Phillies Retro Weekend Brings Throwback Vendors, Jim Bunning Tribute, and… uh… Scott Eyre

(L to R: A babe, Luke Wilson, the Cigarette Smoking Man, a High School history teacher) image via Imgur
(L to R: A babe, Luke Wilson, the Cigarette Smoking Man, a High School history teacher)

This coming weekend is the Phillies’ now-yearly Retro Weekend, this time taking everything back to 1964. The Phils and Cubs will wear 1964 throwbacks, and both vendors and grounds crew members will be dressed in some sort of retro attire. It won’t look exactly like above, since that’s not from ’64, but we’d dig it if everyone rocked that far-right jumpsuit. There will also be celebrity look-a-likes, a Beatles tribute act, and plenty of other nonsense to distract you from the product on the field.

Saturday, as part of the impossibly clever “Citizens Bank Park Saturdays,” Scott Eyre will throw out the first pitch. Scott Eyre, a pitcher whose 44.1 innings pitched in a Phillies uniform (while he was 36 and 37 years old) equals about seven percent of his career total. Actually, you know what, honoring a mediocre (yet important!) middle reliever befits this season.

And on Sunday, the Father’s Appreciation Day and Jim Bunning Tribute game actually sounds like a pretty great day at the ballpark. You’ve got a dad-fedora giveaway, Bunning throwing out the first pitch to honor his Father’s Day perfect game 50 years ago, there will be appearances from Dick Allen, Cookie Rojas and John Herrnstein, and the national anthem will be sung by Art Garfunkel. It’s not Paul Simon, but at least you’ll be able to see Garfunkel from the terrace deck.

[Editor’s note: Tickets available at Crossing Broad Tickets. Jim’s still learning how to shill.]

image via Imgur


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  1. Scott Eyre was a key piece of the world series bullpen? Why are you talking shit on him?

    1. A better question is, have we fallen so far that 2008 is now considered ‘retro’?

  2. Wait, is it going to be the REAL Art Garfunkel, or Jeffie Lurie dressed to look like Art Garfunkel?

  3. Note to the editor: I like the ‘gimmick’ tag. You should use that in place of all Phillies tags for the rest of the season.

  4. I wonder if they will have 1964 prices at the concession stands? That will be the only way to get another sellout at the ballpark.

  5. Will the ball girls be required to come equipped with small but pointy tits like girls had in the 60’s?

  6. A great tie-in to the whole “retro” theme would be if the Phillies announced AT THE GAME on Friday that Dallas Green was replacing Ruben Amaro, effective immediately.

    Guaranteed to be the only standing ovation all season.

  7. From left right: Stewardess, baggage handler, pilot and flight mechanic uniform models for Ruly Carpenter’s failed attempt at launching a sexy mid-Atlantic answer to Braniff Airlines. Allentown to Baltimore. All Class, No Hassle, baby.

  8. So in other words… Saturday’s game will be a regular game with very little special about it.
    I’m glad i bought tickets in January.

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