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  1. The sixers have offered the 3rd pick, the 10th pick and my man Tony Bruno to Cleveland for the Number 1 pick and a radio personality to be named later.

  2. Wait, so the deal breaker was that the Sixers refused to throw in a shitty second round pick, of which they have about ten.
    I find that hard to believe.

  3. Take Embiid have him take a season off, tank another season for a high pick in next years draft. Pray Embiid can make a recovery

  4. He’s fired up. He wanted to go to LA since they have better looking white girls

  5. I love it when these old white guys (nba commish) do the black guy’s handshake with all the draftees. They are SO down !!

  6. I not excited but then agent told me I was on TV and to do it again and I be excited thank you God and please protect me in Camden it much more unsafe than sub-Saharan Africa.

    1. Nice try hiding behind a new handle, Junkhead. So, not only are you a raging bore and totally unfunny, you’re also a racist! The airhead trifecta!

      1. Mike Miss is that you? Don’t worry, you’re incognito here, you can let your inner Reiley Cooper out, we all hate black na dings

  7. Kyle, I don’t know why you’re being such a whiny bitch. We got the best guy in the draft, kept our picks, didn’t reach for Exum, and are ready to rock n roll.

  8. Who is this little, popeyed jowelly troll with the grey hair doing commentary on the espn draft?

  9. The question to MCW was clearly about whether he would move positions, not teams, with another PG on the floor.

  10. Since the Sixers couldn’t hit the broad side of a goddamn barn with a tank cannon, the logical pick at #10 would’ve been Dougie McBuckets who was there for the picking, so what do they do? Select a point guard with a Chia Pet hairdo! What the fuck?

  11. Initial reaction is disappointment.
    The plan is obviously to tank another year.
    That’s gonna be really rough on the fan base to ask them to go through that again.
    If they had given Cleveland what they wanted to get Wiggins, at least we would be able to see the rebuilding begin.
    A 7-footer who can’t walk.? Too much risk for a beaten down fan base and organization.

    1. Agreed…he’s a 20 Y.O. 7-footer who has had a broken back AND a broken foot, is definitely on the shelf for 6 months, and some doctors are saying as much as 3 YEARS! Wake me up when the Sixers are relevant again.

  12. A night where i actually rushed home with hopes of building something has turned into another disappointment. I have supported Hinkie but man how the hell can you get behind this slop. No wonder he is gonna hide in his hole tonight. Why do we have to continually build assets and not get some guys that can play basketball. There is no guarantee Saric is gonna come over after his two years in Turkey,

  13. Not disappointed at all so far. We’re all still young. The front office has a plan, we all know that plan, and they’re following through with that plan. Nobody expected to win the next couple of years so why shouldn’t we be happy with possibly getting top picks in those years?

  14. Don’t fret, philly. Hinkie’ shot another move up his sleeve. He’s trading next year’s #1 for the 2030 AND 2035 first round pick from the. Thunder. He’s, like, a dark genius or so,etching?

  15. Yeah dude we know the plan, but the goal is to get better not to stick in the lottery for years to come and collecting “assets” that might or might not pan out. I get Embiid, i can see taking a leap there but you need players man. You have to do something to get the fans ready to come see this team and keep the faith with the long term rebuild. Why do you think sports radio was blowing up with talk over the draft??? Was it because we wanted to know in 2017 we might have our pick finally come over and have Orlando’s first round pick. Come out Hinkie and speak, you little creepy phuck.

  16. How’s wiggins treating ya? Yeah I’m looking at you Walter Sbochak, fucking idiot.

    This franchise sucks.

  17. So gracious of LaVine to say that after getting drafted to play basketball for a living and have the opportunity to become a millionaire. How much would Isaiah Austin give for that to be him?

  18. Haha say the LaVine thing live and I was like, “hahaha this kid does not want to go there.” LA to Minnesota…gonna be culture shock.

  19. So they got a guy that is going to start the year on IR and a guy that may stay in Turkey?

  20. Sounds good. I’d have liked the future to have started this year, but whaddya gonna do. It’s not Hinkie’s fault that trading the entire team away at Christmas to spark a 26-game losing streak wasn’t good enough to draft a real player who isn’t getting nails in his foot tonight. That’s the NBA for you.

    We don’t give a fuck about “competitive” basketball in this town anymore, nor should we. Hell, I’ve paid more attention to the Sixers in the last year than I have in the previous decade. We know the .500 game in the NBA doesn’t lead anywhere, and Marc Zumoff and Dei Lynam would be better served 69ing each other on the announce desk than shoveling their “good, young, fast” bullshit at us.

    Hell, they should send the three other young Sixers over to play with Saric for two years. That way they get playing time without getting in the way of more reinforcements.

  21. Kylie complimented Bill Simmons hmmm hmmmm…. Nobody likes him, it’s fucking awkward. Eat shit Kylie

  22. Expect courtside at the Wells Fargo Center next season to once again look like a day care center as fans bring their kids. When a franchise reaches maturity and contends for rings the courtside seats are used by celebrities or rich guys bringing their “Dimes” for eye candy. Your not going to see McDonald’s small fry’s of the game eating cotton candy or dipping dots. When a team is bad the seats are owned by corporations who give the tickets to executives or associates who bring their kids because no one else wants to go.

  23. Hinkie is smarter than all of you, so calm down.

    He couldn’t play all seven draft picks anyway, so now he gets the best available talent at the first two picks who also get to not play next year – Embiid recovering a la Noel (and if I misspell their names, my apologies) and the foreign dude Saric increasing his game and confidence overseas for two years, and it lets him focus on round 2.

    Now, he can either wheel and deal with the 2nd round picks or just draft BPA from here on out and let next year be just like last year – find out who can play and fill out the support and backup roles as needed.

    And oh yeah, he picked up another future first round pick….and a future second round pick.

    Hinkie is a beast with his calculator, relax and let him bring this team into a decade of contending at the cost of two more years of rebuilding.

  24. So essentially the Sixers first 2 second round picks will have way more of an immediate impact then Embiid and Saric. McDaniels is a freak athlete with a decent jump shot shot that can absolutely get better and a tenacious defender. On e of the best in the nation last year. Jeramy grant will get a shot immediately to, and suprise people by being so nba ready. Decent jump shot and another freak athletically with good hands and feet for his size. Could really be used as both a slasher type player cause he runs well and a stretch power forward. Definitely decent good picks to start off the second half if the draft.

  25. You can tell Kyle has been away from sports for a couple weeks. Sixers won this draft without question. Obviously, reading this comment board thats an unpopular opinion, but Embiid was the best player in this draft, much higher ceiling than wiggins. His foot will be fine; he is 20 years old not 30 + like the other people who never came back from this injury. MJ had same injury and had zero problem. Not to mention if you really knew anything bout this draft, kyle, you would have seen that Saric is absolutely NBA ready. He needs to get a little bigger, but is a 6’10 Manu ginobli. Unreal court vision will be a perennial all star in this league, and a fan favorite in Philly. Very goofy (has his own signature dance that he does to pump up crowds) with the talent to back it up. If the sixers can make nerlens and embiid coexist, they will be a top 3 team in the east for years to come by 2017. Playoffs in 2016. Oh and we got a first rounder just for fucking up the magics plans? Hard for you to stomach? Big fan of the site, but clearly NBA is not your strong suit. There is no other way to rebuild than exactly what the sixers are doing.

  26. Haven’t watched the Sixers since Game 7 of that sham Boston series a few years ago. Even then with Iguodala and Brand I didn’t give a shit and haven’t since Iverson. Now I care. You think they were going to draft a guy and go toe to toe with LeBron next year? Even if Embiid craps out they still have assets (which is apparently a dirty word). Ask the Knicks if they would take our roster, picks and assets over the Sixers’. Even if you spotted them Carmelo they would be crazy not to go with what’s in store for the Sixers in the future. There’s no guarantee Wiggins becomes a star either – he could be Tim Fucking Thomas. Props to Hinkie. Chill out. It’s gonna be a long ride.

  27. For all the conspiracy theorists out there, the one I heard is that they want to be terrible again next year and use the dwindling attendance and lack of interest as an excuse to move to NJ.

  28. I called these two first picks on a comment wall a while back. I may of been completely joking but I called it. Let the second rounders play next year and see if there are any studs hidden there, then LOTTERY 2015. TOGETHER WE BUILD, EVENTUALLY.

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