Rocky I, II, III, IV, and V Are All Leaving Netflix Tomorrow

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As part of the Netflix model, movie licenses only last so long. And as each new month comes, a number of films disappear from the service (sometimes for a little bit, sometimes forever). When the clock rolls over into tomorrow, July 1st, the first five Rocky films will be going the way of all of those seasons of King of the Hill that are now lost to the world. Luckily, if you wanna tackle them all before they go away, the five films’ combined runtime of 532 minutes will take you to midnight if you start at 3pm (or 3am, the time they actually leave the service, if you start at 6pm). That’s a pretty good use of your day.


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  1. Hey are you ever going to post a retraction for basically insinuating that Joshua Harris wanted to move the Sixers? I think the 120,000 square foot practice facility basically says he’s committed to the Philadelphia area for the long haul.

  2. Netflix is slowly becoming really shitty. Besides Always Sunny (still no season 9) and the selected 30 for 30s they have, it’s like I gotta dig for gold on there for something decent

  3. That would be a better use of my time than visiting this site.

  4. Hey Ant, remember in the third one when Mick smokes Rocky’s meat log?


    Rocky this I love rocky and the sopranos that’s all I fucking talk about because I’m a guy’s guy. I’m so cool.

  5. It cracks me up how Philadelphians can’t even see the irony of having the Rocky character exemplify Philadelphian toughness. Basically Stallone decided that a borderline retard who can’t string together a sentence or even spell simple words was the essence of a Philadelphian. When Stallone has to act dumb to play the part it speaks volumes to his impression of the inhabitants of the city. If I was a Philadelphian native I might hate the character Rocky, but instead it amuses me that nobody has the sense to see the insult of the movies towards Philly and it’s people.

    1. The other fiction is that Stallone was from Philly. He lived in Philly, but not in Kensington or South Philly but in the then affluent Lexington Park section in Northeast Philly.

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