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Nehhhhhhhhhhh, I’m building us a practice facility. Nehhhh

As the Sixers get closer and closer to making their Camden dream a reality, they’ve hit the “asking for money” phase. According to Philadelphia Business Journal, the Sixers have applied for an $82 million grant (spread out over ten years at $8,204,050 per year) from the state of New Jersey as part of the state’s “Grow New Jersey Assistance Program.” The New Jersey Economic Development Authority will discuss it at their meeting tomorrow.

To put that money in perspective, it’s like paying for just about five Andrew Bynums at the money he was being paid the year he didn’t play here, and it’s actually cheaper than ten years of Thad Young at last season’s salary. When you put it that way, it’s a lot of bang for your buck. But then again, Camden.

UPDATE: Well, that was easy. The Sixers grant request got approved today, and as a result, Neil Hartman let us know about some interesting math:

hartman tweet

How? Who knows man, that’s some New Jersey math.