing” doesn’t work. That’s always their solution and it SUCKS!

        1. Agreed, Flyers did this to themselves. Moving Vinny to wing ridiculous. Need a real head coach too. Berube not it.

  3. These tires have been kicked: Hartnell+Vinny+B.Schenn+1stRD pick for Shea Weber. Offer is on the table from Hextall…expected to either be nixed or accepted at the draft.

    1. Hey jackass, what part of “I am never trading Shea Weber” don’t you understand?

      1. It’s quite simple. They can not afford that massive contract and realize they are not contenders.

        1. Flyers lost by 1 goal in game 7. They did not have Mason the first 3 games. Just as easily could be the Flyers getting manhandled in the Finals right now.

          1. Yes because you and Ed know they would have beaten the Pens (because they did before) and Montreal (just because). And don’t forget the games Mason didn’t play; would have won those too. Flyers are just unlucky. Every time.

    2. If nashville can’t afford Weber at $7.8 a year, why would they pick up hartnell ($4.7), Vinny ($4.5), Schenn ($3.1) and a 1st rounder ($900k) for a total of $13.2 million?

      1. If only Shea Weber made $7.8 this year. That’s just the Cap Number. Here’s what he is actually due:

        14-15 = $14 million
        15-16 = $14 million
        16-17 = $12 million
        17-18 = $12 million
        18-19 thru 21-22 = $ 6 million/yr
        22-23 = $3 million
        23-24 thru 25-26 = $1 million/yr

        It’s realistically tough for a place like Nashville to pay that.

        1. also very realistic for the Flyers to pick up a player signed until he is 40. That’s a classic Holmgrem.

        2. Why is that unrealistic? They’ve paid the contract since matching the Flyers offer sheet… and it’s been less expensive every year since. It will continue to go down. Nashville is past the toughest part of the contract, it gets nothing but easier for them to pay.

          Shea Weber is not going to be traded unless he makes enough of a stink to get himself traded, which I doubt happens.

          If you seriously still think Weber is a legitimate target, give it up. That ship has sailed, and it’s not coming back.

  4. Just imagine if Nashville was that stupid.

    Good luck moving any of the dead wood Ron.

    1. You were abused as an adult too. You deserve every bit of it.

  5. Now about the Richards and Carter thing…

    Yeah because not trading them would have miraculously healed Chris Pronger, made Kimmo Timmonen 10 years younger, made Brayden Coburn more consistent, improved Laviolette’s bad coaching/goalie carousel after 2010, and prevented Holmgren from: making that horrible jvr trade/letting Matt Carle walk/signing senior citizens to expensive 5 year deals with no trade clauses.

    Yep, the Flyers TOTALLY would be the team with 2 cups in 3 years if we never made those trades.

    1. Kyle seems to be forgetting that the Flyers didn’t even trade carter to LA.

      1. That was never the point.

        It was this: Some ex-Flyers are about to win their 2nd cup in 3 years, meanwhile the Flyers are nowhere near being serious contenders.

  6. Shea is a girl’s name. don’t do it Hex! we need more muckers and grinders because culture.

  7. I read Hextall was looking to move Schenn, Lecavalier, Grossmann, and a 3rd-round pick to the Panthers for Kulikov and a draft pick. I doubt Tallon would make that move, but as a Flyers fan, I’d love it.

    Unfortunately, because Holmgren loved throwing around NTCs, the Flyers would still need Lecavalier to be willing to play for the Panthers.

  8. “That position with the team has been eliminated.”

    I guess when you don’t need a “fresh perspective” there’s no use in having an insider/PR guy.

  9. UPDATE: Teams Vinny would be willing to get traded to:

    1. Lightning
    2. Rangers

  10. You are missing one thing in that comment about Shea Weber from David Poile …”I am never trading Shea Weber” ..he said I, not we …when Nashville misses the playoffs another time and Poile is fired, ownership will run to get out from under that contract. And how are they past the hard part of the contract? He’s owed over $12 mill a year for the next five years! That’s about one third to one fourth of the Predators entire operating costs. Remember, it’s Nashville. They don’t have the money Philly, LA, NY and Boston have to throw around. They actually have a budget. Poile cut off his nose to spite his face just so he could say the big bad Flyers didn’t take Weber from us. Never mind he completely f*cked his own franchise too.

  11. It’s upsetting yous guys call yourselves Flyers fans. You fellas are the same guys that NO MATTER WHAT they do, will find negatives about it. Yous are all Nhl calibur GM’s and your taking time out of your busy schedules which includes managing an NHL team to come to this blog and hate. Oh wait. .yous are just like me a guy sitting on his phone and leaving a comment on a blog. Here’s a news flash: no matter how much you think you could, you could never do better. Ever. More importantly you’ll never get the chance. So let’s be practical here: the Vinny contract is a little bloated, but it will be dealt with. The flyers are always up against the cap and they always make things happen. I for one actually appreciate the willingness of our organization to take shots and keep searching for the right combination. They are perennial contenders and always fun to watch. Big deal Richards and Carter won two cups on the back of the NHL’s best goal tender. We have a plethora of young talent waiting to be developed, a solid core of extremely important players and are a viable destination for any free agent out there. Not to mention that with the exception of a few years they are never picking in the lottert portion of the draft. Which in the nhl translates to less nhl ready players and more developmental picks. Sit back shut up and let the professionals do their job. Things will work out for Philadelphia Flyers, you don’t become a globally recognized brand for being a poor franchise.

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