Oh Shit the Joe Frazier Statue Looks Amazing

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.41.37 PM

There’s a video of the colossal Joe Frazier statue being worked on/finished up over at CSN’s The 700 Level, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna sit here in awe for a little while.


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  1. Why don’t you combine all this shit into one real article. Writing two sentences and a picture is some real hack shit.

    1. No shit. Maybe elaborate a little bit about why the statue is cool, compare it to other sports statues in the city or talk about what Joe Frazier means to the city.

      This piece of shit is pathetic and the blog continues to degrade.

  2. Are you writing small bits of crap on purpose? This is shit work. [The statue is fine, but can easily be another part of a longer article as a side note]

    1. At least he didn’t ask how big the statue’s cock is. That passes for progress on here anymore.

  3. Always loved the idiots who would rip on Philly for being racist because we had a statue of rocky cause he was white and didn’t exist. ITS A FUCKING MOVIE PROP leftover from filming . It’s not like we took up a collection to have it made in honor of rocky.

    1. This might be the strangest comment I’ve read on this hack of a blog. First of all, Philly is historically one of the most racist cities in the North for a ton of other reasons. I don’t mean the pussy, d-bag, suburban racists who often comment on this site – they are not Philly. Secondly, I’ve lived here all of my life and have never heard someone label the whole city racist because of the Rocky statue. Sounds like you’re a closet racist who’s fishing. Or, maybe you’re just a troll, and I fell for it.

      1. What exactly makes Philadelphia “historically one of the most racist cities in the North”?

        This should be good……….you sound like a blow-hard asshole, so I am already preparing myself for a load of bullshit. Don’t disappoint boy.

  4. Now get rid of that stupid Rocky statue in front of the Art Museum and replace it with a statute of a real champion.

  5. I see these comments every day. Yes there is less content and yes it seems like a big change. But how much time out of your day can you really spend doing all this trolling before you realize that it’s really pathetic. As a consumer you could possibly realize that you could spend this time going on another site or trying to find a way out of your moms basement.

  6. Fucking mailing it in mid-day Jim? Boss is gone this week so you take half the day to hit up H&M and search for you new OOTD?

    Fuck off you cock slurping hippie.

  7. Well if you never heard it said then I’m sure it has never been uttered. I didn’t say philly wasn’t a racist city. I said the argument thAt we have a statute for rocky used in an argument is a stupid reason for call this city racist. I’ve been in “arguments” with out of towners who think it’s racist there is a Rocky statue and not one for joe Frazier. I am pointing out it is a movie prop.

  8. Joe Frazier is from Bumblefuck, South Carolina and grew up on a farm there. I don’t see why people gave a shit that we didn’t have a statue of him. He’s not from Philadelphia. He’s about as Philly as Cataldi and Morganti.

    1. If Cloverlay and Rizzo bagman Officer Joe Hand didn’t support Frazier
      he would have kept packing meat at Cross Brothers.
      Frazier was pumped more steroids and speed than any heavyweight of
      his era which precipitated his diabetes and liver cancer.
      Joe was a degenerate numbers player who spent thousands a day chasing
      winners and hot blonds.

  9. I was listening to the Fanatic today and somehow Sean Brace is still on the radio. I’m shocked Philly sports fans tolerate that brain dead wigger. I can see him being part of the Howard Stern wack pack talking about the fat, herpe ridden chicks that he ate out but not as a serious sports talk host in a major market.

    1. Philadelphia fans have no control over who that shitty station(97.5) puts on the air.

      If they did,not only would they have gotten rid of Bruno,but Sean Brace and his midget sidekick Johnny Marks would’ve gotten the axe as well.

  10. Shit Jim, Kyle didn’t tell you that citing The 700 Level is off limits here? You might actually get fired now.

    1. Yea, how does he not know that? I’m sure Kyle will be thrilled his new employee is referring people to his competitor!

    2. Lol,Jim clearly was a frequent rider of the short yellow bus as a young lad.

  11. The pose of the statue makes it look like he’s laying the smackdown on himself.

  12. This blog is going down the tubes faster than the Phillies. Other websites have noticed and began capitalizing on what made this blog popular in the first place. “Six Figure Scotty” better start thinking long and hard about what he’s going to do next.

  13. The ice caps are melting and I’m rising….in my pants. LOL. But really, this isn’t good.

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