Jimmy Rollins Would Prefer to Stay, Knows He May Have to Leave


Since Jimmy Rollins earned himself sole ownership of the Phillies’ franchise hits record — literally since the next day — trade rumors and rumblings have been following him around. Those first reports were of Rollins saying if the Phillies were going to blow it all up and start over, that he wouldn’t get in their way. Now, to clarify a little about what he meant (and because people keep asking him about it) Rollins told USA Today:

“I’m not going to volunteer to go anywhere … Even if somewhere else was the perfect spot, this is what I know. You weigh that against the instant gratification of winning right now. You leave, and there’s no guarantee you’re going to win anyways. You pack up to leave for a different organization, a different city, and it feels temporary. I can tell you that I have never honestly thought about waiving my no-trade clause.”

I really appreciate the way the USA Today piece led off though, with Rollins and his wife talking about possible landing spots in the midst of trade rumors:

“‘Babe, where do you want to go,’ Rollins, the Philadelphia Phillies veteran shortstop, asked Johari. ‘Detroit or Oakland?’

Johari grimaced, stared at him, and shot back: ‘New York.’

Rollins: ‘I didn’t give you New York. I gave you Detroit or Oakland.'”

Elsewhere, there’s also talk of having to trade Cole Hamels by the deadline, even though this year still has all the hallmarks of a “Ruben in buyer mode” season: The Phils aren’t too far out of the divisional lead, they’ve shown some character and strung together some wins, and Ruben is still employed. But the Boston Globe, when naming players that seem to be available, list Rollins, Utley, Hamels, Papelbon, Byrd, Dom Brown, Ben Revere, and John Mayberry. Basically, all of the Phillies. So, at least if they’re right, we all might be in for a jersey refresher unless you’ve got a Ryan Howard (or are still proudly wearing the Jim Thome).


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  1. i hate this bullshit talk around this time of year. everyone knows ruben wont trade anyone. i dont want him to either. hes proven he cant make deals, so why would we want him to trade our most valuable players?

  2. yooooo glad to be back! did tyson gillies hit any out last night?

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