Some Flyers Ice Girls are Not Happy With Their Treatment

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of months ago, some documents leaked out about the secret treatment of NFL cheerleaders, following a Raiderettes lawsuit. Some of the things that came out of that were surprising, some weren’t. But now, over at Mother Jones the focus has turned to the NHL’s ice girls, with a particular eye on the Flyers:

“Some teams, including the Flyers, have co-ed ice crews, but the men aren’t wearing booty-shorts and crop tops. And while most games are held indoors, teams and their cheer squads sometimes participate in outdoor games and events. In early 2012, the Flyers took part in a three-day outdoor festival and game called the Winter Classic. ‘It was 20 degrees and we were in shorts, with two pairs of stockings,’ a former ice girl told me. Depending on the day, they spent six to nine hours outdoors: ‘It really felt like we were in some kind of torture camp.’ Said another: ‘I’ve never been so cold in my life.’

The Flyers women agreed that they weren’t too cold out on the ice during regular games—they had to skate around for a few minutes in scant clothing, but they were full of adrenaline and could don a jacket when they left the ice. The bigger issue was'”doing doors’—greeting fans as they entered the stadium. ‘When we’re standing at doors for an hour and it’s zero degrees and the doors keep opening,’ said one woman, ‘that’s my biggest bone to pick.'”

But it’s not only the weather and the skimpy clothing combinations:

“During the Winter Classic, the Flyers ice team was not allowed to eat in public, despite the cold and the long hours. One squad member said she ‘had to sneak into a restaurant, get food, and hide in the back of somebody’s pickup truck’ to eat it. Another ice girl befriended a woman who sold hot dogs and snuck her into the back room of her concession area so that she could eat.”

And then, as with the cheerleaders, there’s an issue with pay:

The Flyers women had professional makeup people and hair stylists, but they made significantly less money—$50 for about seven hours of work on game day … A former Flyers veteran said she had generally enjoyed her experience, but added, ‘There should be an ice-girl union to fight for our rights. The girls have never fought for them before.'”

I get it. I really do. But unions aren’t always the answer, and “Local Ice Girls 22” sounds a little nuts. It’d make a hell of a t-shirt though.

It comes down to this same arguments can be made here as they were in the cheerleading cases: That this is a job people fight for and if they don’t want it someone else would happily take their place. That it is basically a volunteer job and the girls should be honored to be able to do it. That it’s an experience. Some of these are legitimate points, some aren’t. Some of the issues raised by the ice girls are legitimate, some seem a little sensationalized. We’ll have to see how this all plays out, and if it reaches the NFL cheerleader lawsuit level.

As for the comments over there? You guys should get in touch with the dude who said “The person who wrote this must sleep in a crib, in adult diapers, with a 40 year-old Teddy Bear, a pacifier, and a smelly blankie.” He’d be welcome here.

And here’s a bonus picture because I think the one on the left is Kyle’s favorite and I don’t wanna ruffle any feathers around here. It’s still just week one:

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

h/t reader Susie

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48 Responses

  1. I used to not be allowed to eat in public when I worked at my local movie theater. That’s a ridiculous complaint.

  2. Waiting for someone to lose their shit on here because you cited Mother Jones….

  3. $50 a night that constituted to standing around for an hour and doing a total of 15 minutes of skating. Dear God what awful pay!

  4. Just because you thought this job would get you a lot of Canadian Skin Flutes. WTF did you think you were doing putting on booty shorts and skating around shoveling ice.. an incredible service?

  5. They arent taking these jobs to feed a family so they cant argue that, it obviously just a job for fun or exposure or whatever. If you really don’t like it, then quit.

  6. ice girls have a valid complaint in all the above. regardless of if they only do 15 minutes of skating theyre on the clock for 7 to 9 hours every game day and get paid dogshit. my sister was am icegirl several years ago and would have to drive from jersey to the stadium and pay 30 40 of each games pay on gas and tolls, let alone food. they signed up to dress the way they do but they should be compensated at least minimum wage for what their doing. we all know sniders got enough money sitting around

    1. Did she think they would suddenly relocate to jersey? Also, we did get food.. Every game every girl got a meal ticket and we took turns eating in the dressing room during the game.

      1. Uh I don’t know when you were an ice girl for the flyers but I’m going to take a wild guess that it was awhile ago because no the ice girls are no longer aloud to eat in lower press but the ice boys are.

        1. Not in lower press.. In our dressing room. And ice boys? Aka the interns that are on the Fun Squad or whatever… Yeah, they aren’t what this article is about.

          1. No not the interns the guys who clean the ice who have a union who are treated significantly better than the ice girls these days.. And no the girls don’t get any meal tickets currently or since you left which was what when it was still delta dental?

    2. Brotha,

      Did she CHOOSE to take the job, or was she FORCED to take it?

      That’s what I thought. Now shut up!

  7. Here we go…

    I am a former ice girl.. One of my old coworkers shared the original article on her Facebook page and about 7 of us all agreed, it’s shit.
    Whoever they interviewed from the Flyers should be ashamed of herself. Yeah, it’s fucking cold: You work in the winter at a hockey rink, let’s TRY to use a couple brain cells. Put some Hot Hands in your shoes at Doors and get over it. Yeah, you get paid crappy: If you’re going out for this job for the money, you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Yeah, you’re in skimpy clothing: did you go to the audition without knowing what you’d be wearing? Doubtful. During my season we didn’t have a makeup artist or hair stylist.. Did we get compensated for makeup? Nah. But you were hired because you showed a pretty face/hair so you probably already own all of the tools.. And they hooked us up with a discount at MAC. (Plus, you could use all that as a write off for your taxes.)

    Basically, these girls are whiny brats and should’ve just quit from the get-go and given one of the other 100 girls that got cut at try-outs a chance. I promise not all ice girls are like these. Most of us did it and felt privileged.. And cried at the last game of our season. Being an ice-girl was the best time of my life and no job will ever compare.

      1. Oh and Deanna, if you ever shook hands with Jeff Carter or Mike Richards, the owner of this site will pay thousands of dollars to lick your palms.

    1. Slut,

      No one cares. And please limit your responses to 2 sentences. Nobody is going to read all that, especially from a whining bitch.

      1. Awwww, someone can’t read more than 2 sentences? We all know your blood isn’t all held up in that small dick of your’s.. You can do it.
        I’m not whining.. I’m disagreeing with the dumb broad interviewed, dipshit.

        1. Dina,

          You lost me after “I am a former ice girl”. Nothing that followed that could possibly be of any merit.

    2. Deanna to be honest a lot has changed since you were there. It was great several years ago. Not so much these days. And you didn’t work the winter classic which is what the article is primarily about.

      1. Winter classic was actually just a portion of the article. If you don’t like the job, quit. I’m getting the idea you’re the one they interviewed… Put your name out there or get lost.

        1. Is that bitch still talking? What part of “Leave writing to the men and get back in the kitchen” doesn’t she understand?

  8. There are more ice dudes than ice girls. Pretty homosexual if u ask me. Plus these ladies are beat , like wtf is that? Dudes and goon women aS the ice crew? Gay. Now the Dallas stars ice girls are something to behold. #gratata

  9. I used to intern with the Flyers back in the mid-2000s. We would have a weekly all-staff meeting where people could present ideas for the next season, anywhere from giveaways, ticket designs, and in-house entertainment. This one girl, have no idea what her name was, but she was blonde, had a shnoz the size of the Liberty Bell, worked in sales and, rumor had it, was “dating Ryan Howard, started busting on the ice girls, saying they were all ugly and that other cities have “hot” ice girls in “bootie shorts” skating around and that what we should have. It really bothered me at the time because part of my job was traveling with ice girls for various events, and they were all super sweet and not at all unattractive. Plus, they all loved Flyers hockey and could skate. A few years later, I noticed a big change in the ice girls and thought that that bitch from way back probably screwed the right guy to get her to listen. Oh well…

  10. I was at the winter classic alumni game and seem to remember it being unseasonably warm for January. If someone can correct me but wasn’t the alumni game pushed back because of the tempature, and wasn’t there a threat of almost not being able to play the actual winter classic game. Anyone recall??????

    1. Unseasonably warm enough for shorts? Also the second day it was significantly colder, snowing to be exact.

  11. this is typical america since Reagan was president. Reagan’s “Trickle Down Theory,” which George H. W. Bush called “Voodoo Economics,” when he was running for president against Reagan. then bush disavowed any knowledge of it when he was offered the V.P. spot under Reagan. the NFL made 11 billion NET last year but pays their employees, including cheerleaders, crap.
    Similar for the NHL. they make hundreds of millions and pay their employees crap.
    Yes the girls want the job, yes it could lead to a better job. however that does not mean they shouldn’t be paid a living wage, say $15.00 per hour.

    1. Why does every job have to be a “living wage”. These types of jobs are meant for kids or college age adults. I am sick of everyone wanting 15-20 bucks an hour when your labor doesnt produce that value. Should a gas station worker get 25 bucks plus benefits cause his job sucks?

    2. Legally, they need to be paid at least minimum wage. If they’re being paid a flat $50, but are working so many hours that their average hourly rate is less than minimum, then that’s illegal. Seven hours is $7.14/hr, which is less than minimum.

      1. Thank you. That’s the whole point of this. If they’re being paid at least minimum wage who cares. But they’re not.

    1. Oh that one…she’s been around for years…and around the team a few times…just ask Lil JVR

  12. It’s easy to spew ill-informed information and hateful words from behind a computer screen. You’re all really tough, strong men. It’s just funny because I’m sure many of you would jump at an opportunity for a quick pic with the team.
    Any who… clearly the “women” that were interview for this article were disgruntled ex-employees that were not chosen for an opportunity to return to the team for a second year.. maybe they should have interviewed the girls that keep returning to the team, as there are several of them. I know of multiple girls that had the opportunity to be on the team for one year that only had bad words to say AFTER they were not asked to return… Two of them have made it a life goal to smear the team’s name.. Obviously theses were not unbiased interviews, as you can clearly tell the author was on a witch hunt…

  13. Glad to see all you clowns taking the side of the billionaire owners of sports teams paying peanuts to people who enhance their product. People in power — whether it was the corporate barons of a hundred years ago or Yankees management expecting Joe DiMaggio to take a pay cut after an MVP-type season or the Ebenezer Scrooges of today — will always say to those who they mistreat, “if you don’t like it, quit.” But that doesn’t make it right. $50 a night for something that is enhancing your product is a bleeping joke and the billionaires should be embarrassed.

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