John Oliver’s FIFA Rant Conjures Up the Idea for Phanatic Court, Which I Would Definitely Watch During Rain Delays

If you’ve caught any of John Oliver’s new HBO show Last Week Tonight (from last week: Prevent Cable Company Fuckery) — or you watched his hosting stint on The Daily Show — you know he’s basically got two modes: Breathless giddiness and righteous British anger. On last night’s show, Oliver turned in a hell of a rant on FIFA, their handling of the World Cup, and their overall shittiness while bouncing back between those two zones. In the midst of a really great segment you should watch in full if you’ve got time, there was this throwaway joke:

“When South Africa hosted the World Cup four years ago, FIFA forced the creation of the FIFA World Cup Courts, which sound funny ya know, it’s like going to the World Series and being dragged in front of Judge Phillie Phanatic.”

It’s a very small part of a much larger piece, but I’ll be damned if a Judge Phillie Phanatic TV show wouldn’t be infinitely more interesting than anything they play during rain delays. Or the 2014 Phillies, for that matter.

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10 Responses

  1. we already have the court of the phillie phanatic and his name is judge seamus mccaffery. amiright?

  2. Is this the new blogger? If so, did you teach him the copy and paste technique?

    You guys send checks to Deadspin for all the material?

        1. ^ What do you care? Say something meaningful or funny, or get the hell out.

  3. I know I am new here, but I have a question:

    Who is the bigger loser?
    1) The guy who comments on everything


    2) The guy(s) who steal handles and comment a bunch of crap just to try to make other commenters look bad

    disclaimer: not the real Jim Adair

    1. Prolly #1, because #2 is only doing it to make #1 see how ridiculous he/they are, in hopes that they will do us all a favor and curtail themselves.

      Funny that you pose a criticism of people stealing handles, when you yourself are stealing a handle.

      1. Which is kind of my point.

        The handle stealing is out of control. People are being accused of posting relentlessly. This became a problem when Kaaaacccee gate hit, but seems to have settle down. Now, every time some handles post, the comments are nuked with handle stealers blasting them.

        In the end, the copiers are posting more than the original handles.

        Seems a little ridiculous. If you want to blast another commenter, man up and come up with an original handle.

        The point has been made, and is now a bit redundant.

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