If The U.S. Were to Somehow Land the 2022 World Cup, Would We See Games at the Linc?

Photo credit: Eagles pitchman
Photo credit: Eagles pitchman

Now that the entire globe has World Cup fever — and most Americans have “I’ll sneakily watch it at work because I feel like a badass” fever — talk naturally looks ahead to the next World Cup and beyond. The 2018 cup will be held in beautiful, sun-drenched Russia, while the 2022 World Cup scheduled for Qatar is a bit up in the air due to average temperatures in the triple-digits and accusations of bribery and fraud in winning the bid.

So what’s next? Many are calling for a change of host country for 2022 and, according to Screamer, “ESPN Deportes’ Jorge Ramos caused a bit of a stir last week by reporting that FIFA put U.S. Soccer on standby for the 2022 World Cup, should Qatar be stripped of its hosting privileges.” It’s a long-shot, and a lot would have to happen, but if the 2022 World Cup came to America, would we see games at Lincoln Financial Field?

Screamer thinks so. When US Soccer submitted its bid for 2022 it named 18 host cities (likely too many, as Brazil only has twelve and the US had nine when it last hosted in 1994), among those cities were Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Screamer narrowed those 18 down to the more-likely dozen, and Philadelphia made their cut, citing both the capacity and the fact that it’s hosted matches for the 2003 Women’s World Cup. Plus, it’s just been renovated and it has all that nice wind and solar power that will look great being shown off to the world. This, of course, is going along with the thinking that no new stadiums would be built along with the awarding of a World Cup bid, which is an unlikely assumption. But unlike Brazil’s seven newly constructed (and barely completed) stadiums, the U.S. is more or less ready to go.

So could it happen? Absolutely. Will it? Well first FIFA would have to man up and strip Qatar of their hosting privileges, then go back to consider new hosts, then choose the U.S., and then have the Linc chosen from a fairly long list. But if that first thing happens, the next could happen right down the line.

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45 Responses

  1. For a second there, I thought I was reading one of Daily News’ patented speculation articles. Should article titles always be questions without answers? Maybe?

    1. Because trey only play a couple games in each city whereas with the Olympics everything would be centered around the city. The world cup would be played in about 12 cities in total, like the post suggested.

  2. Why do you guys keep reading these shitty stories? I left when Jim signed himself over to Kyle’s worthless site. Lets report on potential US World Cup hosting spots in 2022, when there are actually stories concerning the Eagles mini camp.

        1. I never signed up to have to read the title of the person commenting to be able to fully comprehend the comment. I am an internet troll, not a true debater.

  3. So, this is the World Cup article you decide to run? Some speculation piece on an event that won’t happen because FIFA doesn’t have the balls to do anything let alone strip Qatar od 2022? Meanwhile, Team USA wins a gigantic game over Ghana in the most dramatic way possible and you don’t even mention it? Seriously? I know you and most people on here don’t get two shits about soccer but that was pretty major. I know you care about soccer Kyle…..I remember your EPL primer from a couple years ago.

    and the “soccer fag” hate starts in 3….2….1….

      1. Yeah, the same douches who think that ending their comments with “in 3…2…1…” is clever also think the same about starting their comments with “Umm…”.

        Fucking douche twatters!

    1. Agreed. Let’s not cover the actual games or offer any insight into the current World Cup, just comment on someone else’s article about how Philly might get one in 20 years.

      I also appreciate that you can write ‘faggot’ on this site but not h0rse…

  4. I’d rather watch Queen Latifah and Rosie O’Donnell in a bikini contest,before I waste my time on such a boring sport as soccer.

    And I love how these soccerheads get all hot and bothered when people call the radio stations(WIP & 97.5) to tell the hosts of their disdain for soccer.

  5. There’s two types of people in the world, those that like 90 minutes of an action packed game of football, and those that like one or two plays of American football, then food commercials and animated robots . The latter also use the term ‘faggot’ from time to time.

      1. NFL game broadcast:
        100 commercials
        75 minutes of shots of players loitering on the field
        30 minute half-time show
        17 minutes of replays
        11 minutes of active play

      2. I don’t care what your 40 time is, if you can be over 300 pounds and play at a professional level, you’re not in a sport, you’re bowling.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with watching the USA games, and tuning out when they eventually lose. Soccer is not, and will never be, a major sport in this country.

    1. Neither will that stupid Canadian game played on ice. It’s 95 degress why the hell is a sport on ice coming to Philadelphia? Who cares about the league, obviously nobody since there’s only been 6 teams in the league for the last 40 years. How’s that going to work? Why care about a team that is nothing but a bunch of Canadians and one or two people form Minnesota. They aren’t from Philly.

      Flyers gave away tickets and still only 5,000 people showed up for games when they started too.

      Keep drinking the koolaid and act like the Flyers were an institution for the last century. All sports have to start somewhere.

      1. And within 9 years the Flyers won a championship and the sport was huge.

        The USA appeared in the first World Cup ever in 1930, claimed the first victory in World Cup history on July 13th, and 84 years later the vast majority of Americans still don’t care about soccer. Suck on that.

        1. hockey was huge in 1975? Please compare hockey’s average attendance of around 13,000 in 1975 and the MLS today (look it up if you don’t believe me). California Seals averaged around 6,000 fans to a game that season.

          Also the UNITED STATES Ice Hockey team won a medal at the 1920 Olympic games, but in 1966 there were only 4 professional hockey teams in America.

          Dont get me wrong I love hockey more than most, but soccer isn’t that far behind. Believe it or not some people like sports that don’t have 50 time outs and 2000 commercials during a game. More kids than ever are playing soccer as well (because of that whole “If you play football you’ll die before your 60th birthday” thing)

      2. Hockey and soccer have a lot in common as in the majority of the country doesn’t give a shit.

        And im a hockey fan btw….

      3. I’m not drinking any OB koolaid my friend. I like hockey, its 3rd on my personal list, but I certainly understand that its 4th as far as the 4 professional sports go. But I’d wager that the NHL makes more coin then the MLS, and will continue to do so. The sport itself is better to watch than soccer for a variety of reasons IMO. And like the dude below said, World Cup soccer has been around for a LONG time, and the USA has participated, and the country in general has not given a shit. But like I said, I get into it when MY country is on, and tune out completely when they aren’t.

        1. hockey’s overall probably number one on my list, but soccer is a huge threat. I agree hockey is worlds better to watch, but you can’t ignore what soccer has done. The English League ratings on NBCSN were pretty damn close to normal NHL ratings get on that second-rate network.

          It’s also the only league (MLS) in America that doesn’t have the best talent in the world, so pouring more money into it (NYCFC) is probably the best sports investment out there. American’s spend enough coin on sports that it makes logical sense that as the talent grows, the league grows…which is already true compared to 10 years ago, and you see that turnover every year.

          Sure the NHL makes more money now but the NHL has been around for 97 years and the MLS has been around for 21 years. That has to be taken for something…OB’s were celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first Stanley Cup when the MLS started!

  7. “Just the fact that this is a rumor means I will raise season ticket prices 25% a year until 2022”
    –Gay Cocksucking Jeffy And His Whore Fake Wife

  8. Why are half of the comment always from sophomoric asshats complaining about the articles?If you don’t like the content, why do you keep coming back? Why do you even bother commenting?

    This article isn’t even bad…it’s legit speculation that Qatar may be stripped and that the US would be a contender to replace them. Furthermore, take into account that the NY/Philly/Baltimore/DC corridor has many state-of-the-art stadiums already, lots of hotel space, and are linked via a fairly efficient rail system (3ish hours from DC to NY).

  9. I must say, as significantly as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a fantastic grasp to the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from a lot more than 1 angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so much. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the topic. Think about adjusting your personal thought process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

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