The Bucks Won’t Draft Joel Embiid, and no one Knows who the Sixers Will Take

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In the (not even full) five days since word of Joel Embiid’s stress fracture in his foot came out, and the first few picks of the draft went from “set” to “utter mayhem.” Embiid’s status as the #1 pick is more or less gone, and it looks likely that the Sixers will miss out on taking their man Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker unless they trade up. Why? Because not only will Embiid likely not be the top pick, according to the owner of the Bucks he won’t be the number two pick either.

That would seem to make the top two picks in the draft some combination of Parker/Wiggins, leaving the Sixers at number three with possibly the hardest decision in the top five. Do you take a PG like Exum? Do you make a trade and try to get up and get Wiggins? Or, as the latest report surmises, do you take Embiid, now that you know, for sure, that he will fall to you? Embiid’s injury is certainly a misstep and could cause issues for him for the rest of his career, but the dude was gonna be the consensus number one for a reason.

That amount of upside is a steal at number three, but do you take the injury risk? And do you really delay your rebuild another full year while you now wait for your other top draft pick to be healthy? The mock draft pros seem to lean towards the Sixers snagging Exum at three, but all that matters is what the Sixers actually decide, and at least Bob Cooney thinks that decision could be Embiid.


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  1. I’m glad those two guys in the picture double-teamed Jim Adair first so they were too tired for me.

    OH GOD I CLICKED AN AD BY ACCIDENT. hey wait, maybe that means Kyle won’t block this IP address like the 5 others.

  2. Can somebody please explain to me why Indiana PF Noah Vonleh is considered a better NBA prospect than Kentucky PF Julius Randle?

  3. I would be happy if the sixers took embiid at #3. My only concern is can both Noel and Joel co-exist in the so called twin towers up tempo offense they play?

    And I agree with Tankadelphia, not sure why they rate Vonleh a better NBA prospect then Randle. It’s amazing what a 7’4″ wingspan will make others think you will be great. It’s working out nice for the sixers if Randle slips in the draft and we can grab him at 10. Darth Hinkie has something up his cloak, that will amaze us Thursday.

  4. They have to trade up. I don’t care if they have to give up 10, 3, MCW, Thad…What the fuck ever Sam Hinkie has to do, he should do it. We have a shot at not one but two players who both could be legitimate superstar players in the NBA. The type that are the cornerstone of a franchise. The type of players that sell a ton of jerseys and win a ton of games. MCW had a great rookie year. He will NEVER be that type of player. No one on the current roster even comes close. Noel could be really good but no one really knows. Thad is a good role player and could contribute to a good team, but he’s an average player.

    They’re still going to go into the lottery again next year, so why not get YOUR guy this year if you have the means?


  5. Even before his injury I preferred Wiggins & Parker to Embiid. Now with reports that Exum has looked great during his workouts and apparently has one of the greatest basketball IQ’s in the class, I don’t even know if I’d take Embiid over him (although we already have a PG). Maybe an Exum & MCW backcourt could work, though.

    I think the comparisons of Embiid ending up like Oden and the fact we dealt with the whole Bynum debacle left a bad taste in my mouth regarding big men with injuries.

    It’s a gamble if Hinkie takes Embiid at #3, however, we could potentially end up with one of the most offensively-skilled bigs since Hakeem. The team also wouldn’t really be delaying the rebuild since despite who we end up with in the lottery, this Sixers team isn’t making the Playoffs in 2015 (despite how weak the Eastern Conference has looked). I know Noel will be return, but besides he, MCW, Thad (if not dealt), Wroten and our new rookies, we’re still fielding some D-League players and have zero depth.

    The best scenario would be to trade-up to snag Wiggins as he’s apparently Hinkie’s top target. I guess in a loaded draft, however, we will come away with someone promising and also don’t forget Hinkie is accumulating a ton of cap space for the summer of 2015.

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