Sixers Camden Practice Facility Could Cost Philly $2 Million, And Still, Camden


There’s been a lot of talk this week about the Sixers’ new Camden practice facility — most of it right here — but a spokesman for Mayor Nutter is not really a fan, as it could cost the city about $2 million. According to Philadelphia Magazine, spokesman Mark S. McDonald said the exact amount isn’t known because “any Philadelphia residents who commute to the Camden facility — expected to open in 2016 — will still have to pay a reduced city wage tax in Philadelphia,” but the facility being on the other side of the river could mean millions lost in city wage tax. You know, that tax everyone hates paying. And just in case it’s unclear, we’re talking the city wage tax being paid by so-called “other” employees at the facility (anyone who is not coach or player or millionaire).

But all is not bad, as McDonald said, “The reality here is the revitalization of Camden is something that is important to the city of Philadelphia.” Plus, you get one more thing to point at from across the river and say that isn’t “one of the bad parts.”


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  1. Fuck that 2 million. NJ is giving up 82 million. Makes me want to throw up. Billionaire owners getting welfare bennies. Anyone else see something wrong with this?

    1. Yes, there is something wrong with this but the average commenter is too tarded to acknowledge. Kudos to you, good sir. KEW-DOSE!

  2. I just read the editorial in today’s Daily News about how the Sixers’ new practice facility will most likely end up being a publicly financed boondoggle like PPL Park in Chester. You’d think politicians would’ve learned their lesson by now. Clearly, I was wrong.

    1. What’s to learn? The politicians will all skim off some of the gravy on this deal, and by the time the boondoggle hits in full force, they will be long gone – on to the next scam.

  3. Is that actually where they plan on putting it? In the [smaller] parking lot for Susquehanna Bank Center? That’s just going to be a mess.

    1. Do you think the jizz-bag owner from North Jersey gives a shit about any of that? If he can get a free facility and not have to pay taxes, where’s his downside?

      If other people are inconvenienced when attending SBC, the aquarium, etc, what does he care?

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