Summer is officially here, and with it, come some Great White Shark sightings. Are these just fins in the distance? Guesses of shark or dolphin? Myths? Nope, because that shark up top there ate a whole bag of chum and then tried to bite the boat. According to Gothamist:

“The crew started out the day fishing for the far less fearsome mako shars, an endeavor that was abruptly aborted when a 16-foot great white swam up alongside the boat and casually tore off their supply of chum. A video of the scene reveals that the friends were more perturbed about the lost bait than they were worried about the mammoth monster sinking the boat and murdering them all.

“Was it worth it though?” one woman muses. “I’ll buy you a new chum bag; that was amazing.”

Apparently unsatisfied by her amuse-bouche of bait, the fearsome creature returned a moment later to take an exploratory nibble of the boat’s engine, though ultimately swam away without inflicting any damage.”

Meanwhile, there are some sharks chillin’ off the coast of Queens as well, and I’m just thrilled that when I go fishing I do so in a bay. Ah shit.