Not Surprisingly, Bernie Parent Still Thinks Trading Richards and Carter was Right Decision

Now that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are over and a champion has been crowned, Bernie Parent would like to use his My Life Is Better Than Yours column to congratulate the champs. Bernie opened his column like this:

“The Los Angeles Kings have won their second Stanley Cup in three years. That’s a hell of an achievement.

Each of the Kings’ playoff series were a huge success. Even the first series, when they were down 3-0 and came back with four consecutive wins. They fell behind a couple times after and still made it back to the top, including three overtime wins.

There’s a great message here to apply to life. How many times would people quit when they get behind and hit a low? If you don’t quit and carry on with persistence, you will persevere. And from a guy who has been in their position, I recognize that it takes a team to win: the players, coaching staff, management, the crowd, etc.”

From there, Parent did what a former goaltender — and anyone with eyes — is going to do: He talked about how great both Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Quick were throughout the playoffs. And yes, they both played at the level they needed to play at. But in the last three grafs is where Parent put on what Kyle would call his “Flyers glasses,” letting the orange hue perhaps skew his perception a bit:

“There’s been a big influx of comments about the three ex-Flyers – Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and Conn Smythe Trophy winner Justin Williams – all leaving Philadelphia to go on and win the Stanley Cup elsewhere. First, there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration when assessing a player’s ability to fit within a system. It’s not just the physical attributes and skill set of that player that has to work with the team, it’s the personality, the chemistry in the locker room, where they are in the development of their play, etc.

Most importantly, a team is a puzzle. You could have three great pieces in the wrong puzzle, and no matter how you try to twist and turn them, those pieces won’t fit. But when those pieces move on to the puzzle they belong to, they fit beautifully. Just because they were good somewhere else, doesn’t mean they would have won a Stanley Cup here.

If the piece doesn’t fit, you have to move on. If you have three circles but you need three squares, you’re wasting your time.”

There’s no argument that those three players didn’t win a Stanley Cup in Philadelphia, but have since won multiple in Los Angeles. That’s just a fact. But the idea that they couldn’t have won the cup here, and they only have in LA because of some magic “atmosphere” or “chemistry” is flawed. Two of the three did play in a Stanley Cup final here in 2010 and a conference final in 2008. From 2008 to 2011, Carter put in three-straight 30+ goal seasons (46, 33, 36), while Richards put in 28, 30, and 31 from 2007 to 2010. The talent was there. It can’t be guaranteed they would have won the Cup if they hadn’t been shipped off, but maybe what this shows is that they weren’t the ones who needed to go, but those who made that decision were.

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63 Responses

  1. Was agreeing with Kyle about this stupid Carter/Richards literary fellatio bullshit a prerequisite for getting hired? Did he eliminate other candidates because they thought maybe complaining about fucking everything the Flyers do is neither necessary nor logical?

    1. Instead of debating whether the Flyers could win a cup with Richards/Carter and all this other bullshit that people are spewing on both sides of the argument, let’s just say the Flyers haven’t won a cup in 40 years. 40. Four decades. Whatever they’re doing, it’s not working.

  2. Oh, christ now the new guy is peddling this shit? For fucks sakes let it fucking go. We won both of those trades. We now get better production from the new younger players than we did from richards and carter. And I liked them, but they got traded and now its just a fact that were no worse off, if not better off now, offensively at least. Yes, carter is playing great two way/ playoff hockey for LA now. But guess what? He never did that with us in 6 years. And if we did have him now, playing for us at that level in the playoffs, wed STILL have lost to NY in 7. Because jeff carter and mike richards being gone isnt our problem. Its our fucking defense. And for fucks sakes, we traded Justin Williams 10 fucking years ago. What the hell was wrong with that trade at the time? He scored like 20 points in his last season with us. After that he was a decent player who just so happened to turn into a conn smyth caliber player 10 FUCKING YEARS LATER. Christ.

    1. I agree that defense is a problem, but not the only problem. The Flyers’ O couldn’t score for extended stretches during the regular season and struggled bad to create scoring chances against the Rangers. We should all get over the trade because it was 3 years ago and the man that pulled the trigger has since been fired. However, ask the Kings, who went from missing the playoffs and first round eliminations before the trade to perennial Stanley Cup contenders and champions immediately after the trade who won that deal. I bet they don’t say it was the Flyers.

      1. And I know we didn’t trade Carter directly to LA, but if we don’t trade him to Columbus then they don’t have the chance to send him to the Kings.

      2. The Kings were a solid team before the trades. And I hate to break it to everyone, the flyers offense suffered from the same inconsistencies when Richie and Carts were here. The 2010 cup run was lightning in a bottle. Remember how they barely made it in on the last shot of the regular season against NY? Remember when Stevens got fired that same year ? And what about the next year; when we went from hands down the favorite to win the presidents trophy in february to being an aenimic at best offense that let 1st place slip out of our grasp, only to get embarassed in the playoffs? Our problem was/is defense as I said, but it was also the fact that laviolette wsnt as good of a coach as everyone made him out to be. We have a lot of problems, but our offense has remained pretty consistent before and after the end of the richards/carter era. Hence, all this bitching about them is pointless.

        1. *Our offensive production, good and bad, has remained pretty consistent I should say.

  3. Fuck Bernie. Fucker blocked me on twitter for encouraging him to get some pussy

  4. Hey Jim – glad to see Kyle gave you mandate to feature as many Carter/Richards stories as possible in order to generate the maximum number of PVs. Unfortunately, I fell right into the trap.

    Click. Bait.

  5. Crossing Broad Writer Prerequisites:

    1) Complain about Carter & Richards
    2) Always knock before entering the dog toy room
    3) Wear jeans your mom bought for you in 7th grade

  6. All sports is rigged.

    Even ESPN Magazine admits this – Google:
    espn soccer rigged

    Bottom line: you’re watching actors (who are good at sports) pretend to win or lose…

    It doesn’t matter who the actors are. Chemistry is a lie. The truth is the outcomes are known ahead of time.


      WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!1!!!!

  7. This is the dumbest fucking article ever… Never thought Kyle could get outdone on the stupidity level but kodus to the new guy…

    You suck more that Kyle the wanna-be Delco kid…

    1. Dude thats bullshit, Kyle is street as fuck. Rememeber that time he totally called out a meth lab in a seedy motel. It takes some hardcore street knowledge to get that prediction right.

  8. So does idea that Richards and Carter couldn’t take the spotlight at the number 1 and 2 players on a given team? Does the idea that having a lesser role in Los Angeles not only within the team but also the media (no argument against Richards being terrible with the media) benefitted Carter and Richards? Do you understand that Carter and Richards are supporting players there? Richards is the 3rd line center. If Richards and Carter stayed lets think about what could have happened. Claude Giroux would still be a 3rd line player, no Simmonds, no Voracek, no Schenn, no Couturier. Do you understand that Simmonds is 25 years old, Voracek is 24 years old, Schenn is 22 years old and Couturier is 21 years old. MATH TIME……..thats an average of 23 years old. Carter and Richards are both 29. Carter has a hit of 5.72 mil 2022, Richards has a hit of 5.75 mil through 2020.

    Comparatively speaking, Simmonds’ hit is 3.975, Voracek’s is 4.25, Couturier’s is 1.75 and Schenn’s is up for discussion since he is a RFA. Should make upper 2s or lower 3s. Lets assume the latter, 3 million. Thats 3.25 million per player for 4 players.

    Hoagiefest starts on the 23rd..1 week from today.

    1. Yes, that is him.

      His food sucks as bad as Chickie’s & Pete’s.

      Except the Veal Italian.

  9. Not surprisingly, Jim Adair wrote another unnecessarily long headline and doesn’t know shit about hockey.

    I’m assuming Kyle wanted to make sure his new writer knew dick about hockey so Kyle could just tell him what to say on the matter.

    “You have to view things in shades of grey. Matt Read doesn’t score goals he sucks type OBers suck every single move the flyers have made is awful…” Kyle Scott Laskowski logic, ladies and gents.

  10. Wow you should get fired already. Your just another version of Kyle. This site that I used to like a lot has turned into nothing but talking about dicks, video games, what Eagles OL are doing, trying to sell shitty T-shirts(If it was such a bad move then why would you be selling T- Shirts with his face on it) and all the sudden censorship to protect a traffic girl you have a crush on when anything else imaginable was ok on this site before.

  11. Bernie, tell us about the days you would bang the blond bimbos
    before you passed them on to Uncle Ed.

  12. Hate on this all you want, but did anyone notice the order of Bernie’s somewhat hidden criticism of these three players? New kyle’s article is about Bernie’s skew, but new guy misses the point that Bernie holds the party line much stronger. Old man B mentioned (1)Richards, (2) Carter, and (3) Williams in that order. Then while mentioning a list of seemingly arbitrary “reasons” that “players may not fit in a system” he lists the exact knocks, in order, of each player that have been plausibly denied by the organization for years now. (1) Personality, (2) Chemistry in the locker room, (3) development of play. Bernie can be my wingman anytime, but a guy on the payroll should have to disclose it. Don’t insult us by disguising your real point Bernie, keep partying instead.

  13. Williams also led Carolina to their only Stanley Cup win. so there’s that. dud has 3 stanley cup wins. flyers have zero. zero is less than 3.

    1. Ok, I get not wanting to live in the past and all, but the flyers have two cups you faggot.

      And now Justin Williams lead the 06 canes to victory? He was solely responsible for that cup, and not Conn Smythe winner Cam Ward or Rod Brindamour??? (ANOTHER FORMER FLYER THAT WON A CUP OMG LETS BITCH AHOUT HIM, OH WAIT HES NOT PLAYING WITH RICHARDS AND CARTER SO ITS COOL) Just like Richards and Carter are the only reason LA won 2 cups? Get a fucking clue you hater.

  14. I see the Orange kool-aid drinking Flyers stepfords attacking the new guy like a pack of Wolves.

    Fast Eddie trained you stepfords well(LOL).

    1. Why is this stepford shit becoming a thing? the guy who knows absolute dog shit about hockey on the fanatic is now the voice of reason? shut the fuck up pal. There’s a difference between never criticizing the flyers and bitching constantly for a move that happened years ago and as far as im concerned still has yet to see its end. Flyers end was a move for the future, Kings richards trade and getting carter is a move for the now. Let’s see where you fucking morons are in 3 years when the flyers are cup favorites and carts and richie get amnestied and cant even sniff a cup

  15. Until you unload the entire 70s/80s/90s crowd of ex-Flyers and bring in new thinking, nothing will change.

  16. How is this news? As affiliated as Parent remains with the Flyers, what did you think he would say?
    News would be Bernie saying getting rid of these guys was a really shitty move.

  17. For the record I don’t think Richards did squat in the playoffs this year. They’re even talking about buying him out. But carts on the other hand…

    1. Carter was great in the playoffs this year, but it doesn’t change him giving up on the Flyers in 2010-11. And he was still not even one of the best Kings on the ice in this year’s tournament. Oh yeah, and Voracek outperformed him this past season.

      “Shut up! Carter won another Cup!”

      On a great team. Who cares.

      1. Carter was absolutely one of the Kings best players in the playoffs. In fact, he was probably their best player in the finals.

        1. The argument can be made that Williams, Gaborik, Doughty, and Quick all had better postseasons than Carter.

  18. Jim sucks. I never thought anyone could be worse when it comes to hockey than Kyle Scott.

    Just stay away from the Flyers and hockey.

    Jim is still better than Dan Fuller, though. That guy posts about uniforms/logos with no prior research.

    For the zillionth time, the commenters make this site.

  19. Back in ’06 the flyers had the chance to promote west coast scout dean Lombardi. They chose to let him go to LA and promote holmgren instead.

    Result: Lombardi has 2 cups, a very talented young team under cap control and the last laugh.

  20. still trying like hell to block me, eh, you cock-smoking douche-hammer? too bad the pages of your computer manual are stuck together with hipster jim’s cock spit. at least you’ll save on hair gel.


  22. seriously, are the fucking CTRL, C, and V keys work out on your keyboards? or is it just that they’re the only ones that work because the others are stuck together from jerking off to kac1e mcd0nnell?

  23. Has it crossed anybody’s mind that what the Flyers thought was a Carter Richards problem was actually a Laviolette problem? So, there’s that. Now the Flyers have one of the youngest, if not THE youngest teams in hockey with nowhere to go but up if Hextall can be smarter than Holmgren. Plausible? Absofuckinglutely it is. So while on the outside it looks bad for Holmie, his moves did make the team stronger moving forward.

    1. Now it’s Laviolette. I thought it was Pronger? Or the Bryz detour? Bernie is telling you what the problem is – the Flyers ‘system’. It is broken and needs to be fixed. System should fit players, not the other way around. Stop drafting , signing, trading for the same kinds of players over and over again. Mucker, grinder, energy guy, goon, big & slow, etc. And the Flyers are “moving forward”? Where? The only ‘forward’ from making the Finals is winning the Cup. Are we closer to that now? Really?

      1. Everything you mentioned is all a part of it too. Mainly, nobody can be blamed more than Holmgren can. And yes, i think this season the Flyers will get closer to the cup and have a better shot of contending within the next 5 years than the Kings do.

        1. you’re nuts and obviously looking at things through orange colored glasses. the kings are 13 mil under the cap with only 2 mediocre UFAs to deal with. all their top players are signed. they are stacked with youth and skill thanks to their GM who used to work for geezer ed.

          the flyers have exactly ONE really good player. one! you need a bunch of really good players to compete. so how exactly will they be closer to a cup than the kings in the next 5?

          1. You are a fucking idiot….

            One good player? Really? One good player?

            Just shut your fucking cock holster you clearly know nothing.

  24. The US beat Ghana in the World Cup last night.

    I don’t suppose anything will be posted/pasted about it, however.

    1. Nick Foles’s Cock and a bunch of 1000-year old hockey playes no one gives a shit about anymore are more important.

  25. Seriously? You do realize a hockey team is not comprised of two players. Get over it. The trade resulted in some decent talent on our second and third lines still yet to hit respective primes. Chill the fuck out.

  26. I used to at least get through the first paragraph of Kyle’s posts. This Quagmire guy bores me after the first syllable….

  27. Since when does having Carter and Richards fix our defense?? Oh wait, it doesn’t…

    So no, they would not have won a cup here.

  28. pretty sure nobody has ever intimated that carter/richards guaranteed a flyers cup victory.

    what we do know is that they got to the finals in 2010. both players were 25. richards was the teams’ captain and best allround player and carter, the teams’ best scorer. both were signed to long term deals and touted by the owner as the core of a very bright future. one year later after a disappointing second round defeat to eventual cup champion boston, both were traded away to make room for an unsuccessful playoff goalie with decent regular season stats.

    2 years later, both players now have 2 cup wins with that same GM the flyers released so they could promote long time clarke disciple paul holmgren.

    sound like a well run organEYEzation?

    1. Richards was the best all round player??? The best player on their team was clearly without question Pronger. Notice all the teams that go deep in the playoffs have a star D-Man. The Flyers haven’t done well since losing Pronger for this very reason and not because they no longer have a 4th line center and Carter (who has clearly became a very good player)

      1. Yes, Richards was their best all round do everything player. A Lethal penalty killer on top of solid offensive numbers. Plus, you cant really compare a forward to a defenseman. pronger is a HOF d-man no doubt but to blame the flyers demise on him is baloney. Their consistent miscalculations on talent eval like bryzgalov and lecavalier paired with zero knowledge of salary cap are reasons 1 and 2.

      2. Please. Chris Pronger was 36 years old and breaking down when he was here. The Blackhawks exposed him with their speed during that Finals series. The Flyers had the best record in the East the following year when Pronger was hurt. So the argument that this teams demise is all because of Pronger is a stupid one. The guy was old and slow. He benefited big time from playing with Matt Carle. Meanwhile, Carter has developed into an absolute stud. I could careless how many points Voracek had during the regular season, that guy could never take over a game the way that Carter showed he can during the Kings 2 runs. And Coots is a top 10 pick who has shown nothing offensively. There’s no argument that the core of Giroux/Carter/Richards/JVR is better and WAYYYY more skilled than the new mucking/griding core of Giroux/Voracek/Schenn (ew)/Simmonds

        1. Pronger didn’t get hurt until almost the end of the 2010-11 season. Things started going downhill once he got hurt. They were the best team in the NHL for most of the season, Pronger got hurt, Richards and Carter visibly gave up, the Flyers went into the playoffs in a tailspin, barely got by an average Sabres team, then got thoroughly dismantled by the Bruins.

        2. How can you even say that. Richards and Carter are now 29, Carter has gone uphill in his development and Richards is a 3rd line center at best. The 4 guys you mentioned ARE ALL UNDER 25 YEARS OLD. Richards is going to get bought out. Drive over to CBs house, unstrap your belt so kyle can smoke your cock, then smack him with your roast beef classic with extra mayo. Forget this trade, it does nothing to help the Flyers here and now. Oh, please take a survey slip, you could win a 250 dollar gift card.

          Hoagiefest starts monday.

  29. Bernie & Dorny were walking past our suite this year and Bernie says to my wife ” Hey, Baby, how’s it goin ?”
    Bernie knows the deal. Teams are made up of bonding personalities.

    it ain’t rocket science.

    ps; hey new guy…look up the story of the LA fans taking out a LAPD drone…..

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