Scott Hartnell Thanks Fans

No word from Hartnell on being shot in the back by Ron Hextall, but he has thanked fans on Instagram and Facebook, and changed his Twitter profile:

Voila_Capture 2014-06-23_01-11-52_PM

Thanks, Hartsy. One of the more bloggable athletes around. Congrats on winning the Cup you’re inevitably going to win.


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  1. Didn’t Hartsy have a no-move clause? He woulda had to approve this move…wonder what that says about the Flyers….

    1. NTC/NMC don’t mean what they used to mean in such a tight salary cap world. It gives the player choice of where he wants to go, and that’s about it. This doesn’t say anything about the Flyers’ loyalty. Other teams move NTCs all the time.

      1. AG. Only a little dildo, such as yourself, would have a photo to comment on this stupid site. Take your lack of knowledge elsewhere. Fruit cake.

  2. Basically, Hartsy himself has said NOTHING. His media team, however, has done their job admirably. He’s not talking, though, and I doubt he will.

  3. I hope he had time to take a ceiling tile down in Snider’s office, lay a piping hot turd pile on it and put it back.

  4. Anyone who refers to hockey players by their nicknames should shampoo my crotch.

    1. Jenny,

      BLT on rye, Herrs Kettle Chips-Jalapeno flavor, and a Peach WaWa iced tea. TY

  5. I read that Hartsy requested to be traded. Read it on twitter so take that for what its worth.

  6. The provider of some nice highlights over the years, it’s definitely sad. He really can’t even skate anymore though. It’s terrible. He couldn’t forecheck to save his life in that rags series.

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