Jeremy Maclin Does not Care What Antrel Rolle Thinks

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It looks like Jeremy Maclin heard what Antrel Rolle said, and his reaction was pretty much “lol whatever, okay,” which is basically the only appropriate response when someone says the Giants will win the division.


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  1. UPDATE: Despite Awful, Week of Posts, Jim Adair Still Fat Hipster, Still has Job?

  2. Remember those two Super Bowl wins? Yeah, I do too.

    Now go get your fucking shine box

  3. With the team 8-2 over their last 10 and Howard finding his power stroke, we don’t feel the need to make any moves to get younger this year. And we’ll only get better with the upcoming returns of Cliff Lee and legendary slugger Cody Asche!

    1. They are 8-2 in their last 10. He is finding his stroke. The pen is looking really good. Cliff lee will make them better. Rip them if/when they go 2-8 and howard isnt crushing the ball, not now.

      1. What would be dumb is getting excited about the last 10 games.

        Padres 3rd worst record in baseball
        Cubs 4th worst record (still took 2 of 3 from us)
        Braves have scored the least runs in the weak NL East

        But keep cheering when Rube keeps your beloved core together.

        1. You just made a terrible argument by pointing out all the positives and using them to illustrative a negative, thats all. I don’t think this team is going anywhere but I still enjoy watching and cheering for them, no matter how bad I want rube fired (which I do). If it were up to me this core would have been broken up years ago. Oh and just for fun, they beat the Cardinals last night.

          1. Is a prime example of why Andy Reid lasted here for 13 seasons and Cryptkeeper Ed still turns a profit. Who cares about championships, they’re fun to watch! Fuck you.

  4. Not sure why everyone complains about these types of posts. Personally, they are a big part of why I come to this site. I can’t and won’t constantly search twitter for this type of stuff so I come here. It’s not tv-interrupting news but it can be entertaining.

    1. Everyone is just welcoming Jim. Can you imagine Jim, a Philly blogger in his own right, not knowing what this comment section is like, and even if he didn’t, Kyle not mentioning that he should expect to be welcomed with a sea of vitriol and hate?

      Although, Jim… there’s a lot of actual news going on with the one Philly team that’s actually currently playing. Just saying.

  5. Are we going to get a fucking post on Kyle’s wedding preparation? I need to see what the floral arrangements look like!!!!!

  6. Anyone who cares what either thinks should probably just stop caring about stupid shit from now on.

  7. Maclin only cares about Esther Rolle, not Antrel Rolle.

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