The Flyers’ 2014-2015 Schedule is Out


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    1. If you want intelligent sports debate go find an intelligent blog.

      Your like a dude who goes to a titty bar to watch a game and complains that nobody is watching the TV

        1. Funny enough, I knew some dbag would call me out for my typo, but when I went to make a reply that said “*you’re” the site told me I was posting comments too quickly and to slow down. Then I realized I really didn’t care, and here we are.

  1. Jay you think Kyle being back is gonna change anything, what copying and pasting shit is what is gonna turn this site around.

    You need to get rid of the two writers and your ass jay to make this site worth a shit

  2. And you, Tony Bruno’s head,

    Go teach elementary school grammar if you wanna correct punctuation you ass licker

  3. Didn’t you hire this guy…to like…post on the weekends or something? If not…what’s the point?

  4. Dude where s the article about the World Cup last second draw. You live for that pussy stuff

  5. I broke my pledge and came back to CB, half expecting to see something on the World Cup. Instead, I see the same old, same old. You guys posting comments are all loosers.

    1. I thought the handle stealers had stopped.
      Can always tell them from their terrible grammar. What are “loosers”?

      1. ^^not me

        I wouldn’t be such a ragingly naive twat such that:

        1.) I would completely miss the joke, which is that I WOULD indeed actually mispell the word as “looser”.
        2.) I would accuse others of misspellings when I, myself, am barely literate and pepper every post I make with dime store words I don’t fully comprehend in a desperate attempt to sound intelligent.

  6. no one gives a shit if your posting on here or not Junkhead so please stop announcing that your done with the site or that your back. I promise absolutely no one cares

    1. Wow. That handle is so fucking hilarious. You must be the life of every party!

  7. Kyle, didn’t you get married or some shit? Shouldn’t you be wrist deep in it?
    From what i’ve heard, women just want to do more and more naughty things once you marry them….

  8. Jim can’t post on the weekends? Why the fuck did you hire him?


  9. “Everybody figured that after this road trip, we’d be done,” general manager Ruben Amaro told USA TODAY Sports. “People figured we’d be selling, and we’ll be breaking this team up. “If they keep playing the way they can play, who knows, we might be thinking about adding at the deadline.”

  10. i hope you did this post while you were coming up for air. its looks like you could have, but shit, you should be fucking in a hot tub then going on space mountain. thats what did on my honeymoon

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