Lewis Katz, the Co-Owner of the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com, Died in a Plane Crash Last Night

Lewis Katz, the co-owner of the Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com, who just won control of the company at an auction last week, died in a plane crash in Massachusetts last night when the Gulfstream carrying him and six other people apparently exploded upon takeoff. From the Inquirer:

All seven people were killed aboard the private plane that crashed at Hanscom Field and erupted into a fireball, authorities said Sunday.

The Gulfstream IV crashed about 9:40 p.m. Saturday as it was departing for Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey, said Matthew Brelis, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the air field.

“There were no survivors,” Brelis said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people on board and their loved ones.”

The names of the other victims were not immediately released.

An aviation expert who spoke to New England Cable News said various explanations for the explosion were possible.

“The engine could implode, if you will,” said Steve Cunningham of Nashua Flight Simulator. “A turbine wheel could separate, there could be a fire in the combustion chamber. Or a fuel leak could also create a fire of that nature.”

Strangely, it looks like the story had to be placed on the Inquirer’s About page to circumvent the paper’s paywall.

Katz recently spoke at Temple’s commencement. Video of that here.

Sad news.


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  1. Apparently we have some controversy.

    I’m sorry, but those of you who bet “50 words of actual content before 50 words of copy/paste” at +220, despite thinking Kyle managed 50, have LOST this bet.

    Despite your debatable assertion that Philly.com is two words, “co-owner” is not. Per Carolyn Crnich, County Clerk/Recorder/Registrar of Voters in Humboldt County, CA, hyphenated words that appear in any generally available dictionary shall be considered as one word.

    Cambridge dictionary classifies “co-owner” as a single noun. Kyle managed 48 or possibly even 49 words of original content. You lose. Good day, sir.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled platitudes.

  2. How many people are now counting the words in the paragraph?

  3. Mr Katz lived in the condos of The Rittenhouse hotel, used to valet there, super nice guy, drove a Bentley not surprisingly. RIP

  4. Someone should investigate the whereabouts of Norcross and his cronies over the last few days.

  5. So, um, what’s going to happen to all his money?


    [attempts to coyly bite lower lip, accidentally swallows entire self]

    1. No way would Mr. Katz allow that drunken bald-headed wigger goyim,anywhere near his plane.

      1. I know the closest to a private jet Brace would ever get is cleaning out the toilets but part of me wished he snuck into the landing gear like an illegal immigrant. At this point all I can hope for is a fire at Pitchers Pub to take him out, or maybe he cuts his jugular while using his skull shaver. Anything to send this wigger away.

  6. Looks like a lot of the regular commenters, who always added intelligent sports conversation, haven’t posted for a while.
    But these commenters also challenged Kyle, and made him accountable and demanded transparency at their favorite site.
    But this new demographic of 12-18 year olds is working out great! Lots of terrific comments about “cum dumpsters”!
    When you ignore your issues, Kyle, this is what you are left with. Also, I’m sure when your new writer starts to post stories, he’ll be greeted with the utmost respect as well.
    Nice job taking a wrecking ball to your site, which was once very enjoyable to visit.

    1. I am glad to see that all of the FOX29 Traffic Girls comments have disappeared as a result of the implosion of the comment section Friday. Obviously, the site is much better now, and focused solely on current sports news.

      Oh, wait…what was that…..there has been at least one….and usually more…… what’s-her-name comment in every post since Friday, including this one that relates to the deaths of 7 people???

      And none of them have come from me, Junkhead, Occupy CB, Delco Jorts, Informed, or the other commenters that had their asses reamed all day Friday.

      Congratulations, you fucking assholes that hijacked other peoples handles because you thought you were cleaning up CB. All you did was get Kyle almost 300 page hits for a dumb ass story about his redesign.

      Turns out, maybe we aren’t the problem after all.

      1. I know he got a hell of alot more than 300 page hist Friday…I meant coments

  7. When i first saw this story i had a bad feeling it was gonna involve important philly related peeps.

  8. I think this is a cover-up. Clearly the plane flew into the Bermuda Triangle aka K@y-see’s boiling cunthole and was vaporized on contact.

  9. Oh and dude needs to stop it with “Ms. CB” – we had a pageant, and if anyone is Ms. CB, it’s the calcium queen traffic whore. How can the girlfriend be Ms. CB when she’s not even first in Kyle’s mind to begin with anyway?

  10. In other news, the traffic whore is somewhere taking a cock in her cavernous pit

  11. Does anyone else think George Norcross has something to do with this???

  12. Ed Rendell was almost on the fated flight. What ex-politician Eagles fan would have replaced him on Post Game Live. On Monday’s PST you will have the opportunity to vote live. If the Governor perished which politician would have you liked to replace him. (A) Mayor Nutter (B) Governor Christie (C) Frank Rizzo’s Statue (D) Wilson Goode. Drop your socks and grab your cocks. Keep voting.

    1. “Ed Rendell was almost on the fated flight.”

      As Jonesey likes to say, “Everybody makes mistakes!”

    2. We just need to get that jackass Rendell off the TV and out of the public eye. It’s clear that (like McNabb) he won’t go away on his own, so if it takes a plane crash, so be it.

    3. How about replacing him with a Magic 8-ball? It would be far more entertaining than that stooge Rendell!

    4. We have had just about enough of Wilson Goode, thank you.

  13. Hello? Kyle’s friends? Can anyone explain why all of the pages of the TV Guide are stuck together?

  14. Great show you guys.

  15. Have Junkhead and Calling Bullshit stopped with their little boys’ alliance yet? Constantly cross-referencing each other in their comments like they are some kind of elite commenting squad only makes others spoof them with their own handles, in an attempt to piss them off and knock them down a notch. When will these 2 self-important blowhards realize this?

    1. Never,these individuals have absolutely no life whatsoever,and their whole world is centered around crossing broad.

      I mean seriously,who cares about a stupid crossing broad handle anyway.

      1. I do. Mine is very important to me. I also had a sash but I chewed through it by accident while trying to blow Ike Reese a kiss.

  16. Is there a Modells or Foreman Mills I can get a Kings Jersey Tee at?

    King Me.

  17. Katz employed two full-time pilots and a flight attendant, Rendell said.

    “The reason I’m mystified is those pilots maintained the plane like it was their life and death,” Rendell said.

    1. “Rendell said. Rendell said. ”

      FUCK RENDELL! That lying, crooked jackass has had his hands in the public’s pockets long enough.

      CSN and philly.com need to stop giving that fucking blowhard a forum to continue annoying us with his incessant blather about nothing.

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