Soon You’ll Have to Walk Through a Metal Detector at CBP’s Right Field Gate

At least you can keep your shoes on: As part of a league-wide program that will put metal detectors in every park by next season, CBP’s Right Field Gate will feature a metal detector beginning on July 21st. According to the Phillies:

“The new metal detectors will first be introduced as a pilot program at Citizens Bank Park.

Starting Monday, July 21, fans entering the ballpark through the Right Field Gate will be required to pass through a metal detector immediately before their tickets are scanned. All cell phones, cameras and other large metal items will need to be removed prior to passing through the metal detectors.”

You’ll get to keep your shoes and your belt when you enter, and you’ll get to keep everything in your pockets if you just enter using a different gate.


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  1. Oh come onnnn. How am I suppose to get my Throwin’ Batteries into the park now?

    1. Actually, according to a post from Kyle himself, there’s an inverse relationship between the number of comments and pageviews. So when no one is commenting, business is booming here on the blog.
      Doesn’t sound quite right to me, but who am I to question Kyle?

  2. Reminds me of the time in 1961 when the Phils returned home from a long trip after losing our 23rd straight game. Getting off the plane, there was a big crowd waiting and I told my teammates to spread out so a shotgun blast could not get us all with one blast. True story

  3. No more cans of beer snuck into CBP. Actually it’s a good idea. Too many crazies out there. It should be done at all venues.

  4. it’s about time….we gotta do SOMETHING to stop all these shootings at ballparks!

  5. Oh boy. I can enjoy all the fun of airports at a ballpark now. This totally makes me want to buy tickets now…

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