Here is The ’64 Throwback The Phils are Wearing This Weekend

phils 64

And here it is, your 1964 Phillies throwback for retro weekend (via Matt Gelb on Twitter). And it’s just like 1964. The thinner, script “P,” the white button on top of the hat, and the giant Majestic tag right there on the jersey. Just like in ’64.

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12 Responses

  1. What’s amazing is that many of the players on the current roster were alive in 1964.

  2. For only $350 you can get a 1964 Retro Fitted hat and Jersey with a mildly darker tan and slightly slanted font .

    1. Dan:

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  3. “The team is notable as after being in first place in the National League since the opening day, the team suffered a drastic collapse during the final two weeks of the season. The “Phold”, by which it became known, is one of the most infamous collapses in baseball history.”

    Let’s honor our Phillies heritage by remembering this team that perfectly encapsulates the Amaro Era!

  4. Can’t fucking believe they’re gonna pay tribute to the biggest choke job in Phillies history. What the fuck, so in 40 years their crack marketing dept will trot out Lidge and Howard throwbacks to ‘tribute’ the Yankees and Giants chokes, correct?

    1. Come on Camel Toe,

      Don’t you see? It’s so today’s players will look better by comparison. This is the Phillies’ new marketing strategy: Distract fans with nonsensical peripheral bullshit, and build players up with inverse reinforcement.

      Amaro: “See guys? Those guys sucked worse than you, and people are still celebrating them 40 years later! Now, go get ’em! And NO lolly-gagging!”

  5. Anyone wanna talk about how the P on the cap was leaning slightly forward, while the P on the helmets was leaning slightly backward? Also, the number font is nothing like the 1964 uniforms. Whoever had the job of doing the replicating failed miserably. ..just like the ’64 Phillies did. The “throwbacks” looked like nothing better than a cheap replica you can buy anywhere. D- to the Phils.

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