Here is the first actual gameplay video from NHL 15, taken at E3, and I need a tissue.

Interesting offset camera angle, too. Is that default?

NHL 14 and NHL 15 comparison video after the jump.

via Pastapadre

via 25 Stanley

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11 Responses

  1. So I haven’t played a fucking hockey game since Wanye Gretzkey’s 3D Hockey on the Nintendo 64, and the fucking player movements look exactly the same.

    A bunch of herkey-jerkey bullshit abrupt turns and awkward cuts. I understand it’s a video game, but the flow looks so obnoxiously fake it’s actually infuriating.

  2. The camera is exactly the same as it was in NHL14 you douche. I love that you think you can see anything worthwhile on a shitty video recorded at an angle on a phone and then compressed by YouTube, this could easily be a video of NHL14 running on a 360 and it wouldn’t look a single bit different.

    1. EA has stated in several press releases that they switched the camera angle and made it lower this year.

    2. Except for the fact that their is an NBC logo during a break and the physics of the puck are noticeably different and yeah, the camera is different as well.

      ~POT. I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chippy here tells me you’re lookin’ for passage to the new Xbox system?

  3. Come on Kyle. It’s clear you’re now paid to endorse EA sports video games. Someone doesn’t buy their first Play Station and suddenly blog how awesome sports games are at 30 years old.

    1. Think you know the average age of a person who plays video games?

      Try googling it

      1. No sh$t Sherlock. Kyle said he never played many video games before. People who play video games generally start when they are kids, they play in college, they play when they should be changing diapers. What 30 year old man picks up his first Play Station at 30 and suddenly likes video games? A guy taking a 2k check to plug video games for a month on his blog. Nice job Kyle. Keep making the money 😉

  4. Kyle,

    While I don’t care about video game hockey in the least, I would be interested in you playing MLB 14: The Show, and updating us on your progress from minor leagues to MLB with a prospect named Chubby Wang (best name that the game actually announces).

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