Sixers New Practice Facility Will Be Next To Wiggins Park, Which Makes Me No Less Scared They’ll Screw This Up


As Zoo With Roy pointed out, the chosen location for the new Sixers Practice Facility (where that very fancy arrow is pointing) is suspiciously close to Wiggins Park in Camden, possibly foreshadowing … actually … I’m still nervous they’re gonna take Exum at pick three, or make some other strange Andy Reid-type pick. I want to believe, Hinkie, I want to believe.

Here’s the original Zapruder-esque image, from Keith Pompey’s Instagram:


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  1. What’s hilarious about this is that billionaires like Josh Harris don’t go into Camden. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the facility will probably be on the Main Line or in Manhatten.

    1. I heard they will have a limited number of tickets available for the public to watch practices, but most of them will be offered to Devils’ fans.

  2. One answer i hope my wife never gives to the question, what is her favorite dessert?
    -dark chocolate

  3. I can picture levi right now, eating the 3 piece wing and rice meal from the chinese food store, wiping his greased paws all over his plastic covered couch waiting on hold on wip so he can make a stupid point

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