Sixers Reportedly Increase Their Offer for the Number One Pick Because They Want Andrew Wiggins

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Now that the Magic’s Aaron Afflalo, previously rumored to be part of a deal for the number one pick in the draft, has been dealt to the Denver Nuggets, it seems like the Sixers are the only team left standing still willing and able to make a deal for said pick. According to multiple reports, the Sixers are upping their offer to Cleveland for the number one pick, where they would select Andrew Wiggins, which is why they did this whole thing in the first place. The previous offer was rumored to be picks three and ten, so any increased offer would presumably feature a player (most likely Thad Young):

It’s also worth mentioning that none of this would matter at all if those damn lottery balls just fell the way they were supposed to. Damn Cleveland.


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  1. If the cost for #1 and the chance to get Wiggins is 3, 10 and Thad I’d do that in a heartbeat. Basically its 10 and Thad for Wiggins, the chances of the guy at 10 being a star are slim and Thad Young won’t be on the next Sixer playoff team. If Wiggins is your guy and you believe he is a star you go out and get him.

  2. This is stupid. Surprised Hinkie is offering this. Unless it’s mis-direction. Than I’d be more apt to believe Hinkie is behind it.

  3. Wait until Tony Bruno joins WIP. That pirate radio station 97.5 will fold like a house of cards.

  4. Why not trade Thad or MCW for another top 10 pick and just cast a bigger net? You have more of a chance of finding a stud with three picks than one potential prodigy.

    And it doesn’t make sense to increase what you’re offering when one of the other competitors BACKS OUT. This is business.

  5. That Zumoff has been cut and Malik Rose has been traded for a cliche to be named later. I have a feeling those two insufferable clowns will be back and bigger than ever.

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