UPDATE: Kane’s Mock: Exum

John Gonzalez Sean Kane of CSN predicts the Sixers draft Dante Exum:

While Embiid’s injury made life easier for the Bucks, it drastically complicated matters for the Sixers. They desperately want to move up to Cleveland’s spot and take Wiggins. But in this scenario, they would be choosing between Embiid, Exum and trading down. It would be too much of a reach to take Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle with the third pick. A dark horse could be Marcus Smart, but I believe Exum is the choice. Embiid is just too much of a gamble to take this high in the draft. This is a franchise-defining pick and the Sixers can’t afford to whiff on it.

Taking Exum gives the Sixers two options — pair him in the backcourt with Michael Carter-Williams or trade Carter-Williams for another top-10 pick. I would opt for the latter route. Exum is a long, athletic point guard with a suspect shooting stroke. His skill set is nearly identical to Carter-Williams’. I believe Exum is a better version of last season’s Rookie of the Year, making Carter-Williams expendable.

That latter scenario – draft Exum, trade MCW (potentially to LA), and move up from 10 to the 7 pick – was posited by Chad Ford on Bill Simmons’ BS Report and it seems to be the soup du jour, and, mmm, that sounds good and the Sixers should have that… if they can’t figure out a way to trade up and draft Wiggins.

I still think Wiggins needs to happen. You can’t win less for Wiggins and then not do everything in your power to actually draft the guy. But, if it doesn’t happen, Ford’s and Gonzo’s Kane’s scenario works. MCW was great last year, but he doesn’t have the ceiling that people claim Exum has. If you can essentially upgrade MCW to Exum and move up from, say, 10 to 7, then it’s a net win. Unlike the way the Phillies and Flyers do business, Hinkie doesn’t run a team like an organized crime family, where loyalty, longevity and likability are rewarded. If it makes sense to trade the Rookie of the Year for a better version of himself, then Hinkie will do that. He’s a pragmatist and lives in a world where human interaction is an impediment to the job at hand, which is building a winning basketball team.

UPDATE: I’m a moron and cited Sean Kane’s mock on CSN, not Gonzo’s. But, Gonzo, too, agrees on Exum and explored the idea of trading MCW to the Lakers.

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18 Responses

  1. If the Sixers want to get to number 1, they can. Everyone has their price. It’s just a matter of whether they want to pay it. There seems to be a bidding war to get to number 1, so it might take the 3, the 10, plus Thad Young or MCW. Is that worth Wiggins?

        1. I don’t think you’d have to give them Thad AND MCW. Probably just one or the other.

          Ideally, I’d want to give them just 3 and 10.

          I’d have trouble giving them both because then your roster is pretty bare bones.

          1. No way I give them more than #3 & #10. Throw in McW??? No way.

            I would be willing to trade the 3 & 10 picks for the top pick, but that would be the top offer.

            Ideally, the #3 pick and Thad (plus a 2nd rounder) should get it done.

            Would love to see the Sixers make a deal for the #7 or #9 pick either way.

  2. The Flyers moving of Hartnell shows that they are moving away from that loyalty and likability aspect. The Phillies, not so much

  3. Best week of the year. You know a guy is insufferable when Sunshine John Clark is the better alternative.

  4. ESPN has a mock up that has them getting Parker at 3 and Harris at 10.


    Trade up for Wiggins.

    1. NBA Network’s mock draft (really just DA’s draft from a few days ago) had the Sixers standing pat at #3 and *still* getting Wiggins.

      That would be borderline miraculous.

  5. Hey everybody! Don’t forget Everyone’s favorite sport soccer starting now on 97.5, featuring everyone’s favorite talk show duo doing the halftime show. Tune in!

  6. “I still think Wiggins needs to happen. You can’t win less for Wiggins and then not do everything in your power to actually draft the guy . . . .”

    Exactly. If they are convinced that Wiggins is their guy, they’ll get it done.

    But there are so many potentially good NBA players in this draft, Hinkie could practically build his whole team going forward from just this draft.

    PF, SF, & SG – all areas of need, and all of them look to be plentiful in this draft.

    This is really the first draft since Iverson that has my undivided attention.

  7. They didn’t tank for Wiggins, they tanked to secure two picks in the top ten of a deep draft. If Wiggins is there great, if not Exum and a smart pick at 10 still makes you better.

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