No, NHL Prospects, the Rocky Statue Isn’t “The Most Important Thing to See in Philadelphia”

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Yesterday, while gearing up for the NHL draft, a handful of prospects took a trolley tour around Philadelphia. They went to Love Park, Geno’s, took some BP at CBP, the Art Museum Steps and more. I’m sure all of the prospects were nervous and anxious, and maybe weren’t able to appreciate everything they saw since they have the draft on their mind. That’s understandable.

What isn’t understandable is whoever told Kootenay Ice center Sam Reinhart that the Rocky Statue is the “the most important thing to see in Philadelphia.” It’s cool, sure. For movie buffs it’s pretty awesome, and for tourists it’s about as go-to as you’re gonna get. But important? I get that a dude from Vancouver may not appreciate the whole “this is where America started” thing, but man, if “everyone” is saying that’s the most important thing, we gotta do a better job of making sure we tell people about other things. Like Independence Hall, where they shot some of that Nic Cage movie.

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2 Responses

  1. Where do u live Jim? Come and join Kyle at the Iron Abbey today. Get drunk and piss your pants all over Jim’s Bar Stool@Iron Abbey.

  2. Wonder if those skinny ass Canadian Crackers got intimidated and paid that brother and his wife to take their photo at love park. Those bums work that corner like they own the LOVE sign. Fucking deadbeats.

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